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Savoring + Gratitude

We are closing on our Portland home soon (grateful it sold!), but I’m going to super miss my sweet little tiny studio in the backyard. I’m packing her up in the coming days. Farewell, tiny studio. You were my favorite studio EVER ever ever. I won’t...

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Crazy Excited!

Moving/transition update: Friends! Permits came through and voila: our new home in Sisters, Oregon is no longer a dream on paper. It’s actually starting. We are crazy excited. Smaller than our last home (hello, downsizing and simplifying > feels really good...

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Big Transitions

For the last many days we’ve been settling into our temporary digs (staying with my parents while our house hits the market). I am reminded how big transitions tire us, how it takes a good while for our hearts and minds and bodies to adjust. I’ve been...

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Using Ritual and Ceremony

Many years ago, before we moved our stuff into this home, John and I sat on the bedroom floor, sipped wine, lit candles, and talked about what we wanted to invite into this home. It was an important Opening to a new season of life and memories. And now we’re on...

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We have experiences that expand our hearts.

Many of you have asked why + how we’re letting so many of our belongings go. I thought I’d give you a bit of background. Many years ago, when John and I were in our 20’s, we bought a house and had full-time jobs here in PDX. We were doing the house...

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Oh Goodness

Oh goodness. This is me. Letting our belongings go. Embracing change. Embracing new beginnings. Trusting that we’ll land right where we’re supposed to be. Trusting the mess during the fall. Being sensitive to all this means for True, and my parents, and...

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We’re moving to Central Oregon! WHAT????!!!!

Dearest friends, Big BIG news over here…… After 20 years in Portland, Oregon (give or take a year or two when we left for John’s grad school, or when we lived in Seattle for a year [after John’s grad school], we have decided to move to a teeny...

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