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Aug 17, 2013 | Inspiring Products

Each week, I shine a spotlight on a few creations that I’m particularly proud of.  May you be inspired – and perhaps find a little something to nourish your soul.  Click here to see all the posts in this series. 

PS: All of the product links below will take you to an online shop (Garden Gallery Works – a local shop here in the Portland area) or if you prefer, you can search for a store near you in our handy dandy new store locator

All of the product links below will take you to an online shop that sells my products or, if you prefer, you can search for a store near you in our handy dandy new store locator! – See more at:
PPS: International customers, Garden Gallery is HAPPY to ship worldwide. Please email them at to get started. 
Today’s post is all about featuring our newest canvases. They are the heart and soul of our gift and home decor lines and this latest batch is a good one. Lots of new ones in many different sizes.
Let me give you a tour!


My favorite sentiment on this canvas is “ask for what is needed.” That’s a hard one for me, and I’m learning that receiving what we ask for is even harder. Which of course, is why we gotta breathe, pracice courage, be gentle on ourselves, and trust that it will be okay. This one is available for purchase online here.

Growing Trusting Dreaming 

This is our largest canvas in this new batch. Garden inspired, it’s all about those important steps toward keeping possibility close to our hearts. She’s available online here.

Calling All Hearts

Calling all hearts: your family (and the world) needs you to be brave with your lives. That’s what it’s all about, no? Being brave with our hearts, brave with our lives – it will inspire those in our homes and those in our global community. This one is available online here.

Surrender Your Fear

Loving the butterfly and flowers. My favorite sentiment in this piece is toward the end. It reads, “Come back to your center. Celebrate everything.” I’m a big believer in celebrating the tiniest of smallest steps. 
The rest of the canvas says: 
Surrender your fear. 
Hold onto what matters.
Be brave.
Stay true to your voice.
Embrace change.
Write a love note (to yourself).
Come back to center.
Celebrate everything.
She’s available online here.

Celebrate Everything

Surrender your seriousness. Yes, yes, yes. I need that to be a daily mantra, no? This little 6×6 is available online here.

Dear Girl

Inspired by an old Hopi Proverb, We are the ones we’ve been waiting for, this one is for us girls. It takes a lot of courage to look inward and realize that everything we’ve ever wanted lives inside us. We just have to see and believe it. She’s available online here.

More Living

This piece was inspired by togetherness within our partnerships and marriages. One of my favorites and it’s been reproduced beautifully as a 6×6 canvas. It’s available online here.


Right? Right. I think this one is perfect for anyone in transition (which is all of us, most of the time, no?). You can find this powerful one online here.

Seeker of Light

Probably one of my all time favorite canvases. She’s a seeker of light, of truth, of possibility, or peace, of grace. And she’s available online here.

Follow The Whispers

Another of my faves. This question always takes me home, back to my center. Also loving her huge vintage butterfly wing. You can find her online here.

Your Beautiful Story Matters

And isn’t it the truth. You beautifully messy complicated story DOES matter. You gotta tell it. You can purchase this 6×6 reminder online here.

Thanks, friends. Our mission is to continue to create products that blend creativity with meaning, beauty with function. I so love what I do.


Kelly Rae

PS: Garden Gallery is offering free shipping on all purchases this weekend. No minimums. Just free shipping no matter how much you spend! 

Sending much love,

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  1. Jenna


  2. kellyrae


    Yes ma'am they will be back in stock soon! You can give Garden Gallery a call or email and they will contact you when they are back in stock!
    Phone: 800-452-5266

  3. kellyrae

    Brooke, Garden Gallery ships to Canada, you'll have to give them a call or email in order to complete your purchase, they have to do it manually instead of via the cart.

  4. Jenna

    Hi Kelly!

    I was really sad (for me!) to see that the True North scarves were sold out. Any chance they'll be back in stock? Crossing my fingers!


  5. Brooke

    Hi Kelly
    I love your work so much. You put just the right words together with the most beautiful images.
    I tried to order "Surender Your Fear" but got a message that it couldn't be shipped to my address (Canada) do you have another source for those of us north of the border? 🙂



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