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This one is about her journey to remain Open.

I’m enjoying working on this new dress series.  I love the idea of the feminie imagery with the strong declarations of her spirit. This one is about her journey to remain Open. It’s for women whose hearts continue to open the more she’s willing to...

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She is not broken. She is whole

She invites the embodiment of what it means to be whole. Despite the seasons of fragility and uncertainty, her Spirit emerges strong, sturdy, and unbroken. Her heart is willingly cracked open to healing and light, and she is empowered by all that she’s learned...

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she is brave

This is for women who want to stand for Courage. For open-hearted, tender yet fierce bravery. Even when it’s uncomfortable. Even when it means disappointing others. It’s for the woman who wants to invite the spirit of fearlessness into her life, in seasons of triumph...

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A little studio update from me (and True!)

(Isn’t this so cool? It’s via Michelle Allen Designs. LOVE!)   I’ve been making my way back into my studio now that things are starting to settle in after our move. Gosh, it feels SO GOOD to make and paint and smudge and rip paper and glue and...

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