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Dec 11, 2009 | Life in Progress

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sometimes i can feel myself getting pulled in the wrong direction. it’s that time of year for me when everything is rush, rush, rush, promote, create, ship, produce, sell, sell, and do it all fast. it can be hard to stay connected and true when all that is aflutter in business mode. on top of the usual craziness, my brain is on fire with so many new ideas that it wants to stay up all night and delight in thinking, strategizing, daydreaming.

one minute i’m a scattered mess. the next i’m self correcting and trying to stay grounded + true to my intentions. it’s a whirlwind. today, as i drove myself to a much needed one hour massage, i called jen lemen and told her about my self correcting madness. “i need to slow down. step off the rat race. check my intentions,” i said. she agreed – she knows how i can get into super productive/inspired modes only to see it lead to unhealthy imbalance. but the magic came no less than 10 minutes after that phone call when my massage therapist invited me to close my eyes and pick a random card from her hands. when i opened my eyes, i was holding a beautifully designed card that read intention in big scripted letters. on the other side of the card was a message inviting the idea of intention into our session together and into my life. wow.
seriously, this sort of thing happens to me all the time. call it coincidence. i call it spirit. magic. messages from the universe.
so yes, i’m trying very very hard over here to check in with myself, my body, my true. it’s so important, especially at this time of year, to really reach our own hearts. for so many of us the holidays are a tender spot for our memories, our grief, our broken pieces. and i suppose it’s an easy distraction to try and mend with too much movement, crazy schedules, and unrealistic goals. i have found myself on and off that train of distraction. it’s a tricky balance. but i’m trying, really trying, to stay grounded in my heart. business is business. sales are sales. holiday craze is holiday craze. but life is all around me. and i don’t want to miss out.

Sending much love,

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