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About fifteen years ago, my friend Lisa and I went to a seminar on intuition. We arrived expecting a straightforward lecture, but that was not at all what we experienced.

The event was held in the dimly lit basement of a woo-woo bookstore. We sat in a circle and the woman leading the discussion informed us that she was a medium, which means she could talk with spirits. She said they were always around her, chatting with her, and that listening to your intuition was really about listening to the whispers of the spirits. My friend and I looked at each other like “This lady is nuts!” and we considered leaving but ultimately decided to stick it out.

I was totally closed minded about what she was trying to teach us. At that time in my life, I had a  limited view of spirituality, so I was not open to considering much of anything.

At the end of the evening, the teacher  asked if any of us had a loved one that had died by traumatic injury. She said their spirit was trying to get through to one of us, but apparently we weren’t letting them in. I was quickly trying to put on my coat so I could get the heck out of there, but our eyes locked and she walked straight up to me and said that I was the person this spirit was trying to reach.

Before I could say anything, she described in (freakishly accurate!) detail the death of my beloved adoptive father, Jerry Roberts. And then she told me the message Jerry was trying to send me, including the message that he had been trying to reach me many many times but that I wasn’t paying close enough attention to his signs. Thankfully, my friend Lisa was there because, frankly, I was a mess. It was a wonderful, hard, completely unexpected, beautiful, crazy moment I will never forget.

I learned a huge lesson that night that still rings true for me today: no matter what your spiritual beliefs, we have to be in a constant state of listening and paying attention. I also learned that we can tap into a gorgeous abundant river of knowledge if we simply allow ourselves to show up, stay through discomfort, and trust that there is something there for us to learn inside the breadth of mysteries we might not understand. I think God (Spirit, Love, Light, Universe – whatever you want to call it) puts us in both surprising as well as everyday ordinary experiences with the spiritual challenge to notice the meaningful moments for what they are: moments that have the potential to give us what we most need in the form of wisdom, comfort, and light.

Since that unexpected evening fifteen years ago, I have opened myself up to the mysteries and I now believe that in even the most out-of-comfort-zone experiences, perhaps especially those experiences, we can be completely changed and awakened by what is being revealed. And what is often being revealed is light – our own, others, and that of spiritual essence.

Here’s to the mysteries we may never fully understand.
Here’s to the ways that our heart, Life, ancestors are always speaking to us.
Here’s to being open to surprises and unexpected moments of grace.

Kelly Rae

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