Small Steps (Leading to Now)

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September/October 2015

*My latest ecourse, Spirit Wings, took flight, and I am blown away by my students!!
*Did my first original sale in many years…
*Welcomed Lulu Butter Butter Bean into my heart and life!
*Threw myself a little pity party, and learned a big lesson…
*Released a new episode of the Possibilitarian Podcast and shared thoughts on growing a joyful team!

July/August 2015

*Announced my latest collection, True® by Kelly Rae Roberts, celebrating true love, true connection, and true living!!
*Shared my blossoming evening rituals/practices.
*Opened registration for my latest ecourse, Spirit Wings! Truly a class I’ve been dreaming up for years, so excited to finally open it up to the world!
*I quite caffeine AND sugar! Whaaaat?
*Joined the podcast revolution with my very own Possibilitarian Podcast!
*Revisited my Art in Motion series. I forgot how much I love doing that!
*Let my inner child drive the bus


May/June 2015

*The highly anticipated Wear Your Joy Project ecourse opened!
*I chose joy and trusted my heart out.
*I traveled to the UK to take part in the Make Art That Sells event – wow wow wow.
*Celebrated my new new new studio!
*Let the last bits of my girlhood go….
*I turned 40 and did a huge bundle sale!!


March/April 2015

* The new classroom for my popular painting course Hello Soul, Hello Mixed Media Mantras opened April 13th!
LinkedIn came in to interview me in my new studio. You can check out the interview here!
* Released the first episode of my newest project – The Possibilitarian Podcast, conversations about bravery, tenderness, and achievement!
* Delighted to have an article in the Spring 2015 issue of Where Women Create Business. It’s about about burnout – something that is inevitable and also a big teacher for all of us.

January/February 2015

*Woot woot, new studio time!! Moving into a brand new space in January/February!!
*Released FULLY updated version of my popular ebook, Flying Lessons: The Whole Shabang!!


December 2014

*Was super delighted and honored to be the cover girl for MOYO Issue 7!
*Released my latest portrait series – a little bit of soul reflection for the close of 2014.

November 2014

*Updated one of the projects closest to my heart (kind of literally).
*Announced BIG, scary, and exciting new leap in my business!
*Had one of the BEST weeks of my 39.5 years on Earth. Really and truly.

October 2014

*Shared my experience with burnout (turns out, I’m not alone!).
*Spoke to imperfections and gratitude gratitude gratitude.

August/September 2014

*Did something I’ve NEVER done before and retired several prints from my shop!
*Let art out and let love in with my ecourse!
*For the first time ever, began offering individual postcards in the shop.

June/July 2014

* Experienced growing pains in my business. All good, but certainly rough at times. Grateful for all of it
* Announced my first ever public job posting. Found the perfect fit!
* Had a conversation with True that changed everything.
* Hosted my first ever flash sale. Was gobsmacked by the response!
* Launched registration for the second session of Hello Soul, Hello Mixed Media Mantras. Super exciting.
* Shared some thoughts about being in a construction zone season of life.
* Turned 39 years young and fell back in love with Rumi.

April/May 2014

* I experienced a major awakening that was completely joy-filled.
* I moved my work studio (again).
* Our new home; slowly but surely coming along.
* Decal Girl added several of my new prints to the line up for all things computer, phone and device skins.
* Hosted our annual sale on Flying Lessons, The Whole Shabang for an entire week! I could​ almost feel the dreams coming true. Makes​ my heart so happy.

March 2014

* ​Holy smokes, we moved into a new home. Dream come true, but I totally forgot how hard transitions are (even ones we deeply want and ask for), but also deeply trusting the journey.
* Honored to have our​ fourth column published in the spring 2014 publication of Where Women Create BUSINESS. I so dig this magazine.
* After launching my first ever painting eCourse,​ I shared thoughts on the creative process. ​Crazy, hard, but so so good. ​

February 2014

* A new art series was born, inspired by my sweet son, True.
* Honored to be featured in Amy Butler’s gorgeous online magazine.

