I’m SO EXCITED about this NEW offering. Don’t miss it!

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You guys!!!!

As life and all the transitions of the last year have settled down, I’m SO excited to hop back into creating NEW offerings that make my (and your) heart sing.

Let me please introduce my latest newbie offering:



Inspired by art dates I have with my friends in real life (imagine painting while chatting while listening to music while eating delicious snacks while sharing your current obsessions (“OMG, have you seen this book/movie/cowgirl boots?!”), I’ve created the online version of the same thing.


Art Dates with Kelly Rae features:

  • Monthly painting videos
  • Art Supply love and tutorials
  • Exclusive KRR studio life updates
  • Exclusive art date convos with my art friends
  • Favorite things chit chat videos
  • Music playlists
  • Plant-based recipe videos
  • And MORE



These monthly Art Dates will keep your creative spirit alive and inspired. I promise.

(Price goes up Sept 1st, so LOCK IN now)

It all starts Sept 1st! On that day, I’ll send you an email on how to access our Art Date, where you’ll find all the goodness listed below:



Studio Life Updates

Each month, I’ll greet you with a warm welcome, just as if you were coming to visit me for a real, live art date. After welcoming you, I’ll guide us through a simple yet meaningful opening ritual that will set the tone (and our intention) for our art date. After that, you’ll get exclusive, intimate views and updates about my studio life, including what creative projects I’m working on, what’s sparking my inspiration, who’s sparking my inspiration, what I’m inviting into my creative practice and more.

Videos will be fun, light, inspiring, and informal, just as if you were visiting me in my studio in real life.




Painting Video!

The heart and soul of our monthly Art Date will be the painting sessions. Some months, you’ll see me go from blank canvas to finished painting. Other months, I’ll be working on backgrounds or experimenting with new techniques + supplies. No matter what, I’ll be working with paint, and you’ll see the entire process, including how I work through (and talk through) my “mistakes” – like what I do when I choose colors that are all WRONG or when I get stuck. It’ll be an intimate, 100% unfiltered view of my ACTUAL creative process, as if you were with me, side by side.

Some studio days flow like magic – so much ease and fluidity. Others take some serious work and commitment. You’ll see it all.




Art Supply Love

Each month, I’ll give you the inside track on my favorite supplies. In addition to talking you through the marks I’m making on the canvas,  I’ll also tell you about the supplies I’m using, while I paint with them. I’ll explain what each item is, why I love it, how to use it, and where to get it.

I love sharing about my old favorites as well as new supplies I’m discovering. I won’t hold a thing back. I believe in sharing with a generous spirit.




Art Date Convos With My Friends!

Each month, you’ll have exclusive access to a recorded video conversation between me and one of my dear creative friends. We’ll keep it real and it will feel like you’re right there with us as we talk about the triumphs and challenges of leading and navigating a creative life.

The best art dates are the ones where inspiration and connection thrive. Listen while you create and get inspired! 




A monthly music playlist

What’s an art date without music? Each month, you’ll get exclusive access to a music playlist that I’ll curate just for you via Spotify. I deeply believe music helps us get out of our own way during the creative process. I love sharing music, especially alternative folk, alt country, sometimes 90’s alt rock, and moody singer/songwriter music.

Get ready to dance it out and art it up to some amazing music.




Favorite Things Chit Chat

One of my favorite things about art dates is hearing about the books and shows and recipes and other interesting things that are at the top of the hearts and minds of those attending. Sometimes it’s a profound book and sometimes its the discovery of the best pair of cowgirl boots ever! Each month, via video and link love, I’ll spill the beans on what’s captured my attention that month.

I loooooooove chatting about new things I’m discovering + loving. You’ll hear it all during our monthly art dates, and you’ll be invited to share your loves as well.



Whole Food Plant-Based Recipe Share

John, my husband makes the most delicious snacks for me and my guests when we’re having art dates. They’re always whole food, plant-based, and gluten-free. Our monthly virtual art date together will be no different. Each month, John will share via video what amazing snack he’s made – including the recipe so you can try it yourself!

Art Dates + delish and healthy food = YES, PLEASE.


It all starts Sept 1st!

Packed with exclusive heart-led creativity + conversation + so much more

Want MORE details? Click here for alllllll the details!

Sending much love,

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