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Jul 15, 2010 | Home + Studio Tours

i love that you guys have been asking for house reno photos. the last photo update was three weeks ago. you can see that update here.

a lot has happened since three weeks ago. we’ve got trim, doorway casings, baseboards, crown molding, some paint on the walls, and major basement remodel is coming along! oh yes, and the floors have been sanded and coated and they are GORGEOUS but you can’t see as they’re all covered up in these photos.
here’s a quickie tour of the living room showing progression:

we love the yellow and the brick! we knocked down an old furnace chimney when we bought the place and used those bricks here. they’ll be painted white soon and our new mantle is being built now! the windows by the fireplace are yucky painted frosted textured windows (yep!) so those are coming out and being replaced soon too! but what i love about the main area rooms right now is all the new trim, baseboards and doorway casings. they’ve been created to look period to the house (1911) and it’s awesome. you can see a peek into the dining room here with the blue paint on the walls!

here’s a quickie basement progression tour:
i can’t even begin to explain the work that has gone into the basement. we’ve recovered major square footage down here by excavating about half of what used to be a huge crawl space of nasty dirt and yuck. this just shows one side of the basement! it’s huge down here and i’m so glad we decided to do all the work to make it water tight (quite a feat in portland – it was a major deal to get this basement dry) and livable. the windows are big and let in lots of light. this area is totally adding to the bungalow’s overall living space (so excited!). the stairs to the basement are situated perfectly to the overall flow of the house. got lucky on that one.

here’s the other half of the basement in progression so far:

pretty crazy, no? the two sides have large entry ways into each other so that the entire basement is wide open and circular. it’s going to be awesome. i love all the light and ceilings are high (7 feet). so that’s the basement. lots of work to do down here still. but it will come together.
this is the current state of affairs up in the attic (master bed/bath):
you can see the attic progression in that last home tour i gave you. but it’s suffice to say that we’re working hard on this master suite – closets, built-ins, doors, stair rails, etc. lots to do!
i can hardly wait to show you the kitchen and bedroom updates. more soon! we are moving into this house in TWO 1/2 WEEKS. yes, yes, you heard me right. please send MAJOR good juju. we and our team are working like crazy people to get it all done in time. i am seriously thankful for all the folks who are putting in the hard work – there are so many workers to thank.
it’s been a crazy 10 weeks of this renovation. we have been on a big journey (emotional, physical, spiritual) through every bit of it, but we’re in that celebration phase of fun detail work of design, paint colors, lighting choices, and fun stuff like that!
heading out for a weekend on the coast with some friends. i’m going to soak up every ounce of love, hugs, energy, and community.
kelly rae

Sending much love,

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