In Gratitude

photo credit: Zipporah Lomax

“Gratitude is the memory of the heart.”  Jean Baptiste Massieu

The following folks are good, bright, and have contributed in big ways to the production of this e-course. I am incredibly lucky to have their professional expertise, their clear guidance, and most importantly, their kind-hearted energy as they gave their voice to this project.


KRR_HelloSoul_TeamPicsAmy Thackery, Graphic Designer Extraordinaire
Rare Byrd Creative
Amy’s Mantra: She believed she could, so she did.

Amy is the “rare byrd” of Rare Bryd Creative. Her fun and whimsical style, along with a passion for the creative process, are a perfect fit with Kelly Rae. She is a mother of three and loves the balancing act of everyday life, family, career, and following her dreams along the way.

KRR_HelloSoul_TeamPics3Dani Palacio, Project Doula/Manager
Dani’s Mantra: Everything is an opportunity to love.

Dani is a mix of conventional and woo woo. With a strong business mind and a creative soul, she offers her skills to those in need. She’s currently working on a new endeavor: Project Conversations. It’s designed to capture the rare and magical moments within a conversation. It’s organic, beautiful and offers the viewer the chance to connect, grow, and learn.

KRR_HelloSoul_TeamPics7J Doerck, Web Developer/Magic Maker
J’s Mantra: Forgive yourself first.

Being of sturdy German stock, J Doerck has oft been mistaken as a techno producer, a metal guitarist, an olde-timey photographer and a drive-thru tree; with unfortunate results.

KRR_HelloSoul_TeamPics4Kevin Balmer, Filmographer/Capturer of stories
Diggable Monkey Productions
Kevin’s Mantra: Time to Soar!

Kevin is a story teller at heart and has worked extensively documenting Portland’s unique musical circus act, MarchFourth Marching Band. A strong proponent of the arts, his creative eye captured the special moments in this e-course. Kellly Rae’s project is one in a series of recent online courses Kevin has co-produced for painter Flora Bowley, artist rep Lilla Rogers, stone mason Jeffrey Bale and belly dancer Rachel Brice.

KRR_HelloSoul_TeamPics6Kirstie Wight, MakeUp Artist
Kirstie Wight Makeup Artist
Kirstie’s Mantra: There is no cosmetic for beauty like happiness.

Kirstie is a Portland based makeup artist, who has been following her love of makeup and beauty for over 15 years. She believes that every woman is beautiful and it is her joy to make them look and feel even more so.

KRR_HelloSoul_TeamPics2Lacy Young, Customer Doula/Sparkle Sprinkler
Lacy’s Mantra: I always have everything I need! Kale Yeah, I do!

Lacy Young is a Health Coach and the Creator of Campaign For Confidence. Former junk food junkie turned green juice aficionado! She believes in the power of fruits + veggies and their ability to heal the body, mind and spirit! Lacy believes that you can be healthy and happy without calorie counting, deprivation or dieting.

KRR_HelloSoul_TeamPics_LynxLynzee Lynx, On Air Student/Willing friend
Lynx’s Mantra: Radical

An artist, yogi, and whole life stylist, Lynx is a wholehearted woman who helps people live in beauty. She is a working artist and world maker in Portland, OR and has been blessed to work alongside Kelly Rae at Soul Shine Studio.

KRR_HelloSoul_TeamPics8Nita Apple, Consultant/Guide
Making it Small
Nita’s Mantra: Let me be changed in ways I can’t begin to imagine.

Nita, is Chief Get’er done’er at Making it Small- an Administrative Consultant firm. We help small businesses become big businesses, with loving care for the small details.

KRR_HelloSoul_TeamPicsTracey Clark, Photographer
Shutter Sisters
Tracey’s Mantra: Perspective—and love—changes everything.

Photographer, author, mom, Tracey weaves all of what she loves into both her career and her everyday life. She’s the founder of Shutter Sisters, co-founder of Our Collective and author of Elevate the Everyday: a Photographic Guide to Picturing Motherhood.

KRR_HelloSoul_TeamPics5Vivienne McMaster, Promo Videographer
Be Your Own Beloved Workshops
Vivienne’s Mantra: Be Your Own Beloved

Vivienne McMaster is a Vancouver BC photographer and workshop leader who helps folks around the world see themselves with compassion through their own camera lens. She discovered her love of photography in her late 20’s while in a rough patch in her life and is now on a mission share the possibility of self-portraiture as a tool for cultivating self-love.

KRR_HelloSoul_TeamPics_ZippyZipporah Lomax, Photographer
Zipporah’s Mantra: This too shall pass

I am deeply in love with language…particularly the language of light. Light that reflects, that illuminates, that emanates…but also the kind that dances between lovers, on the faces of new parents…light that travels between an artist’s hands and their canvas or instrument…light that animates souls. My passion is helping others discover the tiny magic of everyday things. #everydaymacro on Instagram.

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