Hello and welcome to my treasure chest of FAQs.

Select the category that applies to your question to see if I’ve already created an answer for you. If your question isn’t answered below, please write to us at hello@kellyraeroberts.com and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.

What is a possibilitarian?

I first saw the word ‘possibilitarian’ in a quote by Dr. Norman Peale: “Become a possibilitarian. No matter how dark things seem to be or actually are, raise your sights and see possibilities—always see them, for they’re always there.” I’ve been hooked on its meaning ever since. Do you see the bright light of your life’s horizon (even on the average days)? Do you feel its warmth (even when you’re struggling)? Have you begun to touch the surface of all that is possible for your life? Does it give you goosebumps to think about it (I hope it does)? If so, then you’re a possibilitarian, too.

Do you teach workshops?

A couple of times a year, I gather with women for retreats that are focused on art, creative wellness, or creative business. They are always a transformative time. Head over here to check out current retreat openings.

Will you teach at my retreat center/art studio/event?

I’d love to have a conversation with you about it. I lead retreats that are focused on spirituality + art, creative wellness, or creative business. They sell out quickly and are beloved, treasured events. If you’d like for me to travel to your event and teach, please reach out to me at hello@kellyraeroberts.com with as many details you can provide including compensation information so I can see if we’re a good match.

Will you speak at my event?

I love speaking and have had the honor of speaking at many events. Please reach out to me at hello@kellyraeroberts.com with as many details you can provide and let’s see if we’re a good match. Please do not send any speaking requests that are unpaid.

Where did you go to art school?

I didn’t attend art school! I have a graduate degree in clinical social work and worked for many years as a medical social worker before pursuing art full time. If you’d like to take a peek at my journey into art, check out my “Yearly Recaps” category over on my blog (start with 2006!).

Are you available for licensing?

Licensing my artwork has been a dream come true, which is why…

I’ve got my eyes and heart wide open for new licensing opportunities (I’m thinking home decor, stationery, gardening, and more). You can see some of the companies I’ve already partnered with here.

Got a licensing partnership idea? Reach out to me at hello@kellyraeroberts.com

And, thank you. ♡

Will you donate something to my fundraiser and/or help me spread the word about it?

Although I’d like to, it’s just not possible to donate to everyone who reaches out with their cause/event. I privately support causes close to my heart.

I’d love to commission a Kelly Rae original. Will you paint something for me?

These days, it feels best for me to paint only what naturally rises up from my heart, so I’m not taking on any commission projects.

Can I use your picture on my conference materials, website, or in my newsletter, etc?

I ask that you do not use my images in any way whatsoever as this is a violation of copyright law. If you’d like to tell people about me, please give them the link to my site, and know that I’m honored.

Do you do interviews for podcasts, books, or ecourses?

If you’re interested in having me on your podcast or radio show, or want to do a print interview, I’d love to hear about it!

Please email your idea to me at hello@kellyraeroberts.com.

Please keep in mind that I keep a very limited interview schedule, though I’m honored by every request that comes my way (thank you).


Will you review my book or will you be a contributor for my book?

Feel free to send your request to me at hello@kellyraeroberts.com but please know I’m limited in what I can offer as far as blurbs, reviews, and other book contributions due to my various contractual obligations. I’m honored that you would want to share your work with me!

I learned about you through one of Brene Brown’s books. Where is the blog post that she referenced? The one about boundaries?

I so love Brene and the ways she is truly changing our world! The blog post that Brene has referenced in her books is a post I wrote called What Is And Is Not Okay. It was written looooong ago when I felt I needed to do a bit of boundary protection and gentle education about my artwork.

I’d love to gift one of your class to a loved one. How can I register them for the course?

Shoot me an email at hello@kellyraeroberts.com and we’ll make it easy for you

How do I cancel/update my subscription?

You can cancel or updated your subscription anytime by logging into your account.

Before you retired them, I took one of your art ecourses. How do I access those classrooms?

Yes, you can access those classrooms on the Student Access page. Don’t remember your password to access the classroom? Please be sure to check your confirmation email from when you purchased the course.

Can I sell the paintings that I made in your ecourses/retreats?

I’m really glad you asked and I have many thoughts. If the work that you created in my class looks anything like my work (colors, hair, positioning, words, background), you do not have my permission or blessing to sell it.

