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There is nearly 15 years of blog content, detailing my life from social worker to artist to entrepreneur and all the living in between (Motherhood! Self-care! Home + Studio Tours! And more!) – plus art, offerings,  and lots and lots of love.

If you’re new to my online world — or maybe an old friend, coming ’round to say hello again — above are a few categories to help you find your way.

Enjoy it all to the fullest. I’m so glad you’re here.

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New Art + Some Thoughts On Fear, Faith, + Courage

(Available in small and large sizes > Learn more)   Hello friends. So much is happening behind the scenes over here. Sometimes I feel on top of it, and sometimes I have to work really hard to settle my nervous system before I tip over the edge into The Land of...

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Alignment over Hustle + NEW art

(Available in small and large sizes!) I have learned so much these last many years about how to release the hustle energy and trade it in for something that feels softer, more beautiful. I’m not trading in impact. I’m just trading out intensity at the expense of my...

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February’s Art Date With Kelly Rae Is Here!

Hi friends! I just published this month's Art Date With Kelly Rae and I thought I'd give you a quick update about what's included this month. I'm IN LOVE with this offering and I'm loving the community of Art Dates as well. Please know you are welcome to join us...

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My 2020 word of the year. Hello, Ease!

Hello, 2020.I'm so, so glad for the New Year. This last year, of course, was a big transition year for my family and I'm excited to close it out with gratitude and full hearts, and maybe a few exhales, too.2019 was the year we completed all that we put into motion in...

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A creative retreat in Morocco – it changed everything.

(Me, in front of our Riad in Marrakech) (The group of amazing retreat participants) You guys! My girl Mati Rose and Faith Evans-Sills led an extraordinary creative retreat in Morocco and I got to go and experience it!It was, hand down, the most creative sensory...

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I gave myself a HUGE gift. Hello, travel!

Dear friends, I'm home from an extraordinary adventure to Paris AND Morocco. OMG! I gave myself the gift of two full weeks of travel and adventure. TWO! Can you even? Without work, or family, or deadlines, or expectations, or or or.     First, I went to...

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Hello + welcome!

Hey there, I’m Kelly Rae Roberts

Before I was an artist, I was a social worker. And then at the age of 30, I started playing with paint, and everything about my life changed. Today I’m passionate about making meaningful art while helping other women explore their creativity, nourish their souls, and build thriving creative businesses.

I live in a tiny town named Sisters, Oregon with my husband John, our son True, and our two English Bulldogs, Lulu Butter Butterbean and Amelia Apple Bottoms. I deeply believe that anything is possible, one small and brave step at a time.


Hello Creativity, Hello Possibility, Hello Courageous Joy


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