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Leadership as a portal to good, hard things

We are all teachers AND students of life. It’s important we claim both. As students, we soak up and savor and seek all the guidance and wisdom from our teachers. I love love love being a student. As teachers – any sort of position that calls on us to lead...

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Department of Soul Care

Hello dears, raise your hand if your a busy mama, biz lady, healer, nurturer, creative, woman doing her best to be a light in the world. Raise your hand again if you’re game for creating a Department of Soul Care. For you, your family, and your biz. Can we...

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A Loving Invitation

Photo of me by In Her Image Photo I lost hundreds of followers on Instagram + Facebook after sharing my story and support for fellow sexual assault survivor Dr. Ford. It’s 100% okay to disagree and unfollow (I do not measure my worth or success by how many followers I...

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Love of Paper and Words

This is how I came into art and the creative life back in 2005. I was making gifts like these, inspired by the mixed-media world of vintage photos turned into quirky pieces. This is my mom and Greggie as littles. Aren’t they cute? ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ One thing led to...

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on being in a deep harvest

I’m currently at my favorite cafe, post workout (back in the flow of sweating it out and it feels amazing), thinking about all the giant waves of transition happening over here. As we work with a builder to build our next home in Sisters, Oregon I’ve been...

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