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Mar 4, 2006 | Life in Progress

holy smokes. learning how to navigate around the new macintosh is going to be quite an endeavor. i’ve already spent hours and hours this evening trying to figure out how to do the simplest tasks. i’m looking forward to becoming a wiz on this thing, and i hope that’s soon!

alena’s editor loved the pieces i submitted for her book (Altered Art for Kids – working title) and have decided to publish all three pieces! how cool is that? again, i consider it a happy, happy accident. the book will be published by lark books and is due in stores May 2007. so cool.

john’s interview at the school in Oakland went really well. it’s one of the top programs in the country for nurse anesthesia, so it would be incredible if he gets accepted. and i think it would be kind of cool to live in berkeley for awhile. with all the happy news lately, i just have a really great feeling about this. we’re hopeful that we’ll know in the next several days.

in other good news, gina is due to have the baby any moment now. i keep waiting for the call. i’ve even been sleeping with my cell phone directly next to my pillow. in the meantime, i’m having all sorts of weird dreams about babies. it’s sort of freaking me out. i even had a dream that john got pregnant with our first child and i was worried about how he, a man, would receive prenatal care. like i said, the dreams are freaky.

besides learning macintosh language, i’m hoping to do some artmaking this weekend. oh, and thank you inspiremethursday.blogspot.com for selecting my self portrait to profile along with some other great entries. so fun. on a side note, i can’t figure out how to do links on this blog with the mac. it was easy on the PC. yikes!

Sending much love,

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  1. karen

    Call/email me with mac questions. You know I’ve been a total mac geek for years now, and I’m always happy to help convert others.

  2. Alexandra S

    yay! Another day of sun here in Portland today… Enjoy it while you can for we know those clouds are scratching to get back to us as quickly as they can! I’m just discovering your site today thanks to Laini and your comment on my site and I love it- your words AND your artwork. Beautiful. And congratulations to you on the book. I look forward to visiting you again regularly!


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