January 2014

* Completed my annual review of 2013, and welcomed 2014 with a new word (TRUST). Get the full scoop here and here and here.
* I launched my first ever (and highly anticipated!) painting e-course. Poured my heart into and the response? Well, it’s been perhaps the highlight of my career.
* Many new products debuted at the Atlanta Market, including my brand new Garden Line, more exciting gift, jewelry, and holiday products.
* Honored to have our third column published in the winter 2013 publication of Where Women Create BUSINESS as well as a gorgeous 10 page featured spread in Cafe Press.
* Placed an offer on a new house and we got it!

Nov/ Dec 2013

* Delighted to be featured in GiftBeat. It’s the first time they’ve ever featured a licensing artist for their BizBeat profile on the front page, and I’m just so thrilled. See/read more here.
* Shared my thoughts on the mean-spirited comments that come my way.
* Began prepping for and then filming my first ever painting e-course. Nerves, stress, and full blown joy.
* Realized how red shoes and cowgirl boots led me my heart home. And The Wear Your Joy Project was birthed. 
* Introduced my first ever Holiday line. Love how it turned out! 
* Walked into a store and saw the most beautiful display of my products. Made my heart leap
* Assembled my life team
* Spoke my truth and closed my blog comments. 

October 2013

* Reached then passed 25K FB friends! Huge gratitude for my online tribe!
* Announced that I would be a guest on my friend Brene Brown’s new E-course with Oprah!
* Had a conversation with Koren over at How She Really Does It about all things trust and faith to create the life that is waiting for you. Listen to the podcast here. Thank you Koren!
* Began to feel the pull and inspiration to something bigger. Then, took one very scary step toward that call.
* My son, True, turns three and my heart nearly explodes.

September 2013

* My book, Taking Flight turned F I V E!
* Took a look at my archives of writing about my journey into the creative life and stood in gratitude for the unfolding
* Enjoyed some lovely exposure via this piece on Food Truckr.
* Got brave and shared what’s in my closet (hint: lots of color)
* Was featured over at Big Hearted Business as one of their Inspiration Bombs. Felt really in my power for the interview.

August 2013

* Put out a call for Kindness Warriors + fellow Possibilitarians to join me in creating a fun + meaningful display of collective kindness!
* I had the privilege to be interviewed by one of my art heroes, SARK.
* Took a look at the older version of myself as a Social Worker with a dayjob and celebrated how far I’ve come

July 2013

* The summer release of new products made their debut with a few new formats. Adore them! Perhaps my most favorite batch of new canvases yet.
* Proclaimed that slacking off is beautiful. Gave myself a lot of self compassion + permission to stop over doing it.
* Shared thoughts on success and embraced redefining what success means in my life.

June 2013

* We launched an awesome store locator on our website, making it easier for you to find stores in your area that carry our products!
* Moved studios again and this time to share a big, gorgeous, sun-filled space with three other creative women. Here’s the tour of Soul Shine Studio .
* The Kelly Rae Roberts Collection with Demdaco was ranked #1 in the “sentiment” category in GiftBeat, and we were also given a “thumbs up” on the trending report. To be ranked (esp #1!) in their polls is awesome news – thank you, retailers and buyers!
* Embraced technology + changed up blog comments. Kept the ‘old fashioned’ way + added comments via FB login.
* Beth Nicholls and I were thrilled to have our second article published in the amazing Where Women Create BUSINESS, summer issue.
* I turned 38. 38! Spent time thinking about all the events that lead to here, how it all feels like a beautiful orchestra with resounding celebratory highs, and delicate strong lows.

May 2013

* Traveled to Bali. Total life changer all about allowing + awakening!
* Honored to have my art on the cover of the May/June 2013 issue of New Connexion – PNW’s journal of conscious living.
* After writing in my blog for 7 years, I finally decided to turn all of that content into books.
* Never before have I felt more scared or empowered when it came to my business.
* Delighted to have one of my art projects included in this book published by Northlight in Spring 2013.
* Self portraiture became part of reclaiming my confidence.
* Interviewed in this amazing book written by the iconic Lilla Rogers herself.
* Thought about the journey, how our hearts are never alone and how success isn’t about what we’ve accomplished, but more about who we’ve become.

