Imagine if Instagram included soul-talk + giggles. That’s The Possibilitarian Podcast.

I created this podcast because I wanted a space to spark a free-flowing dialogue about the topics that are the most meaningful to all of us.

Things like art, writing, love, relationships, friendships, business, creativity, time management, home decor, where I got my prized cowgirl boots—you know, the really important stuff.

Most episodes feature myself and Nichole, my Community Care & Engagement Manager. Every once in a while, there might be a guest, too.

It’s straight-up and soul-to-soul—like we’re having a cozy cup of tea on a virtual sofa.

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quotebutton_@2x“I love love love this podcast…conversations about living an intentional, spiritual life, with special attention to your soul, spirit, and heart.”

quotebutton_@2x“I’m always anxiously awaiting new releases of the podcast! Filled with giggles, a fantastic British accent, and thought provoking conversations covering a variety of topics, I would highly recommend this podcast to creatives and anyone looking for a breath of fresh air!”

quotebutton_@2x“I love this podcast. I am learning so many truly good options there can be when you have your own creative business. Thank you for being so generous with your experiences and valuable information!”

quotebutton_@2x“Packed full of fun, spiritual reflection, self discovery, growth and giggles – love it. Thanks for the wonderful podcast – I can’t wait for more.”

quotebutton_@2x“I love listening to your podcast! Keep the giggles, silliness, and English accents. They are a great reminder that in spite of the hectic lives we have that there is still room for laughter and joy. You two are terrific.”

quotebutton_@2x“Inspiring fails to even start to describe this podcast. I learn so much and I have honestly began to change my life into a more positive and successful (in all senses of the word) place. I cannot recommend this podcast more highly.”

quotebutton_@2x“I really adore this podcast! It’s like listening in on two of your creative pals discussing what matters to your life. Kelly Rae and Nichole are deep, honest, and authentic. Listening to these podcasts during my morning workouts inspire me! It’s wonderful to think, reflect, and get clarity about my creative life.”



When I finally put paint onto paper, my heart + life exploded with renewed passion and joy.

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Because self-kindness changes everything.

Because self-kindness changes everything.

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Get dressed up in joy!

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