isn’t it funny?

Aug 11, 2006 | Life in Progress

isn’t it funny how a photograph really just documents a second in one’s life? they can be a bit sneaky, can’t they? they can make one’s life seem rather happy and fulfilled because they usually show smiles, seemingly happy family & friends, adventures. but really, it’s just a moment. and the other non-documented moments surrounding the photo moment? well, those are real life moments. the good stuff. the muck. the laughs. the best part. all this has me feeling funny. because you would never know from the photos below, documenting the last couple of days (or split second moments) of our life, that i was quite ill with a sinus infection, incredibly car sick from the winding coastal roads, barely able to keep myself afloat. it wasn’t until this morning that i was feeling better! and thank goodness for that. and speaking of funny, isn’t it funny how much we appreciate our health when we have a tad experience of feeling under the weather? whenever i don’t feel well, which thank goodness isn’t often, i start bargaining. “oh please. I’ll eat more veggies. i’ll start taking naps. i’ll exercise more. please. just make me better.” enough of some funnies. well, there are more below..

this is john carrying bella because she kept getting those pesky stickers in her paws. i love this photo.
i love this photo, too. i look all smiles, though really i was feeling in a daze.
this is our view of the sunset from our campsite. how cool is that?
nice little beach just south of mendocino
engaged. john and ali masters. so cute. and happy.

Sending much love,

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  1. matt

    Ali’s Man-friend is H.O.T!

  2. Laini Taylor

    You guys are so cute and the pictures are beautiful. I guess California isn’t so bad!

  3. J.Valentine

    I love seeing you smile…it reminds me of when you were little and…(far away look…)
    Anyway, I hope you are feeling better. It looks like it was a beautiful trip. Be well!

  4. Amber

    How beautiful and cool it looks there! I love that area. One year we ditched the family, and just took our baby boy, and had Thanksgiving there on the beach. It was so so great. *sigh*. We wanted to buy a Pizza Parlor that was for sale, and move our life to the ocean town. Then we remembered we didn’t have money to buy a business. Ha! Nice dream, though. πŸ˜‰


  5. Mab - Art and Design

    How wonderful to be in such a lovely place with the man you love and your lovely dog. You’re right.. photos only catch moments, and show sometimes how life really isn’t, especially when you’re feeling poorly. But those moments on film are reflective of the bigger picture and from what I see, it’s filled with lots of love and cherishment. I do hope you feel better and you all enjoy the rest of your break. x

  6. liz elayne

    i hope you are feeling better my friend. gorgeous photos. i want to literally step inside the sunset photo. and just snuggle in for a few days.


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