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Jun 21, 2006 | Life in Progress

today, i turned 31 years old, and let me just say that i feel so loved with all the phone calls, messages, cards, and packages from my friends and family. it means the world to a girl who is in the throws of full-on chaos with moving details. today was a much needed retreat from the tangles and stress of the past few days, and my heart was lifted and freed with each and every phone call and message received today. i am incredibly blessed.

last year, when i turned 30, i instictively knew big things were on their way for my 30th year. and i was right. this past year has been life changing for me in the very best ways possible. so much has happened, so much growth.

my 30th year will forever be defined as the year i discovered my art. and i can’t tell you how much that led to the discovery of myself. finally, it has all fallen into place. those hopes and dreams that were once undiscovered, unknown, and tucked away in the corners of my heart, have found themselves revealed, and brightly exposed and running with ideas and songs of freedom. it’s been huge for me. huge. and it’s all just really begun. how cool is that?

here are just some of my favorite highlights from my 30th year:

here i am on my 30th bday, with soul sisters gina and lisa. i had such hopes for my 30th year on this very day. we were chowing down on a good italian meal. john had just given me that gorgeous necklace moments before. he has the best taste and that necklace remains one of my favorites.

i ran this half marathon last summer with my friends jessica, roxanna, david, and john. it was, and still is, one of my greatest achievements. having never been a runner, training for this event was an awakening for me. it was the first time i had ever stuck to any physical training in my life. in many ways i believe the running led me to my art. and i made a wonderful and lifelong friend in jessica, my running partner.

our trip to kauai last summer was one of the best vacation we’ve ever taken. we traded in our usual travel habits of roadtripping, camping, backpacking and lived it up in a condo on the beach, swam with gigantic sea turtles, hiked the napali coast, and lounged like never before.

oh yes. the nyc trip with the girls. that was a wild, wild trip. i will never forget it. it was emotional, crazy, and fun. i love each one of these girls so, so much. they are all hilarious, intelligent, creative geniuses.

some very humbling art beginnings. i started making stuff around the holidays, mainly scrapbooky style, then started experimenting with faces and girls in february. i’ve come a long way, but my beginnings, which are still so recent, are special to me. for me, each piece represents another step in the journey.

and then there was ArtFest 2006, my first ever art retreat. another huge thing for me. i was on a high for several weeks following this experience, and thankfully, liz was there, too. together, we savored every moment and discovered an entire world of people that felt like home. i wish i had more pics of ArtFest. i encourage everyone i know who is interested in mixed media art to go. you will never, ever, ever regret it.

there were several trips to the coast. oh how i will miss the oregon coast.

and finally, the next adventure awaits us…we’ll be there soon!

Sending much love,

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  1. melanie

    happy belated birthday from a fellow gemini who also just turned 31… best wishes for a year full of many blessings and much joy!

  2. Alexandra S

    Happy Belated Birthday Kelly!! It seems very clear this next year and chapter of your life is going to be extraordinary and I hope you had a beautiful, wonderful birthday!

  3. Yolanda

    Happy Birthday Kelly and I hope you enjoy your new life in Cali. I know how you will miss the Oregon Coast. I Love it too.

  4. liz elayne

    happy happy birthday, belated though it may be.
    i love the way you have looked over this past year with such understanding and appreciation.
    so many new adventures.

    can’t wait to see you soon!!!

  5. megg

    wow! happy happy happy birthday!!! what a year you have had – i hope that this years is even better!!!!

  6. tiffinix

    What a gorgeous post! Happy Birthday – it was so nice to have a window into your year. Such a fabulous idea and just fantastic and inspiring your year has been!! Buon Compleanno!! Xo

  7. karen

    What a nice retrospective of your last year! You’re going to be writing and illustrating your own books soon enough. I can feel it.
    Hope you had a wonderful day! We’ll have to pick up our conversation where we left off later in the week!

  8. Gwen Delmore

    Happy Birthday Kelly! Wonderful to read about your 30th year, and truly amazing to see the progression in your art!!

    continue to have a wonderful day!
    Gwen (from rm. 39 at ArtFest)

  9. Cate

    Happy birthday, Kelly! It was wonderful reading about your discoveries and adventures during the past year–may “31” be everything you hope it will be!


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