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Jan 19, 2009 | Entrepreneurship, Life in Progress

i’ve been getting several emails asking about if/when i plan to offer online classes. it’s been something that’s been rattling around in my brain for a few months and as i consider jumping in into this project, i wanted to ask you a couple questions….i would really love it if you shared your thoughts and ideas 🙂
* is this something you guys are interested in? i’d love to get a good idea of the interest out there.
* if i were to offer online classes, what are you most interested in learning? journal projects? faces? backgrounds? collage? or something totally different – perhaps a workshop on the ins and outs of building a creative business? or perhaps an online course that would take you through Taking Flight, chapter by chapter?
* what components are most important to you? live help? video instruction of painting projects, start to finish? a forum where you can connect with other students who are taking the class?
really, i’d love your input as i begin to consider this new direction…i think it could be really good.

Sending much love,

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  1. Lydia

    The Ins and Outs of creating an on-line business. I drag my feet over each tiny step, sometimes. Confidence by others’ pointers/knowledge to make life simpler would be great! 🙂

  2. Silky

    I would be interested in an online course focused on expanding a creative business as well as one on specific collage techniques!

    Silky Hart Michero

  3. Renata Pacheco

    Hi, Kelly. I’m reading Taking Flight and I’ve just discovered your blog. I’d love if you offer online classes, because I’m in Brazil and we don’t have classes with this style of work here.
    As I’m beginning, I need to learn everything. And videos will help a lot, because I don’t speak English soooo well yet.
    Last week, I posted in my blog my first draw, that I made following the first chapter of Taking Flight. Stop by and see it: http://scrapparty.blogspot.com/2009/02/projeto-365-semana-4.html
    Thank you for your inspiration!

  4. Brenda's Blog


  5. Anonymous

    Kelly your book is just wonderful.
    Id love online classes from you
    I would be very interested in background techniques, collage instruction and painting faces with acrylics
    thanks so much

  6. Linda

    I think the journaling idea is wonderful I find your book so inspiring and has helped me through quite a rough time, to have classes like that would be fabulous!!!

  7. Jo

    I would take an online class in a heartbeat!

    I would love to learn more about the painting techniques and esp the faces……taking us through a chapter of the book woud be so cool

  8. Tynan

    I’d love to see videos showing your techniques because I am so visual–I have to see it. Also, I think a business class would be great too because you’re obviously great at that too!

  9. Anonymous

    I would love to go through the book chapter by chapter. That would be so much fun!

  10. Pippin

    Learn how to paint faces and collage. Maybe have a video of a step by step process of one of your paintings. I love your book!!

  11. Paulette

    Kelli I would love to go through the book & learn more about d=faces and well, lets get real…I'd like it all…I'd also like to have the videos to keep for reference…justfor the record…no time times…it's too hard… you are such an inspiration!

  12. Thelma-Art

    I would like to learn better how to paint faces and backgrounds. I love your work.

  13. Anonymous

    definitely the business aspect, what you need, how to send artwork that you’ve sold etc. there is little info concerning this. i would definitely take that course!

  14. Sandy

    I am not interested in the business end of things. The creative process you go through in thinking up your pieces are always interesting, but I think I would like the face painting, capturing expression, and getting it on video would be wonderful for those (me) who learn best by seeing it done.

  15. jennifer ferro

    i’d love the creative business class. how to get your work out there, how to turn original art into prints, how to ship them etc…basically how to turn dreams into reality! i would sign up for a class like that…i get excited just thinking of the possibility!

  16. Pipping

    Hello! First of all- I LOVE your book! Lahve eet! 2009 is the year for Change and Hope. Inspired by President Obama’s speech on Election Day, I finally decided it was time for me to start flying. No more excuses. No more feeling guilty about wanting to create.

    Then I found your book and I realized it really is my time to start fulfilling my reason for being born.

    I would love (lahve) to hear more about your first few years and how you kept yourself positive. It’s amazing, how far you’ve come in just a few years!

    Thank you so much for your dedication to your blog. I check it daily for a good dose reassurance and hope. It’s like waking up to a surprise cupcake on my nightstand.


  17. Graciel @ Evenstar Art

    It seems that every type of class you can think up and offer will have stellar participation. Relatively few of us can attend the in-person classes. I say, do them all, one at a time. Sign me up for the whole package.

    Keep lighting the path, Creative Woman.

  18. Lezlei Ann Young

    Kelly, I love "Taking Flight"! I purchased your book last week at B&N and I am already on my third project! Online class would be great for those of us that are stuck at home. I vote for "Mixed Media Collage".

  19. Cindy Roehrich...

    I would love online classes! I love your work as well as other artists in your book and online. I have seen a lot of great classes offered in wonderful areas by all of you, but it is hard to travel on an artist budget:( someday, maybe. I live in the Chicago areas and on these long cold days of winter would love to learn new things and what easier way then online!

    I love your book and would think online classes that show journaling ideas, painting ideas as well as marketing advice would all be very inspiring.

    Great Idea…Cindy

  20. Anita Van Hal

    or how about all of the above? I absolutely love your art style…I am new to mixed media/collage, and could really use some help in technique which could be learning to paint, design, etc. I would also be extremely interested in learning to build a business as well. I hope you find the time to do this…you are so loved and so many of us would love learning from you!

  21. lacy

    OMG any of that would be great… I’d love to do more practical make something kind of class. I’ve been going through the book but it is always so nice to work on a project in a class type setting.

  22. pinkglitterfae

    faces and backgrounds, collage techniques, and anything in your book. I learn best by watching, so if you had video for us, that would be best for me at least. I’d take anything you offered 🙂

  23. Helen

    I would love all of those things but first I’d like to start with faces then perhaps collage and then backgrounds. If you oould make those into videos that would be fantastic.

  24. Charmingdesigns

    I love learning through videos. Your book is wonderful. I think faces would do me a lot of good. laurie

  25. Elsa

    i am amazed at how you do what you enjoy and now you’ve got a book out and prints of your art soon to be available through a major distributor. how do you do that? did they find you through your blog? did you seek them out? also, i would love to see how you “attack” a piece. esp. the ones with faces.


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