My Joyous Team

It takes a village.

This site is now 10 years old (a decade!) but even from the very beginning, it’s never been a solo journey. So many kind and incredibly talented hearts have contributed their gifts along the way. This page celebrates my gratitude and love for them.

Nichole Poinski - Community Care & Engagement Manager

Betsy Cordes

Brand Manager

Nichole Poinski - Community Care & Engagement Manager

Nichole Poinski

Community Care & Engagement Manager

Betsy and Nichole are my big picture dream holders. They manage every project, lovingly support customers, and help me keep the vision of a business built on art + soul alive.

Other members of my joyous team include:

Jo Klima Web Design

Jo Klima

Web Design

Tim Jones Development

Tim Jones


Zipporah Lomax Photographer

Zipporah Lomax


Susan Roderick Videographer

Susan Roderick


Annika Martins Copywriting

Annika Martins


Amy Thackery General Graphic Design

Amy Thackery

General Graphic Design

Mom and Dad

My Mom & Dad

Jamie Teasdale Website Strategy

My husband John, and our son, True

Jamie Teasdale Website Strategy


Get to know my Joyous Team better with this short and sweet Q&A I did with them.

The Question: In the past week, what’s been your biggest joy?
And what’s been the smallest?

Nichole Poinski - Community Care & Engagement Manager

Betsy Cordes: Business Manager
My son, Henry, just graduated from college! In the four short years he’s been away, he’s blossomed into someone I’m not only wildly proud of, but also just really love hanging out with.

On a much simpler note, I’m loving snuggles with my dachshund, Daphne.

Nichole Poinski - Community Care & Engagement Manager

Nichole Poinski: Community Care & Engagement Manager
My biggest joy was a night I spent in with myself. I made myself a huge dinner, baked butterscotch cookies and read the latest issue of Bust magazine! It’s been really sweet falling back in love with myself.

The smallest joy is that my roommate and I purchased two tickets to the upcoming Oregon Symphony show! We’re so excited for a fancy night out!

Jo Klima Web Design

Jo Klima: Web Designer
My biggest joy was standing in the snow at Yosemite, just blown away by the beauty all around me. The fresh crisp air, the stillness, the mountains towering above the valley and waterfalls frozen into incredible formations. It was pure joy to be there.

Upon returning home to Australia, I loved being greeted by the sounds of the crickets chirping outside, as they do on our balmy summer nights.

Tim Jones Development - Astir Agency

Tim Jones: Web Developer
My 6 year old daughter finally was able to bike up a hill near our house for the first time, and then learned to pedal while standing up less than five minutes later. She was beaming with pride.


Zipporah Lomax Photographer

Zipporah Lomax: Photographer
My biggest joy has been taking the time to organize my life – to sort and sift through every box in every closet, keeping only the most necessary and deeply sentimental. The spaciousness I now feel is immeasurably valuable.

My smallest joy has been waking to the sound of gentle rain, knowing I’d soon find magical raindrops resting upon every surface, just waiting to be photographed. <3

Susan Roderick Videographer

Susan Roderick: Videographer
My biggest joy in the past week? Receiving a new book from a friend who randomly (or not so randomly at all) gives me the exact book that I need at the exact time I need it.

I also had a birthday this past week and I enjoy them because life just seems to get better and better every year!

Annika Martins Copywriting

Annika Martins: Copywriter
My biggest joy was watching my pup (he’s 6, but forever a pup in my eyes) run for the first time after major surgery. Furry healing for the win!

My smallest joy came from admiring my fingernails. I love these things.

Amy Thackery General Graphic Design

Amy Thackery: Graphic Designer
My biggest joy has been the excitement of falling in love again. The best part is that the person I’m talking about is ME! I’m nurturing the conversations I have with myself to be gentle and positive (nixing the gremlins).

My smallest joy… Red lipstick. Literally, I have found the perfect shade of red (very seductive and cherry at the same time) lipstick. It makes me feel confident and joyful.

Carol + Greggie: Studio Parents

Mom: My biggest joy has been coming together with all of my large extended family in New Jersey to celebrate my mom’s life. 

I’ve also enjoyed watching the wonderment of my five year old grandson’s first trip to NYC. He loved the Empire State Building + ice skating at Rockefeller Center.

Greggie: My biggest joy this last week was going to NYC for the first time and watching my grandson climb the rocks at Central Park.

My smallest joy has been eating two donut holes in Philadelphia.

Papa John: Kelly Rae’s husband

Biggest joy…traveling with you [Kelly Rae] for a long weekend away, just the two of us. Ahhhhhhhh.

Smallest joy… snuggling on the couch with True and Lulu, though this particular joy also feels pretty huge.

True: Kelly Rae’s 5 year old son

My biggest joy has been visiting family. I just had such a good time, especially with my Mimi and Grandpa. I also dressed laser sharp for the funeral. I loooovvveed the funeral. Did you know that funerals are also celebrations? 

My smallest joy was ice skating at Rockefeller Center. Yeah. That’s about it. Well, actually it wasn’t my smallest joy, it was my medium joy. I don’t really have a smallest joy this week, just medium big ones. 

Kelly Rae (me): 

My biggest joy this last week has been reuniting with my extended family to celebrate the life of my Grandma. It had been many years since I had seen many members of my family (Uncles! Aunts! Cousins! Great Aunts!) and it very much felt like returning home.

My smallest joy, though it feels huge, was watching my son True revel in all the love and silliness and attention that comes with hanging out with a big family. 

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