john has been a packer fan his whole life. and now true gets to get in on the fun:)

things that are tickling my fancy lately:

* this blog that shows how people dress in portland. SO TRUE and so good. love this blog. love the style ideas.

* current photography blog crush.

* will someone PLEASE whip up a dress just like this for me? love, love.

* digging this necklace made from felt and vintage bits.

* completely and absolutely fell in love with the lyrics and melody of this song.

* the most amazing and inventive book art i’ve every seen.

* as i try and find my rhythm, this post from ali was super inspiring and so intriguing.

* the new mixed media website. if you’re interested, i have a podcast/interview up on the site with rice. poor rice, i was so chatty on this particular day that she barely got a word in edgewise, but in my defense, she asked really great questions that i really wanted to answer! we had a fun conversation about all sorts of stuff including how i’m adjusting to motherhood, my thoughts/advice on how to help your creative style emerge, the idea that there is room for all of us and our ideas/dreams, the dangers of comparison, making decisions that are aligned with our hearts vs money, how i choose blog topics, and more. take a listen here.

* speaking of rice and podcasts, be sure to check out her other interviews with artists, including this one about motherhood + creativity (super inspiring)!


PS: i’m so happy to announce that you can now order checks with my artwork printed on them! how fun is that? a little birdie told me that if you google “bradford exchange checks coupon code” you’ll find some pretty amazing discount codes. just sayin 😉

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