April 2013

* We went worldwide!  Big big big deal! My gift products went worldwide with international distribution to the UK, Cananda, Australia and more.
* Delighted to find nearly 150 reviews on my book’s Amazon page! It’s been almost five years since the release of Taking Flight. I’m just so grateful.
* Poured myself into writing new manifestos. Here + here.
* Explored my voice. Our voices. They are so precious. Beautiful. Important. And they change the world.

March 2013

* I said Yes to Growing. Yes to Healing and decided NOT to turn down the volume.
* Hosted the Hip Hip Hooray Giveaway Party for the new + improved Sponsorship Program. Total blast + huge success!
* Explored Breaking Open and gratitude for our cracks.

Jan/Feb 2013

* The most hope-filled tribe EVER started coming together, The Possabilitarian Tribe.
* Total full circle moment for me.
* I embraced being a connectress, celebrated my tribes + gathered a group of beautiful women on the Oregon coast for a weekend dubbed The Radiate Sessions. Through that magical weekend I found my confidence again.
* Re-launched sponsorships program with a lot of heart + soul.
* Beth Nicholls and I were very honored to speak at the Right Brainers Business Summit. We talked about why it’s important to start with soul when it comes to your business, gave tips on how to generate explosive growth + profits and how to keep going in the face of fear + burnout!
* Feeling quiet, private over many weeks. Good, grounding, and important.
* Was featured in Sundance catalog. Totally thrilled!
* Newly designed and fully updated Flying Lessons Ebooks debuted and hosted one day successful sale. I love doing these. I totally felt like I was sitting at the registrars desk in the dept. of Creative Business Dreams!
* My Hello Soul Hello Business partner and I were honored to have an our first column published in the beautiful, brand new publication called Where Women Create BUSINESS.
* The much anticipated jewelry line, tote bag line, ethereal Christmas line, and brand new home decor + gift products debuted at the Atlanta Mart! Key showrooms at the tradeshows included Demdaco and Creative Co-op.  You can see the goodies here and a tour of Atlanta showrooms here.

Nov/Dec 2012

* Created a special edition of Brene Brown’s brilliant parenting manifesto taken from her best selling book, Daring Greatly. Sold out in 24 hours. BIG success. See manifesto here.
* Discovered that my 2012 word of the year, innovate, actually morphed into INNERvate
* Suffered from a case of possibility overdose. I love that that still happens. Read more here.
* Hosted an original painting sale and sold out in less than 30 minutes. Do I really live this life? Major gratitude.
* Very lucky to be featured in several publications: Spirituality + Health magazine, Where Women Create magazine, and the book Grow Your Handmade Business. Read more here, and here.

Sept/Oct 2012

* Released a new dream out into the world. New direction. Excited.
* Launched a new partnership with DecalGirl, the world’s biggest supply of artful skins for phones, laptops, ipads, and more.
* Had a photoshoot and got my first professional business video made. I love, love, LOVE it.
* Guided hundreds of fellow flyers through Flying Lessons: Tips + Tricks To Help Your Creative Business Soar, my ecourse that I’m pretty sure has changed my life as well as those who take it. The community always astounds me.
* Wrote my favorite blog post of the entire year. It’s about the afterglow effect. 

June/July 2012

* New gift, home, and stationery products debuted at the trade shows, including my first line of jewelry which was received very, very well.
* Launched several new series on my blog including The Possibilitarian Project, Ask Kelly Rae, From the Archives, and other happy projects.
* Launched a brand new spiffy sponsorship program.
* Began monthly Facebook Live Chats on my Facebook Page. Super FUN.
* Said happy birthday to my one precious life.
* Keeping it real, I shared my anxiety story.

May 2012

* Wrote my manifesto (finally).
* After years of having them off, decided to turn my blog comments back on. Here’s why.
* Traveled to Berkeley, CA to co-teach at Teahouse Art Studios – amazing experience!
* This website gets a major facelift. Love it.
* My collaborative ecourse with Hello Soul, Hello Business ended and was very well received. Happy dances all around.

