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Good Energy!

Did I tell you my hair has been falling out for weeks and weeks? Like, for reals. First, the doc thought I had a scalp infection, but the prescription strength shampoo didn’t clear it up. Now she thinks it might be psoriasis, the autoimmune condition. While I...

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a tiny act of radical protest

I’m calling it a tiny act of radical protest. Tiny yet mighty. Seemingly superficial yet layered with mindfulness and meaning. This week I’m committed to my practice of wearing my joy every single day. A new outfit, lovingly picked out each evening before...

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Love love love it

Wearing my joy today! This tunic is the Schoolhouse Tunic and I love love love it. Huge thanks to my mom for making it. Pants are the Avatar brand. Are you a fan of tunics and dresses over pants? Or do you prefer tights or legs? I’d love to have you join me for...

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Delight In the Tiniest of Delights

It’s hot this week, ya’ll. And I’m loving this dress by Tulip Clothing. Ways I’m planning to nurture my soul this week: * Painting in my tiny studio * Wearing my joy * Waking up slow * Taking my time as I move about my day * Working on choosing...

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I’m OBSESSED, ya’ll. This is a reversible tunic via Sew Liberated. It’s the Metamorphic Dress pattern. My mom made it for me (WHAT would I do without her?) and I cannot take it off. The other side has pink swans, because, well pink swans! Pants are...

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New Prairie Frock!

I headed off to Colorado in my new prairie inspired frock (by Tulip Clothing). I lead about 10 other ladies for my “Let Art Out, Let Love In” retreat up in gorgeous Keystone. I grammed the whole time, check it out!⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ PPS: For those of you who are new...

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Soulful Lessons

Can I tell you my latest dream and the reason I’m doing a brand refresh? I’ve been making art and sharing my creative journey with ya’ll for 12 years now. Remember when I had a day job as a social worker and transitioned into art full time? Those...

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Embracing Layers!

I’m embracing my layers even more after discovering this sweet woman @marcialoisriddington who is totally inspiring my Wear You Joy practice. Can I please be her when I grow up? Honestly. I just want to wear pants under dresses with cute collars. Are you also a...

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