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Well, hello! And welcome to your supply list. It’s chock full of goodness and innovative products that you’re going to love. Whether you choose to click the links below and shop online or shop locally, I highly recommend watching the video so that you can get a good visual of the products, what they look like, and more.

You have a couple of options:

1. You can click the links in the supply list below to purchase your supplies online. In most cases, product links take you to OR If the product was not available at either of those online stores, then we linked the product to Amazon. All three of these vendors ship products internationally as well.

2. You can click here to print the supply list and shop at your local stores for the products. For those of you shopping locally, most of the items on this list can be found at a craft store, like Michaels. There are a few things, however, that you’ll need to purchase at a  traditional art supply store, like Utrecht or Dick Blick. I have noted those in the downloadable pdf for you.

We’re here to help, so don’t hesitate to send us an email at if you need any help at all!


Essential Supplies

Try and get a mixture of fluid acrylics and soft body acrylics. I love using Golden fluid acrylics and Liquitex soft bodied paints, but they are not required. Feel free to purchase the less expensive craft brands of paint that can found at craft stores, nationwide (brands like Martha Stewart, Folk Art, Americana). You will not need heavy bodied paints – just fluid acrylics and soft bodied. If you choose to purchase the craft brands of paint, the consistency of those paints will work just fine as they’re in between a traditional fluid acrylic and soft body.

You’ll need the following colors.

*White – at minimum, 4 oz bottle
*Black – at minimum, 4 oz bottle
*Raw Umber – at minimum, 4 oz bottle
*At minimum 3-5 Cool Colors (blues, greens) – choose whatever cool colors that you love – anything in the blue/green family will work. Depending on how many colors you choose, I would recommend buying at least 2 oz bottles of each color you choose. Not sure what would be considered a cool color? This color wheel is helpful to reference.
*At minimum 3-5 Warm Colors (reds, yellows, oranges) – choose whatever warm colors you love! Depending on how many colors you choose, I would recommend buying at least 2 oz bottles of each color you choose. Not sure what would be considered a warm color? This color wheel is helpful to reference.

You’ll need something to paint on! Pick one or all of the following options (or a combination). I recommend having at least 5-6 blank canvases (or pieces of Mixed Media Paper) so that you have several pieces to practice techniques with. I will be using the canvas panels as demos, in size 9×12. You can use whatever size you’d like depending on your comfort level – though I don’t recommend anything smaller than 8×10.

Please note that we will not be using traditional canvases in class, but rather canvas boards and panels. These provide a hard surface that comes in quite handy, especially when we are stamping/stenciling our mantra words onto the surface.

*Dick Blick Studio Artist Boards – These come in a variety of sizes and I use these almost exclusively.
*Canvas panels These are sold individually or in a pack. I will be using these for the demos throughout the course in size 9×12.
*Wood Panels – Be sure to pick up some gesso (link below) if you decide to go with this option as you’ll need to coat your wood panel with it before you start painting.
*Mixed Media Paper – Can be bought as individual pieces or bound, like a sketchbook. Be sure the paper is a minimum of 90lb weight. Watercolor paper will work just fine as well.

Gel Medium – It’s super important to get the Regular Gel Medium in GLOSS. Golden brand is worth every penny, and if you’re going to spend extra money on any art supply for this class, this is where to spend it. I’d recommend at minimum, a 16oz jar. We’ll use this a lot.


*Foam Brushes: I’d get 5-7 of these, 1.5″ – 2” in size.
*Small Paint Brushes: Remember to keep it inexpensive. I like the ones that are sold in economy packs. Be sure it includes a #6 round (or somewhere close to that size).

Spray Bottle – any spray bottle will work, so have fun picking it out.

Painting Palette – In class, I use an enamel tray palette (small), but you can also use a disposable palette pad or anything else that can hold your paint.

Paper Towels – I’d recommend a paper towel with texture and without colored images. It’s also totally fine to use an old rag.

Gesso – I like the Golden brand gesso but there are several other brands to choose from. You will only need gesso if you are painting on wood panels. Watch video for more details.

Brayer – any size brayer will work, I’d recommend a 2”-4” width.

Latex Gloves – if you prefer not to get your hands dirty then by all means please use gloves , yet I encourage you to get messy (permission granted)!

Apron – Again this is a personal choice so let your heart lead and find one that speaks to you.


