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Feb 26, 2008 | Life in Progress

(a wooden fence heart. there are two. do you see them?)

in between a bit of stress and anxious dreaming, i am feeling so joyous these days. i just can’t help myself! maybe it’s the increase in activity (cardio + weight training) or the change in diet (think antioxidants and veggies) or my new + improved schedule (work hours and play hours)? whatever it is, it’s nice not having to try so hard. do you know what i mean? sometimes being happy is effortless and sometimes it’s work. lately, it’s been effortless, and for this i am very, very grateful. i am feeling the springing of friendship, love, inspiration, and wellness. and i’m loving the work (including building a new website. omg!) and planning new adventures.

just as many of you suggested i do, i’m learning to turn all of this alone time (while john is gone) into a space and place for growth. for the first time in a very long time, i feel a sense of newfound commitment when it comes to my day-to-day life. instead of haphazardly riding the wave of all of this without any real control (which = a ton of fun, but no structure which = little stability), i at least feel like i’m playing more of an active role in my everyday routine. this means i’m working out. going to physical therapy. taking breaks. reading books. eating well. watching my favorite tv shows (lost, american idol, what not to wear), writing letters, making art. it’s a total commitment to balance in a very real life way. some days are better than others, but i’m loving the habit of it now.

i know i’ve talked a lot about this. for me, my entire adult life was structured around a 9-5 dayjob until very recently. not having a job to center my routine around has been utterly confusing for me, and so i’ve struggled. but i think i’m getting it down. i’m fully sinking into this life where i can make my own hours and not feel guilty for sleeping in. finally, finally (!), i getting used to it and l.o.v.i.n.g. it, i must say.

Sending much love,

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  1. dfh
  2. amyrehnae

    Ever since I first found you (via your first Cloth Paper Scissors article) and read the amazing story of the last two years of your art/life on your website, and from visiting you here from time to time, right down to your love of the book “The Sound of Paper” (which is saving me right now)…and so much now with this post in particular…I feel as though I have somehow always known you, or that we were related in some past life, or, I don’t know…just connected in that odd way that seldom comes along (for me anyway!) I am still so new in all you talk about here…still struggling to find that balance in every area…and it is rather hit and miss! But knowing there is someone out there going through the same things and getting the hang of it helps so much! Thank you for your honesty, for being true to your talent, and well…for showing the rest of us that we are not alone in our myriad of “crazy-artist-lady” emotions, and that they can be tamed into serving us well!


    Hi Kelly, I have an award for you on my blog…thanks for all the inspiration !!

  4. Jennifer

    Hi Kelly, my recent purchase off your etsy site came today and I must say…it’s gorgeous! I’m so happy with it and can’t wait to frame it:) Thanks for bringing your beautiful art and words to us:)

  5. Carolyn

    Oooo I love “what not to wear!”
    Lord knows I need to go on it! LOL!

  6. patty craft

    hey there,

    rock on with the guilt-free living! Email me at work today, I got a sneak peek of something you’ll be interested to hear about 😉

    peace and love,

  7. Sue Smith

    Hi Kelly, I have visited your blog regularly for ages – it’s so inspirational. I love the way you share so openly about yourself and your creative life. Your artwork is so soulful, deep and heartfelt. I have presented you with the ‘You Make My Day’ award, because like I said, you’re an inspiration to me.

  8. katie

    kelly rae, i just found you on etsy, and your art almost jumped off the page to me. i totally impulsively bought two pieces that i just can’t wait to hold!!
    i feel like my dreams of becoming a photographer are opening up around me, but i have so much fear and hesitation… and hope. and there was something in your art that represented that and inspired me.
    thank you!!

  9. Patti G.

    I have a quick question about something on your etsy shop!
    Can you contact me?
    Thank you!

  10. Kat Candler

    i slept until 10am this morning. it’s been over 5 years or so since i’ve been so indulgent. and i didn’t feel one bit guilty. take that stupid day jobs!

  11. Katrina

    so glad to know you are sinking into your full-time studio life and finding a structure and schedule that works. very encouraging as i still struggle to find that balance in my studio and out of it! i think the previous post is right, “be patient with yourself”. and i still think about the phrase you used to describe this transition “self care”. LOVELY! enjoy this sunny day.

  12. pattie

    It took me quite some time to get into a “working” routine in my home studio…now, I just love getting my coffee and working here in my pj’s till noon!! LOL…then I get dressed do the mundane…and go back to the studio to “work” (which is really play!!) It will all come together!! Be patient with yourself…I do an affirmation page Monday thru Thursday and a reflection on Friday…It is empowering!
    Artfully Yours..

  13. Kasie @ ~The Art of Life~

    Yay! Good for you. I struggle with that balance too. You are an encouragement to me. 🙂

  14. Marilyn Rock

    Kelly! What a find! I subscribe to CPS and saw your article in the recent issue on the Collaged Affirmations! WOWSER! I am now working on my own affirmations to add to a collage I’m working on. Thank you for the inspiration. This is one of the most therapeutic art exercises I’ve come across. I bookmarked your Blog and hope I can link yours on mine? I plan on visiting yours often. I love your art!

  15. Debbi Baker

    Hi Kelly – I have to tell you that I just love your attitude as much as I love your blog! Anyway, I rarely comment here although I am a regular visitor but I have awarded you the “you make my day award” as you really do make mine! Thanks so much for being you!


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