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Sale starts 9am PST on Wednesday, June 20. If you receive a message that the max amount of coupons have been reached you can try your luck with the next coupon codes, which are KRR35 or KRR30 or KRR25!

Once the codes are gone, they’re gone!

** Coupons will not work for in-person retreats **

Thanks for helping me celebrate turning 43!! Thank you for supporting me all of these years. I often feel like I’m in the center of my dream and it wouldn’t be possible without your support. I am so, so grateful.

Here’s a snapshot of what’s available:

In Spirit Wings, we’ll create angel paintings specific to your journey. No art training or prior experience required. I’ll be by your side with high-def video tutorials (over 18 hours!), plus you’ll have the support of your kindreds in our private community space – the community itself is nothing short of life changing. You’re a creative soul with a big heart. Let your art out and love in. Click here to find out more. 

I’ll help you create a mantra (or two, or three, or four) that speaks to your soul — and then we’ll paint them into life using all of my beloved and easy mixed media techniques. Hello paint, paper, ink, and getting beautifully messy with our hands. Whether you’re new to the world of mixed-media painting or have been at it for years, this e-course will inspire you to create meaningful, richly layered paintings that speak directly to your heart. I will walk you through every step, side by side. Class is open! Come join us!

The Possibilitarian Wellness Tribe is a private, ZERO-judgement community space for ALL women who want loving accountability and support as they live out their body & soul wellness journeys. The Possibilitarian Wellness Tribe is born out of what I believe is our soul’s greatest desire: to practice love in all things. This community celebrates the unique ways that we can love our sacred vessels (mind, body, and spirit) with conscious and intentional care.Come join us. Your wellness sisters are waiting.

Wear Your Joy is a 30 day course for a practice I’ve been doing for a couple of years that I call The Wear Your Joy Project. It changed my life, and I feel called to gather of tribe of souls who want to make the call of their hearts visible – and wearable. Like any good practice (a yoga practice, a gratitude practice, etc), the practice of intentionally getting dressed up in joy will open your heart and awaken new ways of seeing yourself. In so many ways, this course is about remembering who we are. Click here to join!

Everyday Soul Care: Self-Kindness is for anyone who wants a meaningful daily practice of being more loving and compassionate to ourselves. For 30 days, you’ll receive meaningful essays with gentle lessons – delivered straight to your inbox. These daily meditations will include soul-stirring stories, thoughtful suggestions to consider, practical tools, and gentle truth-telling lessons that will inspire your own epiphanies. Your self-kindness journey will deepen and expand, which will undoubtedly change the landscape or your heart in all the best ways. Click here to learn more and join us!


Kelly Rae Unscripted: Weekly Painting Videos + Shenanigans is a completely unedited and raw view of how I make my paintings in my studio. This is an exciting monthly video subscription. Every week that you’re subscribed, you’ll get a new video (totally unscripted!) showing you how I create art. Each video is awesome, spontaneous, and 100% real. Click here to join us! 




Hello Soul Hello Business is a membership for soul-driven women entrepreneurs. Running a business is an experience of a lifetime. It’s a creative experience. It’s an intellectual experience. It’s an exhilarating endurance experience. And sometimes, it’s a profound spiritual experience. But often what’s missing – especially for women in business – is the community experience. That’s why we’ve created Hello Soul Hello Business: a membership for soul-driven women entrepreneurs. Come join us. Your sisters are waiting.


Friends, my print shop is the heartbeat of my business – what started it all. Take a look amongst the angels, mantras, and manifestos for what resonates with your heart, whether that is a daily mantra to encourage and inspire, a guide for your journey, or a love list that celebrates tender moments and achievement. Our archive-quality prints are available unsigned and unmatted OR signed and matted, and all come with a certificate of authenticity, certifying that you purchased directly from the artist herself (that’s me!). Click here to visit the print shop!



Thank you! 

So much gratitude! XO, Kelly Rae




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