a birthday weekend…

Jun 21, 2008 | Life in Progress

hi there. just wanted to pop in and say hello. i turned 33 years young today. been celebrating all day with ocean walks, searching for seaglass and rocks, naps in the shade at golden gate park with my man, and festivities and meals in little italy. good times. i think the 30’s rock it and i’m so, so happy to be here.
a special sidewalk in san fran delivered this to me today – i thought it was perfect. a little birthday hope note, perhaps? love this idea of writing messages on large pieces of tape and posting them all around. great idea.

Sending much love,

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  1. Manon Doyle

    Hi Kelly,

    I love your work and your blog! I was just checking in today and notice that we share the same birthday! I turned 41. 40 was hard but I’m now moving forward.
    Happy belated birthday!


  2. ama

    I, too, am glad to hear you had a beautiful birthday, beautiful Kelly! I think the thirties rock it, too. And I am soooooo grateful and blessed to have your bouyant, open, inspiring spirit in my little life. Big ups & big love!

  3. Rebecca Vavic

    Happy Happy Day to you πŸ™‚
    Bek xo

  4. Tamsie

    HBD. Hadn’t realized you’re a Rabbit. Makes total sense.

  5. Violet

    Happy Birthday!! What a fun little message to find on the sidewalk!

  6. Katie Hilbert

    Happy Birthday, Kelly Rae! I hope your birthday weekend was wonderful!

  7. Suzy

    Happy Birthday! I am new to your blog. I found you on Ali’s blog. I totally love your creative spirit!
    I love that you listen to your heart. I loved the thiry’s! I am getting ready to enjoy the 50 in a couple of weeks. You are an inspiration!

  8. Alex aka Gypsy Girl

    Happy Birthday, girl! Hope you’re having a fabulous weekend of celebrations! xo

  9. Alexandra Saperstein

    Happy Birthday Kelly! See, if you were in Portland, we could go feast on NW 23rd or Kennedy School! I’ll reserve a space for cake in my tunny for when you return!

  10. taylor

    Happy Birthday Kelly Rae. Hope you had a shinning and inspiring day.

  11. Carolyn

    happy birthday kelly!
    My thirties were SO MUCH BETTER than my 20’s, and now I am enjoying life in my early 40’s!
    I always found it strange that adults would say to me in my teen years “These are the best years of your life!” Oh how wrong they were… despite a few shadows my life has been sunnier with every passing year!
    I hope the coming year holds for you many happy and joyful surprises!


    Hi I’m say hello for the first time to say “Happy Birthday” I am 33 also and I agree our 30’s do rock. Belinda

  13. Heather, paperfollies.typepad.com

    Ah, Guerilla Art/Notes…gotta love it! Getting ready to go out with a group of my ex-students (12 year olds!)and “plant” some poetry flowers for people to pick!
    Happy Birthday…the thirties are good, but I’m thinking the forties will REALLY rock…so settled into myself I wll be!

  14. amy

    happy birthday! i’m so glad you had a lovely day. your words and images bring so much joy. thank you.

  15. Lina

    Happy Happy Birthday!! I wish you all the joy and peace and happiness y our heart can hold.

  16. CelticBuffy

    Happy Birthday! I hope this year holds much creativity and happiness for you!


    Happy Birthday !!! Sounds like you had a wonderful day !!

    My middle boy turned 14 the day before….a great week for a birthday !!

    May the year ahead hold as much joy and inspiration for you as you give to all of us πŸ™‚

  18. Alpha Shanahan

    happy, happy birthday! you don’t know me, but i have been visiting your site since last year. your art inspires me and also your thoughts and personal sharing. i have actually shed some tears while reading some of your entries… and have made a note to email you (which never happened :)… there are always little things pressing me for time.

    live true, live life!!!

  19. Beth

    happy birthday kelly !! i agree the 30’s are awesome !!! i turn 34 next week !!! love the little note on the sidewalk !! you rock !! have a great day !!

  20. Lelainia N. Lloyd

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY Kelly Rae! THank you for sharing your light and bringing you special brand of magic to the world. Wishing you much love and happiness this day and always.

  21. Airees

    Happy Birthday Kelly! You are a gift to us – truly inspiring! Cheers to your good health, more inspiring artworks & happy life! – airees

  22. Carmen

    Happy Happy Birthday Kelly Rae!



  23. Jen Lee

    Happy Birthday, Kelly! The thirties DO rock, and you are exquisite in yours.

  24. Katrina

    happy birthday dear kelly rae! sending you so many birthday wishes for the start of your 33rd year. it seems double digits should be extra lucky πŸ˜‰

  25. Kelly Valentine

    I hope you had a very Happy Happy Birthday!!! Thank you for being so inspiring…your art and words are such a gift. Sending you birthday wishes filled with overwhelming joy, laughter that makes your cheeks ache, and all the happiness your heart can handle. Happy Birthday!!!


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