Has it been three weeks?

Apr 1, 2014 | Life in Progress

Things I'm #grateful for today: the sun is out, my hair is long enough for piggies (yes!), and I'm pretty much back together again after a week of being laid up. Also was able to unearth the mirror from a mound of boxes for #thewearyourjoyproject. Today I
It’s been a wild three weeks. 
Let me give you a quick update………
Friends, six days in and I'm having major compassion for anyone who suffers from chronic pain. Holy smokes, not fun. I am, however, grateful that this will pass, hopefully soon. Also grateful for friendly practitioners from both Western and Eastern philos
Right after we moved to our new digs, and precisely just as John was getting over a nasty virus and I was recovering from a wicked kinked neck, I somehow injured my hip region. Major pain. Pain med pain for about 6 days. I was out. Unable to move, extremely frustrated, and totally disappointed as I deeply wanted to dive into getting settled in the new place.
Interestingly, everyone kept telling me that big life transitions can flare up body pain in our hips. Who knew? I sort of love that our bodies are in tune in this way, but in this particular instance, I wished it was on a milder degree. It was intense. 
Luckily, I wound up in the hands of a very skilled acupuncturist who also did a full body adjustment once it became clear my hips were misaligned and likely creating pressure on a nerve, etc etc. Within 24 hours of seeing him, my pain was just about gone. And I felt as if I had a new lease on life. 
Wanted to thank you for all the well wishes these last many days. Yesterday I went to see a 2nd acupuncturist (after seeing my primary MD) who did needles, massage, and adjustment. Turns out my hips were in significant misalignment. Today I've had the bes
He has officially been added to my list of heros, and my compassion for those living with chronic pain has deepened. There’s just nothing worse than being unable to engage/participate in life without pain. Live in PDX and need an awesome healer? Andy Swanson from Urban Wellness is your guy. 
Thanks to those of you who sent out your love, good vibes, energy, prayers and light during that particular week on Facebook and Insta! 
All is well now, and I’m just really grateful to be through it. 
Came to work today at #soulshinestudio and was surprised by our new door art. I wonder who did it @rarebyrdamy ???? #love #thankyou
#artday at #soulshinestudio is about to begin. Hello deadlines. I means #alivelines.

As soon as I recovered, I was deep into art deadlines alivelines over at Soul Shine Studio for new upcoming product releases. Made several new paintings and I just so loved the time to create.

Layers are a beautiful thing. #letartoutletlovein #lovemyjob

Current scene. It's like therapy. Nothing nourishes more than making art. #lovemyjob #grateful

I’ll share the new paintings soon! I relished the time in my studio during this particular week. The solitude, the quite, the creative expression. It was another healer for me. The majority of our house was in boxes (still is!), chaos at every turn (so hard!), so the creative time was incredibly calming to my nerves. Which, let’s be honest, have been 100% over-stimulated! I’m finding lately that I can barely tolerate any music. I’m craving total silence when I’m alone. 

I asked my dad to try making a star out of reclaimed wood (he's been making lots of alpha letters from the wood too) but this star takes the cake. LOVE! I think I'll put it over our bed. I'm in love! #howcuteisthis?

Speaking of creativity, how cute is this? I asked my dad if he could make a star from reclaimed wood (he’s been making X’s & O’s from the wood, and they’re so cute too!), and this is what he came up with. Gasp! He and my mom are on a roll, and have their Etsy shop busy as bees with reclaimed stars, birds, and letters. Had to share.

Good morning Monday. Thanks for the well wishes, friends. Woke up today with my neck in much better shape. Still sore but gonna take it easy while slowly going through. #takingiteasy #slowandsteady #movingisnojoke

So, yes, back to the house. So. Much. To. Do. For those of you following me on social media, you know we just started to make a bit of progress and we’re just now starting to settle in and decorate, which makes my soul so very happy (the joy that comes with decorating has been so welcomed!). John and I have been talking a lot lately about all the ways that our soul work arrives. For us, for me, living in transition these last many weeks with quite slow progress when every ounce of me has wanted to get er’ done as fast as possible (without sickness and work and life getting in the way), has been quite a learning experience. We teach what we most need to learn, they say. For me, the themes of embracing change, surrendering, and trusting the process have been my companions. I am all in. Hello, lessons.

The more I’m in our new space, the deeper I fall in love. I love this house, our new hood, our neighbors (one of which, it turns out, is a dear friend of a dear friend of mine who lives in California – SMALL world!). Something tells me we’re going to love it here. Already do.

More soon!

Sending much love,

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