*White Gel Pen – I like Uniball Signo brand.
*Faber Castell Pitt Pen – In black. I use the brush tip, but any tip will do.
*Stabilo “All” Pencil – Black

Alphabet Stamps/Stencils/Stickers:
You’ll want to choose at least one of the following options for getting your mantra onto your canvas. I use alphabet stamps in most of my paintings, but feel free to try stencils and/or stickers for yours.

*Stamps – Depending on your canvas size, I’d recommend using large-ish alphabet stamps (there are so many options!).  Cavallini makes a great typewriter alphabet stamp (I use these lower case and these upper case stamps) as do many other brands, found in craft stores nationwide. I also like using  a small typewriter font stamp like these as an added bonus. At minimum, one set of alphabet stamps will work.
*Stencils – There are lots of alphabet stencils out there. Choose one that delights your soul. Be sure to get the appropriate size depending on how large your canvases are.
*Stickers – Again, lots of alphabet stickers out there. Choose ones that delight you, but be sure to get the appropriate size depending on how large your canvases are.

Other Stamps/Stencils/Stickers
You’ll want to choose at least one of the options below for adding texture/interest/imagery for your canvas.

*Stamps – Look for background stamps, pattern stamps (for example: chevron, dots, etc), icon stamps (birds, wings, etc – whatever imagery speaks to you). At minimum, I’d have two stamps to play with.
*Stencils – Look for background stencils that can help build interesting layers or stencils that capture your favorite imagery (ex: birds, wings, flowers, geometric shapes, patterns ,etc). I love ALL of the Heidi Swapp stencils! At minimum, I’d have a couple of stencils to play with.
*Stickers – Have fun! Choose stickers that include imagery that speaks to you (shapes, animals, nature, patterns, etc). I love Cavallini stickers, but there are lots of options in craft stores nationwide.

Ink Pad – I’d recommend getting a black ink pad. I use a black archival ink pad, but if you have a vision for your painting then go for it! Try white, metallic, or any color that calls to you. Color Box makes great colored ink pads.

Texture Tools:
These are household items that will help us create really fun effects in our paintings. You don’t need all of these, but I want to give you an idea of a few things that are fun to use. Watch the video for more details.

*Bubble wrap – at least 6×6″ square will do.
*Drawer/grip liner (waffle texture)
*Old credit cards
*Jar caps
*Pen caps
*Anything that could make a great mark when stamped into paint or ink

Collage Papers:
You’ll need a variety of papers – at least 10-15 sheets/scraps of paper. Below are a few options. You don’t need all of these, but below are some options to choose from. When it comes to choosing papers, don’t worry about colors, patterns, etc. Just choose papers that delight your spirit and we will use them! Here are a few suggested collage paper options:

*Scrapbook papers: There are lots of options, but I love Tim Holtz, Basic Grey, Echo Park, and K & Company papers. I’d recommend having at least 10-15 sheets of paper.
*Gift wrap – Any gift wrap will do. I love Cavallini papers.
*Tissue paper – patterned
*Sewing pattern paper
*Wallpaper scraps
*Book pages (I love using pages from old music books)
** Be sure to pick up a few papers that have your favorite imagery on them (birds, wings, butterflies, etc)

Spray Ink
These will be used along with your stencils. I use the Heidi Swapp Color Shine spray ink. I’d choose 1-2 colors, minimum.

non essentials

Non-Essential Supplies

Embossing Gun (heat gun) – This is a super duper time saver.
Ink droppers – Tim Holtz makes alcohol ink drops in a variety of colors – love this stuff, especially the metallics!
Punch Outs – There are so many paper punch shapes and designs. I use the heart and scalloped circles the most.
Borders – Found in the scrapbooking aisles at craft stores. I like the Martha Stewart and Heidi Swapp, but there’s a variety to choose from.
Washi Tape – I’m totally in love with this paper tape and it comes in a ton of different styles. Super fun!
Princeton Catalyst Blades – These are great texture tools found in art stores, next to the paintbrushes – a variety of shapes and sizes.
Dauber Duos – I talk about these in the video but unfortunately we could only find a supplier in the UK, Craft Creations. I bought them in local craft store so you might try yours.
Golden Glaze – I also talk about these in the video but unfortunately Golden no longer makes it. Not to worry. I’ll demo how to make our own in the ecourse.
Other Ephemera/Embellishments: Lace, Buttons, Ribbons, Doilies – Anything that has meaning to you that we may be able to incorporate into your paintings.

*The fine print: I’m an affiliate of,, and When I buy art supplies online, these are the places where I buy them. 

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