Mar/April 2012

*Admitted that the creative life is a lot like having a boyfriend. Sometimes it drive you nuts and sometimes it’s all rainbows and unicorns (the best)
* Felt lost from time to time + navigated the pitfalls of being online
* Just in time for Spring, new garden products are introduced! See my post with pictures about it here.
* My new studio changed my world. See what I’m talking about here.
* Our home was featured on Design Mom’s blog in her series “Living With Kids.” I’m a huge Design Mom fan and was honored have our home spaces on her gorgeous blog. See/read feature here.
* Launched my once a year sale of The Whole Shabang. It was a huge success. This was the third year I’ve offered the one day sale – always super fun.

Jan/Feb 2012

* Struggled with trying to do it all.
* My brand new e-course launched – a collaborative project with Beth Nicholls, called The Business Soul Sessions: Where Passion Meets Profit. The e-course was a great success with amazing feedback.
* Brand new gift, home, and stationery products debuted at the Atlanta Gift Show. Read more here.
* Made a huge decision and moved into a brand spankin’ new awesome studio (outside of my house and into the Pearl District). More of the story here.
* Got a new logo! Full story here.
* My artwork was featured on a full page (back page) of the latest issue of Where Women Create magazine.
* Apartment Therapy featured my home’s half doors (an alternative to baby gates). See feature here.

Nov/Dec 2011

* Made a huge decision to scale back the online shop in a major way. I wanted to follow my heart, big risks and all. More details here.
* Held a last minute cyber Monday sale which was a huge success (over 300 orders, over 500 products sold). Read more about it on my blog (a thank you note) here.

Sept 2011

* Attended  The Creative Connection Event as a panelist and pitch slam expert. Read/See more details on my blog.
* My article on how to paint a painting without one single paintbrush was published in the Sept issue of Somerset Apprentice. Read/see more details on my blog.
* Launched Hello Soul. Hello Business with award winning entrepreneur Beth Nicholls and opened up registration for our upcoming e-course called The Business Soul Sessions: Where Passion Meets Profit. Read/see more details here.
* Happily celebrated five years of running my creative biz!

Aug 2011

* Moved online shop out of my house.
* Many brand new products were added to the online shop from my home decor line, including clocks, photo frames, mirrors, and so much more.
* My article on “Pricing Tips for Your Creative Business” was published on The Etsy Blog.
* Redesigned the blog to match the new and improved website and added a much requested “Search” feature.

July 2011

* Explored savoring vs. dreaming.
* I ran my e-course, Flying Lessons: Tip + Tricks To Help Your Creative Business Soar a second time – super successful and so fun to help so many creatives chase their business dreams!.
* My brand new exclusive home decor line launched with Creative Co-op. It was a dream come true partnership and products included furniture, pillows, and many other creative home decor items. Read/see more here.
* New products debuted via my gift line with DEMDACO, including many many creative space products (think magnet boards, organizers, new wall art formats, and soooooo much more). Read/see more here.
* I have a several page feature inside Jenny Doh’s highly anticipated new book, Art Saves. I am so honored to be a part of this book and its message. It speaks to my heart, big time.

June 2011

* I traveled to China to see where my products are made.

May 2011

* My greeting card line launched with Calypso Cards at the NYC Stationery Show – super exciting for me. See/read more here.
* Launched a brand new online shop with improved features functionality. Love the update. Read/see more here.

Mar/Apr 2011

* Was the featured artist in the March issue of Somerset Studio. This was a dream come true – a 10 page spread that features an article about my creative journey plus many of my latest paintings.  Huge thanks to Christian Olivarez (and Rice Freeman-Zachery for writing the article) for this amazing opportunity!
* Announced big plans to partner with Creative Co-op for a home decor product line!

Jan/Feb 2011

* Lots of exciting new products debuted at the Atlanta Gift Show including tons of new wall art, artist sketchbooks, whimsical everyday ornaments, a holiday line, and highly anticipated girlie figures! See/read more here on my blog.
* I missed my beginner artist self.
* The Kelly Rae Roberts Collection (my line with DEMDACO) ranked #1 alongside Willow Tree in the inspirational gifts category in the Jan issue of GiftBeat -. This is awesome news – thank you, retailers and buyers! See/read more here on my blog.
* Checks! Kelly Rae checks debuted (so fun). Read + see more here.

