mondo beyondo – part two

Jan 11, 2008 | Life in Progress

in part two, andrea asks us to write our intentions for 08 – things we’d like to have more of in our life, things we want to attract. like andrea, i’m not a resolution girl anymore, but i think it’s important to put our wishes and intentions out into the world. the energy is contagious and the mindfulness of intent is very powerful.

my honest, heartful intentions for this next year of my life are:

to make a focused effort to set boundaries with working hours so that i can invite more playful hours into my everyday life. this means creating a schedule or some sort of routine that is not only realistic but also including of daily self-care and nourishment. this is my biggest intention in 08.

to focus more on romance and time for the two of us. always an intention i want to remember and continue.

to ride my trusted green bike a little bit more, not to run errands, but just because. for fun. and kickboxing for fun, too. and maybe even a few more veggies for fun, too.

to write more letters and send more gifts and say how i feel about the people i love and adore in my life – to say these things out-loud and not just in email or in a letter. and to have more friend dates as a regularly scheduled part of my week.

now for the big guns…the mondo beyondo list – “the things you are wanting to manifest that are almost too scary to even write down? The ones that elicit a gremlin response of “You can’t have that!” or “Who are you to ask for that?” or “Fat chance. That will never happen. You’re not a good enough….(fill in the blank)”” as andrea describes. i think i’m pretty good at being vulnerable and putting myself out there even when i worry about appearing crazy, dreamy, depressed, inspired, over the top, but here it goes….my very first mondo beyondo list:

to have a successful book release this fall – for people to respond to it in ways that will keep me beaming with pride. this is a huge mondo beyondo dream. huge.
to travel to italy with john after he graduates and spend several weeks driving a rented vw bus all around europe, camping, exploring, drinking wine, living it up.
to embrace the idea of perhaps teaching a workshop or two in far away places.
to finally move back home to portland oregon (after the europe travels) and buy a modest but cute house that’s already been fully refurbished with all its original early 1900 charm. it would include a spacious studio space upstairs in a converted attic space with eyebrow windows and lots of light. it would be move-in ready and in our price-range…a mondo beyondo dream, for sure.
and finally, to remain inspired, in check, in balance, in gratitude, and in love.

Sending much love,

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  1. Alex aka Gypsy Girl

    What an inspiring list! I have no doubt I’ll watch it unfold here 🙂

  2. pERiWinKle

    What yummie-ness….
    I’ve read a few lists these past few days…and with a few…like with yours…got the feeling that it will be easy to fulfill them…if you just do it! but then again…my list will look simple and easy to others…but within quite challenging…?

    kelly rae…your enthusiasm…your beautiful heart and spirit…they will lead these dreams…until you reach them!


  3. Dream Keyper

    What a wonderful and heartfelt list of wishes and dreams for 2008. I am a huge fan and will buy your book when it comes out! Happy New Year! Suzy

  4. Pattie

    To be open..and honest and listen to my hearts song
    Mondo beyondo: To be published more.
    to be able to travel
    To be calmer!

    I love this post…thank you for reminding me to make a list..this is going to be great fun to do this weekend!

  5. Gwen

    Wonderful mondo-beyondo list, I am so inspired by you, and I will show you how inspired later this month.

    I am sure that it will all open up for you, because you are so open to everything happening for you!


  6. Ladyv

    beautiful mondo beyondo-ness! i hope and believe it will all come true for you!

  7. lisa si


    whew~ 2007 was amazing and your mondo beyondo vision for 2008 is wonderful! My heart leaps with joy and support for you my friend!

  8. liz elayne

    such a yummy list…i so look forward to seeing all that 2008 unfolds in your life…

    you inspire me my friend…

  9. Kirsten Michelle

    this is such a rich and beautiful list you’ve welcomed into your heart and sent forth out into the universe.
    i look forward to reading along as you manifest them all 😉
    happy friday, my lovely!


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