Can we talk about the magic of Sabrina Ward Harrison for a moment?

Before I ever declared myself as an artist, I was inspired by her. She was really THE person who inspired me to begin the journey toward myself as an artist. In fact I wrote a tiny two sentence blog post about her in 2005 when I finally began to listen to the rumblings of my creative whispers. You can see that tiny post here.

And now here we are THIRTEEN years later, and I had the privilege of connecting with her via video to celebrate the 20th anniversary of her her first book, Spilling Open. Below is a little snippet of our hour long conversation about all the ways this book inspires truth telling inside the mess of our lives, then and now. You can watch the full version over here.

To celebrate 20 years of her book Spilling Open (don’t foget to check out here other five books – all groundbreaking), Sabrina is launching her long-awaited, sure to be amazing, first ever course called Untether. The trailer is below. Isn’t it amazing? I’ve been chatting with her about it and friends, her heart is ALL IN.

I am inspired all over again by her unique way of simply being herself, showing up in the trueness of who she is.

Here’s to celebrating the women that inspire us to celebrate ourselves and all the living we do inside the hard and the beautiful.


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