Nov/ Dec 2010

* Babies made their first appearance in my work.
* My artwork was featured in a full page spread (last page!) of the Nov issue of Where Women Create.

Sept/Oct 2010

* We welcomed our first baby, True Elio Orlando, to the world on Oct 3rd!
* In October, I hired a wonderful studio assistant (Dani!) to help with all kinds of administrative tasks.
* My blog was featured in the Autumn issue Artful Blogging, a stunning publication dedicated to highlighting creative bloggers. Really love this magazine and it was a honor to be featured.
* I was featured in the Autumn issue of Somerset Apprentice, a magazine that highlights various fundamentals and techniques in creating art. Love this publication!
* My book celebrated its 2 year anniversary!
* Thrilled to have a couple of projects featured in Mixed Media Paint Box, a book that highlights weekly creative projects for an entire year (such a great idea!)

July/Aug 2010

* My new e-book series launched called Flying Lessons: Tips + Tricks To Help Your Creative Biz Soar! Super proud of these. Response has been tremendous (thank you!)
*We moved into the old 1911 bungalow that we completely gutted and renovated in 13 weeks. It was a huge accomplishment and undertaking. And it was an amazing feeling to finally move it. Photos and tour here!
* Invited in abundance.
* My wall art line ranked #1 in the July issue of GiftBeat in the wall art category. This was HUGE!
* Was featured in the August issue of Where Women Create (love this magazine!) where I shared an interview on the business side of what I do!

May/June 2010

* Personal horizons expanded.
* Snap shot on balance + running an ecourse.
* Signed on with a reputable licensing agent + got my first logo all in the same week (!) – details here.
* Wrote a letter to myself + it was pure magic.
* Traveled to the NYC Surtex show where my work was represented – more details here!
* Got super delirious during my 24th week of pregnancy – see for yourself:)
* Lots of new product debuted at the Atlanta Gift show, including interactive art blocks, laptop skins, and iphone skins!

Mar/Apr 2010

* My artwork was featured on the cover of the March/April issue of Somerset Studio magazine – this was incredibly thrilling for me to see – details in this blog post.
* My husband and I are moved back to Portland, OR! We bought a 1911 fixer upper and began renovations!
* We also announced that we were pregnant for our first!
* Hindsight 20/20.
* I was a guest curator for Jenny Doh’s Crescendoh launch – a ton of fun
* Launched my very first e-course and boy was that exciting. Response was beyond awesome.

Jan/Feb 2010

* Taking Flight reached over 100 reviews over on amazon (published in Fall, 2008). Overall rating of 5 stars. Amazing!
* My last and third article about the beauty of friendship was published in the winter issue of Somerset Life magazine. Really loved writing these articles for this magazine.
* Explored bravery + decided not to play small.
* New gift products from my line with DEMDACO debuted in stores nationwide, including new wall canvases, journals, magnets, and decorative art girlies (which were a big hit).
* I did signings at the Atlanta and Dallas Gift Shows in DEMDACO’s showroom - first time, and it was crazy good.
* I co-taught with friend Mati Rose at An Artful Journey, a three day creative retreat held in Los Gatos, CA. Read + seem more photos and details here.

Nov/Dec 2009

* Got pulled in many different directions, stayed true.
* Turned a good corner and felt expansive!
*Studio and home was featured over on Apartment Therapy – a top notch design blog. See + read feature here!
* Hard times, told the truth.
* Attended DEMDACO’s national sales meeting where new product lines were unveiled. Came home and expanded my vision.

October 2009

* Reflected back on 3 years!
* Became aware of my medicine I give to the world.
* My second article about friendship was published in the September/October issue of Somerset Life magazine – gorgeous photos accompanied this article.
* Also, my article on collaborative painting was published in the September issue of Somerset Studio magazine – I write about my experience of painting several collaborative paintings with my dear art friend, Mati Rose.

September 2009

* Wanted to pinch myself.
* Learned to take care of myself.
* I taught at the Be Present Retreat on the Oregon Coast – read more about it in this blog post.
* My work was featured on the cover of Underwired Magazine – a premier magazine in KY.
* My work was published in a new book called Creative Time + Space by Rice Freeman.

