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Mar 14, 2008 | Life in Progress

(several works in the very beginning stages a few days ago. they’re all in various stages now)
(currently in a middle phase with this long skinny one. notice the sunkist can – totally addicted these days)

the oomph has returned a bit after turning on the music and spending some hours in the studio. it always happens this way. as with anything that is really good for my nourishment, i resist. and then when i do it (paint, eat well, exercise, communicate), i wonder why i feel so good and refreshed. why is it that we procrastinate doing the very thing(s) our soul needs?

my friend karen arrives today from brooklyn for a few days. we’ll be exploring and taking photos…and catching up. we’ve known one another since the 7th grade and i’m so proud we’re still pals. i still have several friends from the 7th grade. i like to hold on to my friends. once you’ve got me, you’ve got me. not in a stalkerish way, but you know what i mean.

more soon…..

Sending much love,

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  1. carolyne

    Hi Kelly,

    have been a stalker of your blog for a long time but just had to jump in and tell you how much your work takes me breath away. i find myself just glancing over your paintings for many minutes/hour and it was great to see a little glimpse on how you work your paintings. love your work – i hope your art makes it this way (australia)..hugs.

  2. Lisa

    I think it’s quite amazing to get a glimpse of what these wonderful characters look like as they are in the procress of being brought to life by your brushes.

    Your talent is such a pleasure to browse and your paintings have such personality that really shines through.

  3. cheeky

    glad you got your oomph on.
    thanks for writing the words that have so gently reminded me.
    “why is it that we procrastinate doing the very thing(s) our soul needs?”
    good question and why? i’m asking myself? when i also know i feel better doing rather than thinking about it.
    you are a sweet breath of inspiration.
    i love how you view friendship. i met my bff in the 7th grade. we’ll forever be connected and it’s pure bliss to have those friendships.
    have a sparkly time with your friend.

  4. Deborah Truesdell


    I like seeing the works in progress and I am also loving the long pieces. By the way, I spy Stephanie’s book in the background and am loving the art she has shared with us in there. Have you made anything from her book as yet?
    I’m thinking it may hold a fun project to do with your friend this weekend!

  5. justagirl

    Like everyone else said, it is really cool to see your in between phase. That is a part I struggle with, thinking it might not turn out right. But it usually does…
    Do you ever worry that you will wake up in the morning and have lost the creative bits of yourself?
    Hope you had a good weekend.

  6. Alex S

    This is so fantastic to see your works in progress Kelly! Once you are back in Portland I am going to peek inside your studio windows to see all the beautiful new creations. Keep painting away and have a wonderful weekend!

  7. Forever Young

    do u ever do asian faces?
    would love one of your pieces for my daughter’s room.


    thanks for showing the process….it is wonderful to see….and glad that the OOMPH is back !! Have a great time with your gal pal….one of my best friends I have known since the 6th grade when we were inseparable…we make a point to get together once a year….adding her two boys to my three…it’s quite a lively group !! Have fun !!

  9. Jennifer/The Word Cellar

    What a wonderful peak into how you make art. Just a small glimpse, but so intriguing!

  10. Liz

    so cool to see your work in progress, the blank faces waiting for expression, so to speak…

  11. melly~

    love seeing your art at different stages! it’s so fun for me, as a paper crafter, to recognize different paper lines in your work.
    glad to see your mojo has returned. and thanks for sharing.

  12. Bikky

    What beautiful art you make! Love the paintings!

    Wishing you and your friend, Karen, a wonderful time together. Longterm friends are always nice to have. I have one from grade one who lives in the same city as I do now. We have been friends for over 25 years now and it is always nice to have someone who knows you – really knows who you are and where you came from. Hope you two have a great time catching up on life and love!

  13. Lina

    OOoooh…so excited to see all the lovely work!

  14. kelly

    wow….good girl, keep it up. you have inspired me to get away from design and start making time to paint again! too many design jobs – i need to PAINT!

    i am looking at my kellyrae original an smiling.


  15. Jennifer Valentine

    I am really likin’ the long painting…have fun this weekend!

  16. Lisa

    I’m intrigued by the in-progress paintings sans facial features. I kind of like them this way. I’m not sure what message I’m getting from the faceless beauties surrounded by details, but it’s interesting. Your art is lovely!


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