punky brewster

Jul 27, 2007 | Life in Progress


truly, i loved punky brewster growing up. i adored her character’s sassiness and her fun-loving, i-am-just-going-to-be-myself style. like so many youngsters at the time, i dressed just like her and desperately wanted a puppy companion like hers on the show. looking back, that show was pretty tragic. punky was abandoned by her mother at a shopping center, was homeless, then adopted by a grumpy old man who was grieving the death of his wife (her charm & optimistic attitude eventually lifted his spirits). and to top it all off, punky’s neighbor freinds were being cared for by their grandmother because their mother had recently died. remember all of that? geez! and oddly, i was watching that show the year following the death of my own parent. i wonder if i found solace in the story lines but not really connecting the dots at the time? hmmm. maybe i learned about hope and optimism through punky? maybe! who knows what my nine year old brain was processing at the time.

for memories sake (enjoy):


Sending much love,

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  1. dfh








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  2. Steph

    Oh, I adored that show as well! What a great trip down memory lane. Thank you!

  3. Jennifer Valentine

    I vaguely remember Punky, but I totally remember the way you dressed!

  4. tali

    I always loved Punky Brewster–always wished I could be a bit more like her. Thanks for that little reminder. 🙂

  5. Boho Girl

    okay…this is so, so bizarre.

    the other night i was browsing the internet and came across a grown up Soleil Moon Frye. i gasped because i used to LOVE her in Punky Brewster and always wondered what happened to her.

    turns out she’s grown up to be a gorgeous, hip young woman.

    so, how weird is it to come here and see this post?



  6. Tonia

    What a great way to start my Saturday morning! I think Punky is an absolutely wonderful inspiration and I dare say she did rub off on you a bit–I think you’re right. xo, Tonia


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