August 2009

* Lovebombed!
* Felt the pressure of it all.
* Taking Flight celebrates its one year anniversary!
* First ever Kelly Rae calendars and datebooks (for 2010) debut via Brush Dance!

July 2009

* A new + improved version of this website debuted.
* Raised over $6000 through blog donations to help one very special woman. Details here.
* Was featured over at the Bright Side Project as well as the Sister Project.
* My first in a series of article about the sweetness of friendship was published in the summer issue of Somerset Life – a publication dedicated to inspired artful living.

June 2009

* Reflected on love and why it is truly the only thing that matters.
* My new gift line debuted with DEMDACO. The line included tote bags, necklaces, keepsake boxes, and more. View some of the collection here.

May 2009

* Attended Donna Downey’s Inspired event in NC as the keynote speaker - had the best time.

April 2009

* Took a leap and hired a part-time creative assistant.
* Affirmation paintings emerged.
* A photo tour of our home was featured on decor 8, a popular design blog. Read more + see photos

March 2009

* On pretending til we’re not.
* Experienced a creative turning point.
* My new Seattle studio space was featured Studios magazine.

February 2009

* Taught at The Artnest creative retreat in Utah – best time ever. Read more + see photos here.
* Was interviewed by Alison Lee over at Listen to interview here.

January 2009

* A large series of wall art reproductions called ” The Kelly Rae Roberts Collection” debuted via DEMDACO in stores nationwide. This was a huge deal and I’ve been absolutely surprised and delighted by the response. Read more + see photoshere.
* An article I wrote on my painting process was published in Memory Makers magazine, a premier scrapbooking publication.

November / December 2008

* Moved to Seattle, WA and set up a new studio space in our home.
* Was interviewed by author Brene Brown, creative business owner Karen Walrond, and popular design blog, Indie Fixx.
* Through blog donations, helped raise over $5,000 to build a home in Africa for one special family. Read more + see photos here and finished home here.

October 2008

* Rode the wave.
* Taught two classes at Portland’s Art + Soul creative retreat. Also sold prints and other goodies on vendor nite and participated in an author signing at this event. Read more + see photos here.
* Was featured in a new mixed-media book released by Interweave Press titled Mixed Media Self Portraits.
* Traveled to Cortona, Italy to teach for one week at a creative retreat. Oh my, it was wonderful! Read more + see photos here and here.

September 2008

* Attended Squam Art Workshops where Mati Rose and I spoke to a gathering of attendees for an evening titled “Taking Flight Into The Creative Life”. Read more + see photos here.

August 2008

* A long awaited dream: my book titled Taking Flight: Inspiration and Techniques to Give Your Creative Spirit Wings was released + published by North Light books. It was released to great reviews over on amazon – one of the best weeks of my entire life. Read more + see photos of book release week here and here and here.
* Taking Flight was featured as the book of the week on premier art + design website, decor8. It was also the feature of many giveaways on various popular blogs + websites.
* Found my tribe.
* Was featured as the daily muse on
* Had artwork published in LK Ludwig’s newest book, True Vision: Authentic Art Journaling.
* I saw myself, finally.

July 2008

* Anxiety.

June 2008

* Everyday magic showed up in a big way.
* I said no.

May 2008

* On becoming.
* My first ever line of stationery products debuted at the famed nyc stationery show – super exciting. Stationery products became available for sale in stores nationwide and on the Brush Dance website.
* Signed a licensing contract for a home + gift line with DEMDACO, a large gift company.
* My studio was featured in the May/Jun 08 issue of Cloth Paper Scissors magazine.
* Taking Flight book cover was released and placed on for pre-order!

April 2008

* Burnout.
* Attended Artfest creative retreat for the third time – always a good time with a ton of energy at this event in Port Townsend, Washington. Read more + see photos here.

March 2008

* My fourth Cloth Paper Scissors article was published – an article where I shared my techniques and creative process as it relates to using affirmations in art. Totally loved working with this magazine for a series of articles.
* Was featured inside the pages of Pasticcio Quartz, a stunning zine published by authors and artists Angela Cartwright & Sarah Fishburn.
*  Was featured on two popular websites: modish and sparkletopia.