As a teacher, I expect that students will replicate my work as they experiment and develop their own artistic perspective – that’s how so many artists get their start, including me. But my hope is that those replica pieces would be viewed as ‘learning canvases’ only, and not as commercial offerings.

One of my greatest joys is seeing how students take what they learn from my courses and create wholly independent styles that reflect their unique vision and talents. I believe that your creative voice and style will emerge in time, just as my aesthetic developed over time. Keep painting. Your original paintings are coming.

If you want to read more of my thoughts about this, head over to an essay I wrote titled What Is And Is Not Okay.

I have trouble viewing the videos in your ecourse/subscription/classroom.
I’m so sorry to hear you’re having trouble viewing the videos. I’ve got four troubleshooting tips for you:
  1. Please make sure you have uploaded the latest version of your browser.
  2. You may need to clear your browser’s cache. The cache (or temporary internet files) can be cleared in the following locations:
    Chrome Preferences –> Browsing data
    Safari Preferences –> Privacy Settings
    Firefox Tools –> Clear recent history
    Internet Explorer Tools –> Internet Options –> Browsing History
  3. You many need to switch browsers. All videos are built to be viewed on ALL browsers. With that said, we have had the best results with Safari and Firefox.
  4. Try restarting your computer.
Lastly, if you’re using wireless internet, see if you can connect your laptop directly to the router via an RJ45 connection cable. This cable gives you more dedicated bandwidth and you usually get a better/faster connection to watch the videos. Remember most videos are in High Definition, so they require a fast internet connection.
I hope one of these ideas help you! 
Where can I buy your products online?

If you’re looking for signed/matted archival prints, you can purchase those in my online shop. If you’re looking for my licensed products (gift, home decor, stationery, etc), I recommend visiting either Demdaco’s online store, or online retailer Garden Gallery.


How can I become a retailer of your licensed products?

Got a boutique or cool store? There are hundreds of products featuring my artwork available for wholesale order. To see the range of products and place your first order, head over here.


What shops in my area carry your products?

Because my products are licensed and manufactured by several companies, I don’t have that information.

If you are open to purchasing online, however, then you’ve got options! If you’re looking for signed/matted archival prints direct from my studio, you can purchase those in my online shop. If you’re looking for my licensed products (gift, home decor, stationery, etc), I recommend visiting either Demdaco’s online store, or online retailer Garden Gallery.

How can I place a wholesale order for your prints?

The matted/signed prints that I offer direct from my studio are not available for wholesale.  If you’d like to place a wholesale order for my licensed products for your retail store, head on over to my Retailers page. And, thank you!

I don’t see any original paintings for sale. When will you have more available and how much will they cost?

Periodically, I list new batches of paintings for sale in the shop. My paintings are only available to newsletter subscribers, so you can sign up for that at the bottom of this page. Prices for original paintings usually range from $100-$1000, depending on the size and complexities of the painting.

The quality of your matted prints is fantastic! Do you make them yourself or do you have them printed elsewhere?

Why, thank you! Using a professional Epson scanner and fancy printer, I print them myself. They are high quality, made using archival, fade-resistant inks on professional grade paper with a luster finish. Specifically, I use the Epson Perfection 4490 photo scanner and the Epson Stylus R3000 inkjet printer.

Do your prints come in larger sizes?

At this time, most of my signed prints come in either 8”×8” or 8”×10” only. However, please keep in mind that they arrive matted, signed, and ready to frame with a 11”×14” frame. My manifesto prints, however, do come in the larger 12”×18” size.

If you’re looking for my wall art canvas reproduction line, you can find a variety of sizes that range from 6”×6” to 18”×24”. Those are available at either Demdaco’s online store, or online retailer Garden Gallery.

Do you ship internationally?

Unfortunately, I do not ship internationally. I tried it once and decided to not continue, for these reasons:

  1. Prints were more likely to get damaged during longer shipping routes
  2.  International postage often costs far more than the print itself.

Thankfully though, our friends at Garden Gallery as well as the Demdaco online store,  ship Kelly Rae products all over the world. I hope you find what you’re looking for.

Studio & Home
I want to visit your studio/take you out for coffee, when are you free?

My studio is not open to the public, and as much as I would love to have a cup of tea with each and every member of this Possibilitarian tribe, it’s just not possible. Hello life as a full-time artist and mama! I hope you understand.


When I finally put paint onto paper, my heart + life exploded with renewed passion and joy.

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Because self-kindness changes everything.

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