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Jun 18, 2012 | Life in Progress

Found during our morning walk. A message from the universe for me and you.
Bumper sticker found during a walk with True

I wanted to be Cindy Lauper, Punky Brewster, and Madonna in the 80s when I was 8, 9, 10, 11 years old. Today I realize the common denominator: all women, creative pioneers, individualists, and inspirationalists. This is who I wanted to be and this is who I’m still weaving through my life, today. I wanted to be creative, and I wanted to make a difference. And I wanted to dress with sass. I am so inspired by this reminder to remember who we wanted to be.

photo of me by viv mcmaster
Photo of me by Viv Mcmaster

Inspired by a day I shared with the mega talented Vivienne McMaster. I’ve been a huge fan of her work for a long, long time. She sees things in such vibrant, quirky ways. Love, love. I especially love this post. I think she is brilliant. Here’s a peek at a few more shots that she took during our day (she made me look so lovely!)

An old shed is being converted into a clubhouse for True at grandparents backyard. Lucky kid!!!
I am inspired that my parents would have a vision for an old shed in their backyard as a clubhouse for True and his little buddies. How crazy cute is this? INPSIRED! When it’s all done, I’ll share before and after shots….

On our way to paddle boarding.
I’m inspired by John and his obsession with paddle boarding. I went with him last week for a little adventure to one of Portland’s lakes. So serene. Awesome workout. Inspired.

Heart found in morning walk. Love this one.

Petal heart. Found in a walk with True this morning.

I’m inspired by all the hearts that have been popping up in my world. There’s been a ton of synchrociities happening around here and I know it has something to do with these hearts. It must. I made this page recently to round em up in a collection. LOVE.

Best simple purchase ever! Laptop holder with mouse tray. Who knew? Thanks, Logitech!

This simple gadget has changed my life (and is helping keep trackpad arthritis at bay). Love it and cannot believe I’ve waited this long to get one.

Clearing out our fridge for 21 day whole food cleanse.
We cleaned out our kitchen in preparation for a 21 day cleanse. We are on day 7 and we already feel major benefits. More on this soon, but definitely inspired by wellness and lifestyle changes.

Other inspirations that have caught my eye lately:

She and all her creativity just moved to Portland. How lucky am I? I gonna try and convince her to be my friend. Oh yes, yes I am.

Her book just released and I’m waiting for it to arrive. I went to college with Alena and she was a HUGE inspiration to me many years ago when I began to jump into creative biz. She was one of the people who helped answer my million questions. I studied her website, how she did things, how she packaged her stuff. She shared all that practical information with me (so generously) and she inspired me on the creative front, too, and even asked me if I would contribute a couple of projects to her first book (which I did, in 2006 when I was a major newbie to creative life). Old friends…and it’s been so fun to watch her move along in her creativity and crazy awesome success all of these years. GO ALENA!

I love and admire her. Here is one of the many reasons why.

Sending much love,

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  1. Anonymous

    Love the cute shoes with the buckle! Where does one find such cute shoes?? Thanks!

  2. Anonymous

    Great post.

  3. alena henenssy

    Awe! Such a sweet post. I hope you like it and can't wait to see what you think. I love the full circle of things!


  4. sparklejenna

    Excited to hear about the cleanse – been thinking of trying one myself! Also love the pics by Vivienne, very lovely!

  5. Russty

    I love that your parents are creating a fun inspired place for True at their house. Such a thoughtful and lovely thing to do.

    And you and Jessica are so cute! You guys could be such a powerhouse of artistic goodness! I hope you have many years of fun and friendship together. <3

  6. Barb Markway

    So many great links to follow. I love all your heart pictures!

  7. Angie Richmond

    Great piece! It's amazing how inspiration is all around us. We just need to be paying attention 🙂

  8. jessica swift

    Yes! I was planning to make you be my friend, too, so this will work out perfectly. 🙂


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