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Jul 14, 2014 | Life in Progress

(Definitely adding this to the heart collection. )
I’ve been out of my blog writing practice. Really miss it. Really gonna try and get back to it. I think Instagram  swallowed me up, but I very much miss the practice of writing and thinking and dreaming here in this space. In so many ways, this is home for me, this blog, and I wanna come home 🙂
Here’s a little peek into life around here lately…..
I am falling back in love with #rumi:  Be ground.  Be crumbled. So wild flowers will come up where you are. You have been stony for too many years. Try something different. Surrender. ~Rumi #inspired

I celebrated my 39th birthday a few weeks ago! True and John took me out for pancakes at Slappy Cakes (super fun PDX restaurant where you can make your own pancakes with all sorts of toppings), and then I spent a couple of hours at the spa. Hello, relaxation. 
So far, I love being 39. I have a real sense that this is going to be a big integration year for me. More in my skin, in my body, in my power, in my possibilities. I’m excited to see how it all unfolds, and just crazy grateful to be here. I hope to have another 39 years. I really, really do. 

Had the most amazing breakfast today at my new favorite Portland cafe. #sweedeedee you are my restaurant soulmate. Speaking of soul mates, so fortunate to have @lynzeelynx as one of mine. #loveher
Had the most amazing breakfast recently with Lynx at my new favorite Portland cafe. Dear, Sweedeedee, you are my restaurant soulmate. For those of you in Portland, this place is like the restaurant version of Tumbleweed boutique (my fave store in Portland). Speaking of soul mates, so fortunate to have Lynx as one of mine. We can talk motherhood, art, business, spirit, and so much more for hours. Love her.  

Reunited with @matirose and @andreascher !!

I flew down to CA for a super quick trip last week. I spent part of it visiting old friends Mati and Andrea. We ate and talked, ate and talked allllllll day. Love these girls like sisters. And I miss them, dearly. Both doing and living amazing things – inspired. 

I spent the other half of my trip retreating with Betsy (new biz manager) in Inverness. What a gorgeous little spot on Earth. So peaceful and soooo California! While there, I tended to my business, my purpose, and what I want to offer up for others but also for myself. I am so very inspired and excited about what lies ahead and am so grateful for the time out to reassess and reevaluate. I love this journey I am on, and am so very grateful for Betsy who is helping me revive, restructure, and imagine all the possibilities. As much as I love my job, I think I’m about to love it even more.

Speaking of amazing women, Lilla was in town recently and we had an afternoon to visit. We ate, lounged, shopped, and gabbed, and maybe even dreamed up a secret project. How is it that I have the most extraordinary women in my life? Anyway, I kinda wanna be her when I grow up. Wanna know something crazy? In the shower I thought it would be a good idea to put a glue stick in my purse so I could collage in my journal on the go. Then, unbelievably, that very same day Lilla pulled out a glue stick during our lunch for her on-the-go scrapbook art journal! Hello, flow and synchronicity.

Practicing my fearlessness over here. In art, and in life. #sohard #butsoworthit #letartoutletlovein #hellosoulhellomantras
I’m trying on some new ways of working, creatively, and it feels really good. I’m not finding a ton of time to get to my home studio lately, but all the unpacking and decorating the new house is fueling my creative well. I’m noticing that the creative practice of being fearless applies to decorating as much as it applies to the canvas. I was stuck there for awhile after we moved in, but it’s starting to flow now, and it feels really wonderful. I’ll do a big house update super soon with progress shots! 
Someone else is digging the new teal couch too. Bella dog is going to be 14yrs old this week. She's  recently deaf and has survived all of her 14 years with Vonwillibrands disease (it's like doggie hemophilia) along with some other issues. These days, she

Did I tell you we got a teal couch? Photos coming soon, but it’s safe to say someone else is digging the new couch, too. Bella dog just turned 14yrs old. She’s recently deaf and has survived all of her 14 years with VonWillibrands disease (similar to hemophilia) along with some other issues. These days, she mostly sleeps, lounges, and begs for food. She’s an oldie, but goodie. 

More soon! 
Kelly Rae

Sending much love,

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