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Below are a few testimonials from my amazing students who have taken my painting e-course, Hello Soul, Hello Mixed Media Mantras. I’m so grateful for their taking the time to send over a little kindness. This is just a sampling. You can read more testimonials right here. 

Thank you for spending so much time bringing mindfulness, intention and spiritual development to your course Kelly Rae, it is EXACTLY what I was hoping to find in an art class, because it’s not just an art class, it’s evolving my creativity as a mindfulness practice, WHICH I LOVE!

I am writing mainly to thank you for what I see happening to your students and the effect this course has on us that is far deeper than paint on a canvas. The ‘creativeness’ of this course is beyond describing.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: your painting class changed my life. I don’t think I can even describe how good it feels to finally be tapped into the inner artist that’s been trying to get out for decades!

I’ve taken many different classes and no one has EVER given of herself like Kelly Rae.

My nine year old daughter and I are having a great time with the lessons, which are so easy to follow. Thanks for doing this class!

Just doing part 1 was inspiring, and made me feel as if I just had a full session with a master life coach.

I am so very excited about this process! To be able to move my mantra out of my head and onto paper and then canvas is such a welcome release.


Below are a few testimonials from my amazing students who have downloaded my e-book, Flying Lessons: Tips + Tricks To Help Your Creative Biz Soar.

“Holy Moly, Kelly! Thank you for being so generous and thorough in everything you are covering! I’ve taken several e-courses and read many e-books, but this is by far the most practical and actually makes me feel like I can do it. Awesome.”

“I cannot thank you enough for this wonderful content and the fact that it was not just informative, but that you, yourself, Kelly Rae, came shining through, making it all so personal. This is the most amazing, WORTH IT content I have ever read.”

“Holy Camoly. Where in the world could we find all this info in such a short time, from someone who KNOWS? It would have taken me a LIFETIME…thank you so much Kelly Rae!”

“This content has been a catalyst in helping me to see exactly where I want to take my creative business. Before I felt like I was floundering around in uncertainty and fear. Now I really believe that I can make my artsy dreams a reality! You have given me the resources, tools, and knowledge to take my creative business to places I thought were only open to a chosen few.”

“Kelly Rae, this is generous…. and I mean GENEROUS amount of info and insight you are showering upon me! Thank you!”

“I am blown away by all the work you have put into this Kelly. WAY BEYOND what I expected.”

“I am absolutely floored at the empowerment you are giving me Kelly. I dont think I have ever felt as confident as I do now.”

“This content has been beyond helpful. You’ve answered every single question that had been circling my brain for months, and now I feel so much better prepared to get my creative biz up and running. Thank you!”

“I have struggled so long on my own as an artist, succumbing to the fear over and over. Marketing, follow through, and consistency have been the biggest challenges. Now I feel as though I have a mentor, cheering me on and laying out the steps one by one. There’s only one direction to go from here!! Thank you Kelly Rae for your generosity of spirit!”

* I am buying this painting as a birthday present to myself!  THIS is what I wish for my journey… freedom.  You are so talented and bringing joy and hope to one girl in Maryland. – C.K.

* What a beautiful reminder of all the things we all need to remember. Your pieces make me say, “Yes!” Thank you! – G.S.

* Your work is fresh, actually breathtaking. Wonderfully done, the right balance, and the right energy. Thanks for sharing a small piece [original painting] of “you”. – A.T.

* Hi Kelly, just to let you know that “the sisters” [original paintings] have arrived safely! They are even more gorgeous than the pictures could show. – J.N.

* Kelly, I just really want to thank you for everything.  You are very quick at getting back to me and I really appreciate that.  I am so excited for her [my mom] to get both of them [original painting + prints].  I know she will love them and she will be so surprised about the original. Thanks again! – C.B.

* This piece was a gift to myself to commemorate the hard won struggles of my journey. I feel renewed every time I see it. Thank you! -T.N.

* Absolutely beautiful!!! You must see this artist’s original paintings in person to fully appreciate. They are so detailed and absolutely beautiful. HIGHLY RECOMMEND THIS ARTIST! – K.K.

* I love, love, LOVE this painting. Thank you so much for quick shipping, lovely packaging, and painting I will cherish for a long time. and for the little extra which I love too. – J.B.

* KR, you rock! Always shipped ASAP [original painting] and with such a personal touch. A+. – M.S.

* Kelly, rec’d the print today and KC is going to love it. The web does not do your work justice. Thank you and I know we will be back for more. – D.B.

* When I opened up the two prints even my boys oooo’d and awwwww’d over the beauty. Not only high quality, vibrant colour but also personalized in such a way that touches ones heart … beautiful prints that make you feel like you are beautiful. – D.P.

