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I LOVE hearing from fellow Possibilitarians. Seeing a picture of your kindness-fueled sidewalk chalk art project, your latest painting, or hearing about a favorite story always lights me up. You can reach me at

Either Nichole or I read every single email. Although we are unable to reply to everyone, please know that every sentence you type is read, adored, and always inspires gigantic smiles and hearts full of gratitude. Thank you for all the love in the inbox. Really.

If you sent us an email about a question you have, please be sure to see if your question has been answered on our FAQ page, which lives here. Because we’re intentionally a small team (just two of us!), we may take a few days to get back to you if your question isn’t answered on the FAQ page. But I promise, we will.


Snail mail = the best!

It’s true… old-fashioned mail is way more fun. If you’d like to send me a postcard or handwritten note, here’s my address:

Kelly Rae Roberts
PO Box 13271
Portland, OR 97213

Want to be a
Kelly Rae Roberts retailer?

Got a boutique or cool store? There are hundreds of products featuring my artwork available for wholesale order. To see the range of products and place your first order, head over here.

Thinking of an interview?

Sharing my resources and know-how is always a delight. If you’re interested in having me on your podcast or radio show, or want to do a print interview, I’d love to hear about it!

Please email your idea to Nichole at

Want to licensing-dream with me?

Licensing my artwork has been a dream come true, which is why…

I’ve got my eyes and heart wide open for new licensing opportunities (I’m thinking home decor, stationery, gardening, and more). You can see some of the companies I’ve already partnered with here.

Got a licensing partnership idea? Reach out to my Brand Manager, Betsy Cordes.

And, thank you. ♡


When I finally put paint onto paper, my heart + life exploded with renewed passion and joy.

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Because self-kindness changes everything.

Because self-kindness changes everything.

For anyone who wants a meaningful daily practice of being more loving and compassionate to ourselves.
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Get dressed up in joy!

Get dressed up in joy!

Get dressed in joy. Every day. Your way.
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