Jun 27, 2008 | Inspiring Products

introducing….postcard sets! now for sale over in my etsy shop. many of my out of town friends know how much i love to send postcards. i just do. they’re quick and friendly and i can be sweet and short and to the point which is often: i miss you. not sure why i haven’t thought of offering my own postcards before (have i mentioned that i’m sometimes slow to catch on) but here i am, doing just that.

i spent the day as a social worker in radiation oncology. whenever i’m there i meet brave, brave souls, showing up for their lives in the most serious of ways, yet some with such perspective and clarity and ease and humor. i answer their questions, counsel them, meet with their families, provide resources, and simply try very hard to be a speck of goodness and helpfulness in the span of their visit. at the end of the day i leave the building more thankful, more saddened, more uplifted, more heavy, more persuaded by humanity and courage. my social work roots, as conflicting as they are to me sometimes, still inform everything i do. and i’m really thankful for that.

other thankfuls:
for tv, specifically so you think you can dance? totally hooked.

for all of your comments this week. you guys are sweet and kind and honest. thank you.

for my mom who left an enthusiastic voice mail for me today after receiving a special something (hi, mom) in the mail.

for brand new pajamas given to me by my bff last week. i have a tendency to hold on to pajama sets for years and years and it was time to finally let my beloved raggedy set go and embrace a new, cleaner pair of pjs. thank you, gina!

speaking of pajamas, i’m in my new ones right now as i type this post from my living room, sitting on the red couch, bare feet propped up on the leather chair in front of me. it’s dark, and my farsighted vision is very, very tired. where are you right now? i’d love to know the scene….

wednesday’s giveaway winner is: stephanie alaine!!! stephanie, get in touch with me so i can get your print out to you! givaway continues for just two more days. enter a comment to enter to win. i’ll draw today’s winner (as i’m writing this so late, almost midnight) tomorrow evening.

Sending much love,

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  1. Deirdre

    Your postcards are lovely – little specks of goodness all by themselves.

    I can well imagine the compassion and direction you bring to your social work. Especially for people in such difficult circumstances. I believe you are a gift to them.

    And as for those new pajamas … there’s just nothing like getting comfy and curling up in jammies.

  2. Sue Smith

    The postcards are a fab idea!

    So I’m in my second most comfortable clothes (being that my pj’s are the most comfy) and procrastinating like made over having to go to school on the weekend to write reports.

    Still to the pj’s, Kelly, I say!

  3. kaylafujimoto

    Congratulations on the postcards! How exciting! I may have to buy some!

  4. Katrina

    hooray for kelly rae postcards! right now i am sitting at my kitchen table with a sparkling pomegranate IZZE and a flashing cellphone that means someone called and i ignored them! TGIF! xoxo, k.

  5. suz

    The postcards are a great idea! I just got home from work, kicked off my shoes put on my comfy clothes, got an ice tea and sat down to check my fav blogs before I go out to work in the garden!(can’t wait for those fresh garden tomatoes and cucumbers!!)

  6. Jennifer/The Word Cellar

    Okay, this is embarrassing, but I’m wearing my pajamas right now. And it’s 3:53pm. Even though I work from home, I almost always shower and get dressed as soon as I get up. But hubby was in the shower today and I just kept putting it off. I’ve answered emails, had a conference call, read blogs, and made a marinade for tonight’s dinner — all in my PJ’s. Time to shower and get dressed, I think. (Or maybe not, this late in the game.) (Also? I love the postcards. And also? I love “So You Think You Can Dance.”)

  7. jessica crawford

    miss kelly rae,
    your tender heart shows up in everything you do. so glad i found your blog. what a bright spot you are in the world. love being encouraged to leave a comment every day so i can tell you different ways i’m thankful for you. 🙂

  8. Cristina

    I love the postcard idea as well! Beautiful work. 🙂

  9. Clare Jane

    I just bought new pajamas today! And new sheets! Can’t wait to snuggle down in all of it.

  10. Anonymous

    I love the postcards!

    It’s Friday morning and I am at work, cant’ wait to be outside for lunch. ;o)

    Show us a picture of the PJ’s! ;o)

    Have a great weekend.


  11. Sari

    Yay for postcards! I love the simplicity as well, they are so easy to send and so great to receive!

