Creative Play on my head and in my phone

May 8, 2013 | Life in Progress

Slow morning. Thankful. Walk. Tea. Family. Chat with neighbors. Cherry tree colors in the sidewalk. True swinging on porch swing. It's a #goodlife
A reminder of pure truth

Found on my way back to the car from running errands.

Having so much fun today experimenting with photography and words. Love creative expression in all forms.

Friends, I’ve discovered a couple iphone apps that have been awesome for iphonography fun. Between Over (the app that lets you put words over photos), PicTapGo (Photoshop’s iphone app for layering filters), and Instagram (best social media app ever – come follow me!), I’m in a bit of creative/iphone/photo/filter/word heaven!

Been feeling a tiny pull toward photography creative play so it’s nice to need nothing but a camera phone + apps. We live in such a cool age that we can indulge our creative senses while tinkering with creative apps while sitting in waiting rooms, carpool lines, and more. I find it lovely and inspiring.

Speaking of creative play:

Friends, I am sitting in the salon and minutes away from going blond. Like, BLOND! Wish me luck!
(About to go blond)

Honestly you guys, I'm a little excited about this. #goingblond
(Going blond)

It took a couple of tries but I am now quite blond. More reddish blond than white blond but its a huge difference and I like it!
(Then to strawberry blond – showing the before + after shot)

Really proud of myself for trying but I've been in a bad mood the last couple of days and realized today it must be my hair. Went back to brown and immediately felt better. Love how nothing is ever really permanent so we may as well take risks and then ad
(then back to brown)

In a span of 72 hours, I went from blond, to strawberry blond, back to brown. I was proud of myself for taking the risk but after a couple of days of being grumpy, I eventually figured it was my hair! Once I went back to brown, I was back to feeling like myself. Lesson 1: Nothing is permanent so we may as well take some risks. Lesson 2: Totally have to indulge the creative urges and think of it as creative play/experimentation.
Really glad I was brave enough to do it. Really glad I was brave enough to say it wasn’t for me.
Reddish brown it is! 

Sending much love,

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  1. ~Lydia Marie

    Very daring, but I love your natural color. It suits you.
    BTW: I really enjoy reading your blog. It inspires me. Blessings and xoxo, Lydia

  2. Susan Seale

    So much fun…and so much emotion…I so get it.

    I am dark, dark brown and curly. I didn't even realize I wished I could be blond. One day a made a friend who was a hair stylist. She suggested trying blond highlights and so I did.

    I loved it so much I asked for more. For about 10 years I had them and then one day I got married (mid-40's) and my husband asked what color my hair really was. I told him and he asked if I could be that color for a while. So I did.

    I thought I should be my own color for a while before it stared going grey and I would feel like I had to color to have my own color back.

    I've been dark, dark brown for about 5 years now. I really do feel more like myself with this color. I'm 50 now and just noticing that there are grey bits showing…now I'm thinking I'll have to color in the next year or so but I'm so glad I went back to my original hair when I did!

    Your pictures look so lovely. I love seeing you in any color and definitely with happiness in your heart!

  3. Suzanne Joy Fernald

    Your pictures and you look great. Love your honesty and being brave to try something new, figuring out you didn't like it after all, and returning to "you" – the skin you are comfortable in. Thanks for sharing, Kelly Rae.

  4. Lucy Chen

    LOL, I get you, Kelly Rae. I tried curly hairs twice before in my life and every time, I straighten it back within days.

  5. CroppinSpree

    Love the colour you chose and the one you stayed with. Not many people can pull off both!

  6. Anita

    As a former hair stylist, I get it. I really get it. I've had my hair so many colors and each color set the tone of my mood. It wasn't until I decided to do what I felt was best that I became peaceful about my color choice. Now I'm a year from being 50, I'm in the process of finding the perfect cut and style. It's hard sometimes, but like you said…"Nothing is permanent so you might as well play.

  7. Katy

    I recently colored my hair red and everyone love it. Everyone except me. I suspect I'll be dying it back to brown pretty soon.

  8. Rose D. Frenchtown, NJ

    Reddish- brown is perfect on you!!


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