i wrote this back in early november, just as i was starting to explore my creativity: “do you ever have that feeling that you are just going to bust at the seams with happiness, anticipation, and inspiration? like you are on the edge of something great? like you are about to make a grand discovery? and that it just might be inside of you, in your heart, in your hands, in your vision? i am feeling like that right now and i am going to pay attention to it this time.”

my heart smiled as i re-read this old post of mine. because i did pay attention to it. because i didn’t allow it to slip away with all of life’s distractions. because i held on to that glimpse of inspiration with real intention, a heart full of possibilities, and a hope for discovery. . and so here i am now, roughly 5 months later, on my way, still, along this journey, and i’m just so joyously fulfilled! since then, my perspective, my routine, my vision for my life, my relationships, have all shifted because what i was feeling back then kept a deep hold on my heart and continues to lead me, in more ways than i can express, back to myself.

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