* I received this in the mail today and it’s already framed and waiting to find a home on my wall! I appreciated the note that came with it and am grateful for the protective packaging. You do great work! – M.W.

* My Mom was thrilled with the print and it looked so fabulous with the matte – makes the prints even more special. Thanks so much! – J.S.

* Kelly Rae, thank you so much. The prints are beautiful and I really appreciate your great customer service. My girlfriends are going to love these! – J.F.

* I saw your art [wall canvases] at our local Hallmark store today. I was stunned. That is the best way I can describe it. It touched me with a spiritual connection. I couldn’t even choose one — they are all amazing. – A.C.

* It’s [wall canvas] hanging in the dining room already, a place where everyone can read + be inspired, or reminded to let go + LIVE! – D.S.

* Kelly Rae is a super professional in the way she handles her sales. Delivery was prompt and the items were securely packaged. The wall canvas is adorable and gives me a feeling of love  every time I look at it. Thank you, Kelly Rae! – C.S.

* Hi Kelly Rae,I was recently on vacation in Breckenridge, CO and happened in on a little gift shop and saw a wall full of your artwork [wall canvases]…it literally stopped me dead in my tracks and I couldn’t take my eyes off of them! – M.J.

* Words cannot express the beauty and freedom I see in Kelly Rae’s new book. Of any art book (and I have so many) this book is by far the one that has and will continue to reach deeply into my soul. Its as if Kelly Rae has peeked into my own journals and gently shared the wisdom to creative questions I have asked…and thoughts and yearnings that have been stirring in my own heart. Thank you for risking your truth and honesty Kelly. Thank you for the inspiration to continue down that path in my own life. I hope you are joyously proud of this work and are blessed beyond measure from the creative ripples it will send out! – L.K.

* I received my copy of the book yesterday and today I was able to hide away in a quiet, cozy place and soak in the beauty and inspiration this book has to offer. The art is amazing and I love how Kelly Rae has incorporated other artists’ techniques and styles into her own–encouraging us to explore new creative realms just as she has done. (Each chapter features a different artist interview and a project inspired by their style/media) I can’t wait to try all of the projects in the book. I’ve already begun playing with the journal prompts, digging deeper into what I want as an artist and not being afraid to ask those questions and to dream big. A must read for everyone–regardless of where they are on their creative path. – N.A.

* I haven’t been able to put this book down since I received it! What an excellent way to encourage and support the thousands of people who know they have the desire to create, but lack the confidence to even begin the art making process. My hat is off to Kelly Rae Roberts for sharing her personal techniques and for also including the artists who have inspired her to begin her personal journey to finding her own creative spirit. The layout and color graphics of this book are wonderful. Buy it and you too will soar!! – L.B.

* What an incredible book… more than inspirational… it’s insight*full as well. I love the combination of narrative and how-to. The pictures of the steps along side the instructions are incredible and the invitation to express yourself is irresistible. The chapters coincide with life’s journey and things we universally experience (but often feel as if we’re the only ones…). I find something different each time I open the book and it never ceases to inspire. Thoughtfully put together, each chapter and page is a treasure. The paper is gorgeous to touch and each page a colorful work of art… even the pages that are predominately narrative. -L.S.

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I have several large hanging baskets I made a few weeks back, full of evergreens. Today I gave them all skirts of greenery and I'm all 🙌🏼🙏🏼👊🏼❤️🌈🎉👌🏼💚🌿🌱🍃. I spent most of the day outside, doing this and planting more evergreen tress and shrubs in planters. My mom was here making wreaths and greenery arrangements. And the sun was out. Bliss. Our backyard (#kellyraesbackyardremodel) is 99.9% complete and it's looking amazing. Can't wait to share it with you! Radiating out love to all. #kellyraesgreenthumb ... See MoreSee Less

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Have you guys seen the new @gudrunsworld's Holiday Catalog? It's a freaking work of art, that catalog. The colors, the diversity of women, the textures, the SCENERY. I want to live inside the pages, please.
I've never thought of pairing a turtleneck dress under another dress, but super loving this look, especially because the turtleneck dress is the SOFTEST thing ever.
I love layers. And I love being a Gudrun Ambassador.
How do you wear your joy? Layers? Jewelry and accessories? What's your joy style?
PS: Earrings from my girl @lynzeelynx. Tights and both dressess are from @gudrunsworld ( Boots are @mizmooz.
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Raise your hands for love, my friends. Who's with me? 🙌

Find this at the online retailer Garden Gallery here:
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Early morning by the tree and fireplace. So wish I was an everyday morning person, but alas my body clock has other ideas. Are you a morning person or night owl? Morning folks, were you always morning people or did it happen over time? #hmmmm ... See MoreSee Less

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Goodnight my internet besties. What a day! Sweet dreams. Xxo ... See MoreSee Less

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