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Jun 5, 2012 | Life in Progress

I finally wrote my very own manifesto…..

I believe:

That telling the truth about your beautifully messy and magnificently complicated life is a transformative gift. For yourself. And for anyone who’s listening.

That creativity reveals, saves, and inspires.


That beauty is mandatory.

That when all else fails, love always wins.

boots walking dreamy

That every girl should own one pair of red shoes and one pair of spectacular cowgirl boots. And lots and lots of skirts.

That nothing is wasted, and that everything shapes us.

That kindness changes everything. LIke in a break-your-heart joyful way.

That what we’re doing matters, and that we are 100% enough (as is).

gift to this world

That when we play big, we give others permission to do the same.

That we get to make the rules, that we get to choose, that we get to craft the exact life that has been waiting for us.


That spontaneous dance parties in the living room are an absolute must.

That beginnings are beautiful. Middles & endings, too.


I believe:

In the pursuit of being awakened. What makes you come alive?

Curious if my fellow possibilitarians out there have manifestos? What do they say?
(comments open)

Sending much love,

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  1. UlaSuperConnector

    Dear Kelly Rae Roberts

    I remember hearing about you the first time a few years ago, at one of the Brené Brown’s interviews, when she was talking about setting boundaries and… your manifesto. Today, whilst I am preparing for a talk about my own journey of ‘braving the wilderness’, and listening to Brené’s work, I finally managed to catch your name, and… have been exploring YOUR creative work instead! 🙂

    … and can only say that… already fell in love with it, and will be spreading the word about it!

    Kelly… THANK YOU for pursuing your dream, and giving us a chance to be part of your fascinating journey. It is a real privilege.

    Forever grateful,

  2. Staci Shuck

    Powerful. Awesome. Inspiring. Thank you!

  3. Holly

    Kelly Rae, as always, I am so inspired by your work and your words. I love this manifesto idea! Thank you for sharing yourself so beautifully.

  4. Tricia Philp


  5. Lindy

    I love your manifesto, Kelly Rae, and all the other soulful comments… what an incredibly inspiring read. I do not (yet) have a manifesto… however I do have a theme year and my word for the year… this year's word: SOAR


  6. Jennifer Valentine

    You. Are. Beautiful.
    In so many wonderful ways.
    You inspire me.
    Your propel me ever forward.
    Tomorrow, I shall write my own manifesto, which I'm sure will sound very much like yours!
    I love you.

  7. Carolina

    So inspiring (as always). My favorite statements is this one: "That we get to make the rules, that we get to choose, that we get to craft the exact life that has been waiting for us." I feel this everywhere I look, people looking to live a life of intention, being true to themselves. It is in the air… And here's my manifesto:

  8. Bethany Crowell

    This is fantastic! LOVE your manifesto…and NEED that 'take what you need' flyer. You're so inspiring. Thank you. I'm off to create my manifesto!!

  9. Ginger

    I love this! What makes me come alive? – getting to know my new-mama self and my six week old son. Looking in his bright eyes and reminding myself that nothing else matters right now and to soak up these moments.
    In the early weeks home with my son I went back and read posts from your early days home with True and it was such a comfort- just what I needed. Thanks for always being an inspiration!

  10. Joyce

    What makes me come alive? Moments when I'm laughing with my son. Simple, I know. I don't have a manifesto, but I think I need one! 🙂

  11. Bev

    what makes me come alive? right now, right here, today in the moment: the courage to show up as who i am instead of who someone thinks i should be. speaking truth in love, and knowing that i am not responsible if that truth is not received well…speaking that truth with a family member has just set me free…today…
    i do not have a manifesto, but i think one is in order…
    love the picture of true from monday's post…have read your blog(since before he was born) and have enjoyed watching him grow…

  12. Chloe

    Here's my manifesto!

    Did you know there is a whole manifesto movement happening this May? You must have felt the energy.

  13. Rose D., NJ

    I love everything about today's post!!

  14. moonseazen

    Thank you for making me stop and think about what really matters. Blessings to you!

  15. Lila Cheekytree

    I love it! Especially your point: Beauty is mandatory.

    My manifesto…

    Play every day.
    Always be kind – to yourself and others.
    Consume less. Create more.
    Laugh easily and often.
    Do the things you loved as a kid.
    Respect Nature.
    Be a bit cheeky. Make your own rules.
    Cultivate your sense of wonder.
    Believe in the power of make-believe.
    Ignore the naysayers.
    Keep it simple.
    Seek self-improvement, but don’t overdo it.
    Keep reinventing yourself, but stay true to your nature.
    Find beauty and inspiration in real life.
    Focus on the good stuff.
    Love lots.
    And remember, Happiness is not something you find, it’s something you create.

  16. Robin

    Beautiful! Love this!
    Wow, if I were to write one, I think it would start with:
    give your gifts to the world 🙂
    see beauty everywhere 🙂
    help and inspire others 🙂
    spread smiles 🙂

  17. sparklejenna

    Good stuff! SEveral years ago I made a list of "things I know" – but this inspires me to write a manifesto of my own! My list short and sweet:

    Life is uncertain
    Love is the most important thing
    I'm doing the best I can
    I'm learning as I go
    I have the power of the world within me

  18. Leanne

    OH, how this makes my heart sing. Love your manifesto, Kelly Rae! What makes me come alive? Knowing that I don't have any regrets. That anything that has happened in this chaotic life of mine has shaped me to be the person I am today. And I kinda like me. It's taken a while to say that . . . but I love it. Thanks, always, for the inspiration!

  19. Monica

    I love this, and I love that you shared it with us. I want to write mine, and this has inspired me. What makes me come alive? Inspirational words, thoughts and quotes and creative people!

  20. Russty

    Lindsey, I think you are so right on that attachment to how wet thought it was going to be creates sadness and longing that just isn't needed in our lives. Thank you for posting that! A much needed reminder for me!

    My manifesto for the summer is LIVE! Live in every moment! I think some where along the way I forgot to stop and just enjoy the little moments. Life seemed to be flying by till I put the brakes on a bit and looked around and realized I have a beautiful life that I've been missing! Dance parties are also a must for me. And don't be afraid to squeal with abandon when joy takes over you. Release that joy and let others join in it. Celebrate who you are deep inside and share it with others to encourage them to celebrate themselves as well. But most of all don't forget to tell people you love them on a regular basis so they know that they always live in your heart even when you can't be together.

  21. Lindsey

    This is brilliant and beautiful, thank you. I believe that questions are far more important than answers, and that a great deal of our suffering in life comes from our attachment to how we thought it was going to be. xox

    • Alicia

      Oh my gosh, Lindsey, you are so right on. I just read the second part of what you wrote 3 times. Then got teary eyed. I've recognized this in myself but seeing it written out is on another level. And I dont think I could have articulated it so well. Thank you.


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