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Wellness update: inflammation, oh my!

Hi friends. Many of you reached out to me yesterday after watching my stories on Instagram, wanting to know a bit more about my wellness journey/update. I thought I’d share where I’m at. For those of you following for a bit, you know I’ve been on a...

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Your story matters

Dearest, Our complicated, beautiful, layered stories MATTER. One of the truest and most honest gifts we can give ourselves is to turn toward our stories, sit with them, honor them, and embrace them like we would a beloved friend. There is so much wisdom there. And...

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There is no glory in a full schedule.

Dear loves, I loved reading everyone’s comments on my last Instagram post. Your words of the year, and the intention behind them, was uplifting and moving to read. I read many of them out loud. If you missed it, head over here. It seems that so many of us are...

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Your Mess is Worthy

We are train wrecks. And we are holy. We are fundamentally flawed. And we are perfect, light-filled beings. Your mess is sacred ground. For clarity finding. For healing. For transformation and opportunity. All that is sacred and gold and genuine and true comes from...

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My Anxiety Story

I have struggled with anxiety most of my life. At its worst, it presented as full-blown OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder) when I was in college. I was 19, working too many jobs, taking too many credits, and stressed beyond measure. I started obsessing over numbers....

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How I receive my highest guidance

(photo by In Her Image Photography) In my business tribe, we’re spending Oct exploring how we sometimes have to create clearings – to burn things down – whether that is letting go of offerings or old ways of doing things (think spreading ourselves too thin, not...

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Welcome to The Self-Care Sanctuary! I am SO excited!

It is with absolute joy, excitement, and a body full of anticipation, that I’m announcing my latest offering……a collaborative project with my dear friend and transformation coach, Lacy Young. Keep reading for all the details….this is going to...

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Take What You Need

Confession: I woke up in CA this morning at 3:45 AM and took a long ride via Uber to the Oakland airport only to be told that I was AT THE WRONG AIRPORT. Not only was I at the wrong airport, they had zero flights available to get me home to Oregon. Raise your hand if...

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Hey there, I’m Kelly Rae Roberts

Before I was an artist, I was a social worker. And then at the age of 30, I started playing with paint, and everything about my life changed. Today I'm passionate about making meaningful art while helping other women explore their creativity, nourish their souls, and build thriving creative businesses.

I live in a tiny town named Sisters, Oregon with my husband John, our son True, and our two English Bulldogs, Lulu Butter Butterbean and Amelia Apple Bottoms. I deeply believe that anything is possible, one small and brave step at a time.



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