what youre doing matters
(signed/matted print available here. original sold)
The are words I tell myself, and words I want to share with you. Afterall, this what the world, our children, our friends need: more of us trusting our voices, stepping into our power, and knowing, really knowing, that what we do matters (parenting, teaching, learning, stumbling, listening, careers, kindness, all of it.).


The inside of my white paint jar. Clearly I am not disciplined.

I’ve been painting quite a bit lately. This new studio inspires, as do the looming deadlines! Here are a few shots of the progress. As you can see from the white paint can, I’m not disciplined (at all) and it’s a testament to my impatience when painting (who has time to clean their fingers and brushes when the canvas is waiting?).

Several paintings in progress. Good times.
 (in progress)

Lately, I’ve been setting up little mini creative challenges for myself: how much painting can I do in ONE hour (helps with spontaneity which, for me, is key in my creative process as too much time = too much thinking = not fun).

And the mess at the studio table too
(the studio table today)
Another trick that helps me get out of my own creative way is watching TV while painting (I’m still currently obsessed with old Gossip Girl episodes, thanks to my friend Mati who got me addicted) or talking with a friend on speaker phone. The more distraction, the better.  I love love love painting when distracted. Again, helps with spontaneity, not over thinking it, and all of that equals more playful fun. More playful fun = more creativity (for me).

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