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Aug 3, 2012 | Life in Progress

I had the pleasure of video chatting with Monica Lee over at Smart Creative Women. Do you know her site? She’s got gobs and gobs of awesome chat sessions with all sorts of creative women. I often listen in while I make stuff – always lovely to hear other women dishing on all things business, creativity, challenges, celebrations, life!

So anyhoo, that’s what we did. We chatted for about an hour – you can listen in on part one here and part 2 here. I found myself telling stories I haven’t told in a long time. Like the time when John and I had had enough of the Portland rain and up and sold our house, put everything in storage, quit our day jobs, and high tailed it on one very cheap adventure (camping! for months!) – we were 26ish I think and this was years before my finding art. I had no idea what I wanted to be or do but that big risk/decision would be the first of many that led me to where I’m at now. Life is short. I err on the side of adventure, even when it turns out to be way harder than expected.

Listen in over here and here.

Mom is letting her red hair go and letting the gray come in. Love! 

Mom is letting her red hair go grey. I love it and I think it makes her look wise and serene and seriously stylish.

My mom put foot bookends on a suitcase to create a coffee table. BRILLIANT. 

Speaking of my mom, I walked into her house the other day and saw this awesomeness. She took her “foot” bookends and screwed them to the bottom of a suitcase to create a funky coffee table. How cute is that? You can see her other “feet” projects here. For this one, she screwed the bookends to the bottom of the suitcase by placing pieces of wood inside the suitcase and screwing those pieces of wood down into the bookends. Brilliant.
Loving the light in this nook of our home captured earlier today. #lightchaser 

Thought this light was so lovely in our home the other day…had to capture it.


How I left the studio earlier today. #creativemessesrock 

Been making some big art. LOVE the happy messes that come from creating.

Basil leaves from the front yard veggie and herb garden! 

From our veggie/herb boxes in the front yard. Did you know that if you plant food or plants, they actually grow and then you can eat the stuff that you grew? SATISFYING! I made spinach basil dip with these. Two handfuls of spinach, one handful of basil, 2 advocados, pinch of salt, a garlic clove, and lemon juice from one lemon – add to food processor and voila – yummy goodness.

All from our gardens!!!!! Love having these all over house. 

 Speaking of growing stuff, these lovelies all came from our yard. FROM THE YARD, friends! The dahlias are in bloom it’s just one of the reasons why Portland rocks summertime. Dahlias everywhere.

Also saw this face @andreascher style on plate earlier today. 

Spotted this happy face on True’s plate of waffles. Love.

On family bike ride today and rode past this awesome huge tree heart. Had to stop and capture it. AMAZING! 

Also spotted this massive heart while on a family bike ride with True and John. Made the whole caravan stop so I could capture it. Definitely going in the collection.
Sending summertime warmth to each of you out there…

Sending much love,

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  1. Steph

    Hi Kelly Rae,
    Love this post! And your mom's hair too!
    Btw, what is the color of the green paint in your studio? It's perfect!

    Thanks for sharing these pics.

  2. Kagan

    You know what I love about this post? That little bit up there at the top where you say "Life is short. I err on the side of adventure." It made me smile because I strive to do the same.

    Thanks for such a fun update on you and your life, it's great to get a peek.

    Enjoy your weekend!

  3. Debbie

    Kelly…I do the same exact thing with hearts! I have always been a heart collector…potato chips, m&ms, and so on….I too have thought about starting a heart gallery on my blog. After seeing your pictures I think I will do just that! Thanks for the inspiration!!!

  4. kass hall

    My Mum used to dye her hair red Kelly Rae – it wasn't her natural colour and I kind of always hated it. Eventually she let it go natural and grey (coinciding with becoming a Grandma) and it looks SO much better – much more elegant and beautiful and she gets many more comments on it now (positive ones!) than when she dyed it!! I'm all for natural Mums!!

  5. Alicia

    Thx for sharing the dip recipe!

  6. Puanani

    You've inspired me. I am painting, painting, painting. Xo.

  7. Carolyn Hueston

    Your mom is so pretty! Kelly Rae, when you first painted your house and listed the paint colours I got the same yellow from Benjamin Moore (can't recall name now) and painted my living room and I have been LOVING it every single day…just want to say thanks!

  8. Miriam Kaye

    What a great post Kelly Rae 🙂 enjoyed listening to the 2 interviews, you are such a creative soul. Take care x


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