February 2008

* There were thoughts, lots of thoughts… on wholeness and inspiration.
* Became a possabilitarian.
* Was featured on two popular, momma oriented websites: cool mom picks and urban baby.

January 2008

* Guilt and the blues showed up.
* Licensed my work for the first time. (Big celebration!)
* My third Cloth Paper Scissors article was published – an article about blogging for the soul.

December 2007

* Had a booth at the 37th annual KPFA art festival held in San Francisco. This was a large juried event – a favorite San Francisco holiday art + craft fair. I was honored to have one of my images used for their poster this year – very, very cool. Read more + see photos here.

November 2007

* Had my second article published in the Nov/Dec issue of Cloth Paper Scissorsmagazine. Article was about how to create patchwork collage paintings. Loved the response to this article and all the artmaking that came out of it!

October 2007

* Embraced vulnerabilities.
* Where I wrote the book.
* Sold originals and prints at Portland’s Art&Soul vendor night. What a great experience – met a ton of new people and it was my first time vending at this art retreat – read more + see photos here.
* Left my part-time social work job to focus on art full-time. This was huge.

September 2007

* Went to Ohio to meet with my publisher - a total grown up exerience.

August 2007

* Published in a magazine for the first time, Cloth, Paper, Scissors – a popular mixed media art magazine available nationwide. The article was about embracing possibility and our creative dreams.
* Worked on book projects non-stop. Poured my heart into it.

June 2007

* Was published in Alena Hennessy’s new book Alter This!: Radical Ideas For Transforming Books Into Art, a book geared toward teaching kids the basics about altered art.

May 2007

* Was featured on decor8, a popular website featuring design inspired goods, indie art, and decor tips. Was also interviewed over at indie/pretty/perfect and on the wonderful Jen Lemen’s blog.

April 2007

* A more cohesive style emerged.
* Gremlins found me.
* Signed on with North Light Books to write an inspirational/artsy book to be released Aug/Sept 2008.

March 2007

* Attended Artfest for the second time – amazing experience. Sold originals & prints on vendor night (first time). Read more + see photos here.

February 2007

* Spilled myself into a book proposal.
* Participated in the Girly Show, a group show at the Deja Design Gallery in LA. The artists included myself, Christine Mason Miller, Penelope Dullaghan, Mati Rose, Marisa Haedike, and Outi Harma. Seriously, an incredible experience and one of my all time favorite evenings. Read more + see photos here.

November 2006

* Participated in the 28th annual Celebration Of Craftswomen art festival in San Francisco. It was my first experience having a booth & selling my work at an art festival and it was an incredible experience. Read more + see photos here.

October 2006

* Got windswept up, up and away.
* Attended Portland’s Art & Soul creative retreat for the first time – amazing experience, learned so much.

September 2006

* Learning to be fearless.
* Designed and launched the first version of this website.
* Started working part-time at my social work job in order to focus more on art. This was tricky as my husband was a full-time student and we very much depended on my income, but it was well worth the risk.

August 2006

* Began building a business.
* Moved from Portland, Oregon to Oakland, California. Started selling originals and prints on etsy.

April – July 2006

* Sold my first item on Etsy.
* Decided to take the leap.
* Started to experiment more with finding my style and enjoyed painting early works. Stayed up in the wee hours of the night creating while sleepily going to my full-time day job as a medical social worker. It was a passion filled time for me, these early days.

March 2006

* Attended Artfest creative retreat for the first time in Port Townsend, WA. Learned a ton & felt at home amongst all the creativity. Discovered my dream of wanting to become an artist. Read more + see photos here.

February 2006 + earlier:

* First self-portrait. I’ve come a long way since this. Makes me smile.
* Daydreaming meets humble beginnings.
* First attempt at a girlie painting.
* Became obsessed with mixed media.
* Heart lifted and feeling it!
* Started paying attention.
* Whispers of inspiration were calling.
* Started to explore & experiment with painting…very humbling beginnings.