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May 5, 2011 | Life in Progress

i’m totally floundering a bit over here – completely swamped with unexpected projects. all exciting and joyful but i’m learning that hard lesson of mastering the practice of being present inside life’s small + sweet moments without getting distracted with all the there is so much to do thoughts. for me, this is one of the absolute beauties of having a baby. it forces me to simply be aware of the moment. and there are so many awesome moments.


right now i’m sitting upstairs in the little nook working on the online shop – you know, the one that i used have open millions of years ago and the one that is taking forever to get back up and running because it crashed and needed to be rebuilt on an entirely new platform with an entirely new programmer (who i love – you’ll meet her soon) with all new images and text and and and and. it’s been a massive project – totally unexpected but so worth it in the end (i hope!). should be open in the next couple of days.

anyway, i am positively loving the pink blooms on our dogwood tree. i can see them through the window as i sit here and work and they make me so happy. i love the beauty of these small gifts as i crank out tedious work.

another thought that keeps mulling in my head these days are the thoughts of growing pains. growing pains as a new mom (the juggling, the heart expansion). growing pains as my creative biz expands (am i making the right decisions?). growing pains as i become more fully who i am. it all comes with undeniable blessings…and growing pains are the portal to that very place where we reach beyond ourselves toward all that is possible. i try to keep it simple and just do the very best i can and make decisions to journey only in ways that feel exciting and authentic. but keeping all the inner noise/critique at bay is a practice – a growing pain in and of itself. life is such a journey, no? i really really love this particular piece of being alive.

more soon! thank you for hearing my words. i love coming to this space to breathe and to reconnect with all that truly and deeply matters.

Sending much love,

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