Weekly Update – Disney Adventure, Soul Sisters, and “Perfect” Timing

Jan 9, 2015 | Life in Progress

I’m obsessed with Instagram – it’s my favorite online home! Here’s a recap of my week, and for those of you who aren’t on Instagram, come and join me! A lot of updates this week – dispatches from the happiest place on earth, photos sent to me from DEMDACO and their showrooms featuring new new new products, and some wishes for you (yes you!). Check it out!


We are on our way to a little family adventure to California. Disney, warmth, sunshine. Good for the family soul. #pdxcarpet @pdxcarpet
#thehappiestplaceonearth #wearehere
So far: tiger face painting, giant lollipop, tiki room, tarzan’s
treehouse, castle tour, and a performance with a band and all the
characters. Interesting tidbit: True paid little attention to Mickey
& Co but paid intense focused attention on the band instead. Later:
swimming, teacups, and more. Love watching him light up here. #singingtrue
 All lit up here. I like it. Also, managed to sneak in a massage while my family napped and before we headed back in for rides. #selfcareonfamilyvacationsisamust #amirightoramiright?Monday

You guys! This is part of my display in the @demdaco showroom at the #Atlantamart
which is happening this week. The sail is made out of my scarves. How
gorgeous is this? This is the first year in many that I won’t be at the
show, and I’m so thankful for friends who send photos like these! Thank
you Demdaco. As always, the displays are gorgeous! Retailers, if you’re
in Atlanta this week, please stop by and check out all the new KRR
goodies! Xxo #lovemyjob #kellyraeroberts I’ll share more photos of new products once I get home from our CA family vacay.

You should have seen him with Anna & Elsa. He told them all about
seeing the other characters, how he’d come back again in his astronaut
outfit and help paint their fingernails hot pink like his. It was
princesses all day today and fun in the water. And a Disney Jr. Show
which he LOVED. This kid knows how to enJOY himself. Awesome to witness.
#joy #trueelioorlando


Adding this one to the found hearts collection. Found while watching #trueelioorlando play in the water at CA adventure land.

Not the best photo but so glad I was able to capture this evening. We
sat there for four hours talking about the stuff that matters. Life.
Death. Spirit world. Transitions. Motherhood. Courage. Grief.
Friendship. These girls are a part of my soul sister tribe and it felt
like breath to spend precious time together inside a few hours of in
person fellowship. #grateful #avacationhighlight @myriamjoseph @traceyclark

Received another photo of one of my displays in the @demdaco showroom at the #Atlantamart.
This one captures a bit of my garden collection (my partnership with
Demdaco includes gift, fashion, holiday, and our newest is garden!). I
adore this collection that includes garden fairies, statues, signs,
wooden art, vases, planters, wind chimes, plant stakes, and more.
Retailers, head to the Demdaco showrooms this month at the trade shows
to see more. Customers and friends, keep a look out for this collection
in stores nationwide! And to Chad and Cory who designed these showroom
scenes, thank you!!!! #proud #lovemyjob #kellyraeroberts

Double tap if you agree! #followyourmagic #whatiscallingyou




This #oldiebutgoodie
painting of mine pairs perfectly with the quote I posted yesterday. Had
to share. More than anything I believe in asking this question, really
leaning in for the answer, and then taking small steps toward the life
that is beckoning. Also, today we’re heading to part two of our CA
family vacay (Santa Monica!) and there is something about traveling that
brings a lovely perspective and energy about considering such questions
and then going home and starting anew. #love #whatiscallingyou #kellyraeroberts #mixedmediapainting

Goodbye DisneyLand. You were indeed magical and you were even kinda chill considering the masses of people. I loved watching #trueelioorlando light up. So much #joy. Raise your hand if you love Disney! emoji

Doodling while the boys watch soccer. #creativeplay

Whoa. Arrived in Santa Monica and the sunset greeted us with awesome. #nofilter Took a few minutes to take it in. #grateful #sunsetsaremiracles

Just heard about France. So much heartbreaking news all around the
world. I’m gonna close my eyes and imagine radiating love out into the
world. This is what I do, what makes me feel the tiniest bit better,
like I’m doing my small part to help raise the vibration. I believe in
prayer, lifting up our energies, and radiating our hearts, comfort, and
love to wherever there is suffering. I know you’re radiating too. emoji #prayersfortheworld #radiatelove


A couple of not so great things happened today on our CA vacay. I got
super sick (feels like bronchitis) and yesterday John threw out his
back. We did, however, manage to sneak in an outing and my spirit lifted
when I spotted this cloud heart in the sky. #love #messsages #signs

And this. So much joy for nothing but a carousel ride and an ice cream cone. I love how he loves the little things. #kidsareourteachers #trueelioorlando

Sorry for the flood of pics. Feeling a bit better and wanting to share a few things before they become #latergrams.
Earlier I ordered room service for some good ol fashioned chicken
noodle soup and another heart appeared. This time a celery heart. #grateful #littlethings #love

Last photo! @demdaco texted this window display of some of my holiday products from the #Atlantamart
showroom. That’s a wooden slated tree in the middle that reads “may
your heart be filled with peace and grace” and it’s one of my favorite
things we’ve ever made. Also, there’s a star in there as well.
Retailers, check out the Demdaco and Sylvestri showrooms this month. #goodstuff #newreleases #proud


Another photo from the @demdaco showroom of some of my wall art. The wall art is the heart and soul of my collection with demdaco. It debuted at the #Atlantamart
in January 2009 and continues to be a best seller and anchor everything
we do! The big pieces on the left are large manifestos. #lovemyjob #proud

More wall art in the @demdaco showroom at the #Atlantamart.
Can’t believe this journey started for me six years ago. I have learned
so much about licensing, how to stay in my truth, how to grow as an
artist, biz woman, and so much more. #grateful

That’s it for this week! Check back here next week for another update, OR join us over on Instagram for daily photos and thoughts!

Kelly Rae

Sending much love,

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