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Home Tour: Our Modern Farmhouse Colorful Kitchen!

  Hi friends! I thought I’d give you a tour of our kitchen! The only other room tour that I’ve done of this new home is our living room, which you can find right here. We’ve been in our new home and town (Sisters, Oregon) for about 6 months now...

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A tour of our living room! Hello, colorful farmhouse!

  Guess what? We’re fully unpacked and settled in our new home. OMG! I’m certain that all of the rooms will continue to change and emerge and evolve as we layer our living and experiences into this new home, but the main components are in. It feels...

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Like, Obsessed

Throwback to when I was very pregnant with True and we had just moved into our home that we remodeled on a VERY tight timeline and budget. I LOVED this kitchen. This is the before. Crazy, right? I have been pulling out photos of this kitchen as we create the kitchen...

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Leave A Letter, Take A Letter

Remember way back when we added a little kids library to our Little Free Library? The kids love it and I love the community that has grown from having both big person and little person libraries. Earlier this year, we took it a step further and added a little annex to...

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Backyard Remodel Dream Come True!

Did I tell you that we started a big backyard remodel project? We started it weeks and weeks ago (in the Spring), but it’s starting to come along now. Our goal is to have a backyard that we actually use and enjoy year round (vs before when it was either a mud...

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House Tour – Guest Room

I can’t believe I never shared photos of our old guest room in our old house. I loved this room and thought I’d share the photos now…better late than never, yes?   All Photos via She Saw Things  More home tours...

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How to make a patchwork wallpaper wall

I have always wanted to make a patchwork wallpaper wall, and I finally decided to go for it. I’m so, so glad I did.  I thought I’d share our process as so many of you on Instagram and Facebook wanted to know and I think we should all have at least one wall...

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Home Tour: True’s Room!

Today I’m sharing a tour of True’s room. It was one of the first rooms to come together, and we love how it turned out. Come take a peek… This is what the room looked like when we bought the house: And this is what it looks like now: We painted the...

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Hey there, I’m Kelly Rae Roberts

Before I was an artist, I was a social worker. And then at the age of 30, I started playing with paint, and everything about my life changed. Today I'm passionate about making meaningful art while helping other women explore their creativity, nourish their souls, and build thriving creative businesses.

I live in a tiny town named Sisters, Oregon with my husband John, our son True, and our two English Bulldogs, Lulu Butter Butterbean and Amelia Apple Bottoms. I deeply believe that anything is possible, one small and brave step at a time.



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