  12. Carol

    Ha! Lots of PJ messages! Me too, I am in my Pj’s after a hard fridays trainning in school, me and my 5 year old daughter all snuggly watching the Simpsons!

  13. Carolyn

    baby is napping peacefully while I catch up on emails… I should be preparing packages for the post office, (I had a good sale on Etsy the other day!)
    The postcards look great!

  14. Rekoj

    It is Friday morning and my office is quiet. It an amazingly beautiful day here on the Puget Sound near the Pike Place market – the sun is shining, the water is a deep deep blue. Sure will be hard to stay in said office!

  15. melly~

    omg the postcards! want. need!

    me and my jammies – it’s almost an obsession. i think i have more pj’s than real clothes. sometimes i wonder if my hub is sick of seeingme in them and would enjoy seeing me dressed some day. but i find jeans to be constricting after living in yoga pants. doesn’t yoga pants sound so much better than pajamas?

    my space is this: in my “yoga pants”, having skipped coffee this morning to see what was new in the world, listing to my dogs play outside. and birds. i can always hear the birds. it’s good.

  16. christy

    LOVE the postcards!

    I am at the office right now with tired eyes from the computer. iPod and bottled water to my left, calendar and blackberry to my right. Ready for 3:00 to quickly come around 🙂

  17. Lina

    PJ’s are on my list of favorite things! Once you find that pair that has the right snuggle factor it’s hard to let go *sigh*…but new ones are fun too! Have a great weekend!

  18. karen p

    love the postcards. great idea.

  19. Bikky

    Postcards are brilliant! I think I should try that – sometimes a letter can be so overwhelming (time to write, trying to fill the whole page), especially when all you really want to say is “I miss you”.

    I, too, sit in my pjs, ripped too early from bed by my two daughters (ages 5 and 9 1/2) on the very first day of summer holidays. I sit in our back entryway on an exercise ball in sunny Edmonton, Alberta, Canada anticipating summer and the adventures in now presents. My youngest will start Kindergarten in the fall and I feel the waves of change in my future. Your words are often an encouragement to continue riding the waves and enjoy the journey. Thanks!

  20. Anonymous

    Love the postcards! It’s a great idea…-Kara

  21. Carmen

    Love the postcard idea! I might have to order some. I love sending postcards and I haven’t sent any in a while.

    Right now, I’m sitting at work (secretly wishing I was in my PJs instead of jeans. TGIF and casual day! Woot!

    Have a wonderful weekend Kelly!


  22. Art-de-Mia

    Love the new postcard sets!
    I am in my bright green office sipping my diet coke…trying to wake up from a restless night.

  23. Tamsie

    PJ’s, my what a flashback. I have a pair or set somewhere 🙂
    I’m on the laptop on the deck watching an owl hunt for grub worms, the dear dog scope out the morning changes in the yard, my husband read the paper and somewhere in the background the phone is ringing.

  24. Lelainia N. Lloyd

    I am sitting in my studio. My guys went off to work some time ago-constuction-which means early mornings in this house. Sleeping in means 5 a.m.

    I am still in my ratty Pj’s, one that should also be retired. But as you undoubtedly know, that’s just when they get comfortable.

    I haven’t even had a chance to get myself a cup of tea, but I’m surfing all the blogs I read. I’m not feeling too crisp today so I may very well climb back under the covers for awhile when I’m done.

  25. the camp

    i love them! and oh! dawn is going to be drooling. she adores her magnets. i am sending the link to these right now!

  26. Robin Westphal

    The cards are beautiful. I’m an SW too (psychiatry)… I know what you mean, but I bet oncology is both demanding and rewarding. I’m sure you bring a glimmer of hope to those that need it.

  27. Kimberly B

    Oh yay! Postcards! They’re also great for framing as mini works of art as well as communicating with loved ones!

  28. suzanne

    kelly – thank you for all the honesty you impart on your blog. not only do i love to look at your artwork, so often times your comments or reflections of life just truly resonate with me on lots of levels. thanks for the many sources of inspiration. 🙂 blessings.


    Postcards…how fun !! I have always loved postcards….

    When I was growing up I had a poster on my bedroom wall (remember the days when posters filled your room ??) The title of the poster was “How to Be Happy in Spite of Yourself.” It was filled with all sorts of tips and inspirational words. (I wish I still had that poster 🙂

    Anyway, there was a section devoted to “enjoy simple pleasures” and one of them was “getting a postcard from anywhere.” Since then I have always appreciated and enjoyed both sending and receiving postcards. Your idea here is BRILLIANT !! Bravo !!!!!

  30. linda

    Your postcard idea is terrific. Love the artwork… LindaSonia

  31. jill s

    oh i love the postcards.

    and right now i’m sitting our comfy leather recliner paying a couple of bills while my almost 4 year old little girl covers her stuffed animals in bandaids and my 1 year old little boy sits in the dogs bed…lol.

    loving your posts.


  32. Joanne

    I love the postcards Kelly…I got started, well obsessed really, with making art envelopes….but hey, why not postcards too! Love your designs.

  33. stephanieb

    love the new postcards~gorgeous!!

  34. Patti G.

    Kelly, I love your postcards!!! Awesome idea and I am sure they will do well!
    Sending hugs for the day!

  35. malissa32

    Sitting in front of the computer in my pjs, holding an empty cereal bowl (I blog surf while eating breakfast) with one of my two adorable yellow labs laying at my feet, ready to tackle teaching summer school for three more days before my summer officially starts. love the postcards!!!!!!

  36. Joanie

    You never fail to inspire me! You are such a kind person.
    And I love the idea of your postcards…I think I would even like to frame some!


  37. June

    love the postcards! i’m starting a campaign for less e-mail/more good old snail mail!

  38. Leslie

    *gasp!* POSTCARDS!!!! They’re amazing!! *Runs off to Etsy* 🙂

  39. Cath Sheard

    It’s winter here so I’m in my office with jeans, cardigan and slippers – and the heater on. I can’t concentarte if I’m cold, but hate being too hot LOL. Love the postcard sets.

  40. Marilyn Rock

    Kelly; what a brilliant idea with your postcards! Incredible!

  41. SurfacetoAirMedia

    i’m in the converted carport office wearing *my husbands’s* pajamas shopping for postcards… 🙂 I never was a morning person, but my dad stopped by to drop off an antique telephone stand and carepack from my mom on his way to the airport. So I’m groggy and wiggly like a baby, but i’m up!

  42. justagirl

    post cards are a great great great idea…
    I used to make and send lots to my friends in the UK when they were away doing their OE.

    I am sitting at home, children are in bed, partner is ‘watching’ tv, but by the sounds I can hear round the corner I think the only thing he is actually watching are his eyelids. I am nearly finished with friday it is 11:00 at night, probably v. early friday morning for you…?

    It is my daughters 15th birthday and she has got a day of mountain biking, kyaking and dressing up for a meal out with her friends and I have a day of being a taxi…

    hope you have a good friday, wasn’t too bad this side of the world…

  43. onwingslikethese

    So You Think You Can Dance is my favorite summer time show. My family and I get so excited for summer to come because we know this show will be starting! 🙂

    The scene is:

    It’s 6:11 a.m. and I’m sitting in my comfy chair in the living room sipping my morning tea. I’ve got my raggedy pj’s on that desperately need to be replaced. I’m going back and forth between my laptop and my desktop to scan yesterday’s Daily Drawing, which I’m late in posting to my blog. (For some reason I can’t scan anything into my laptop.)

    I’m about to sit on my back steps to do my visualization and my morning pages while I can enjoy the coolness of the morning before it gets blazing hot here in NC.

    End scene . . .


  44. Jen Lee

    I’m on MY red couch at 5:30am in my new pajama tops (my little one spilled apple cider all over the bottoms) with my little ones, who started waking up at 4:30. Makes for a long day. I love the postcards too–just bought a ton of frames for my little print cards at IKEA last weekend.

  45. Bunny B

    Those are cute postcards!

  46. Imelda

    I’m in my office at the moment. I usually check the US blogs around this time for updates (becuase of the time difference) before I get stuck into proper work. Roll on 5/6pm!

    I need to buy me some postcards as soon as payroll can learn to pay me properly for the weeks I’ve worked. *grumble*


    oh boy you sound like me, I love nothing more than snuggling down in my pj’s for the evening and I can’t bear to get rid of them lol. I really do need some new ones too. By the way I love the post cards. Belinda

  48. Cheppobunny

    I love postcards too!!!

    THANK YOU for the good idea – that remind me, that it’s time to send some! ;o)

  49. Karoeza

    What a great idea, those postcards!
    I’ll check them out.


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