quiet peace

Nov 7, 2006 | Life in Progress

“quiet peace”
mixed media on wood
it reads “there was a quiet peace inside her heart”

have i mentioned that the lovely Christine Miller (aka swirly girl) invited me to paricipate in a group show in LA with a few other artists? The show, titled “The Girly Show”, will be in February and will feature works by myself, christine, penelope dullaghan, mati rose, marisa haedike, and outi harma. i was honored and humbled to be asked to be a part of this – such wonderful, talented artists they all are. i am soo looking forward to it. a bit nervous, but mostly proud and honored. my first show. wow.

and can i just say that i am still in love with mason jennings and bob dylan and certain coldplay songs. and i recently rediscovered an old highschool favorite: billy bragg. but seriously, i am desperate for new music. please, please make your suggestions. anything girly songwriterish, alt-country, folkish, dreamy, soothing. whatever, i’ll take all suggestions! i miss the days of making cassette compilations!

Sending much love,

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  1. megg

    wow – congratulations!!! I just saw an original at Laini’s – they are as beautiful in real life as they are on line!!

    Let’s see… Rosie Thomas, the Indigo Girls, Deb Talan, Stephanie Dosen, all of them have been singing to me this week!

  2. Anonymous

    Kelly your artowrk is absolutely divine. Congrats on your first show!!!! I’ll definintely be back again to visit soon!

  3. jen

    Tina Dico is pretty cool.

    Congrats on your show.

  4. Colorsonmymind

    Oh Kelly-you are so fantastic. I am so impressed with how you are manifesting this artistic life. You are a fabulous artist and it seems very clear and direct with making things happen.

    What an inspiration you are.

    Hugs and love

  5. Judy Wise

    Oh, Kelly, congratulations; this is huge! I am so happy that more people will get to see your work and that you will be encouraged to continue to be brave, bold and happy.

  6. la vie en rose

    wow! what an honor! and you SO deserve it. your name deserves to be alongside these other amazing artists.

    i’m currently enjoying brandi carlile…and you can never go wrong with lucinda williams or patty griffin…

  7. Clare Jane

    Neko Case (love her newest album, Fox Confessor Brings the Flood), Rilo Kiley and/or Jenny Lewis (she’s the lead singer of RK), Postal Service (if you don’t have them already – not a female singer but it’s Ben Gibbard from Death Cab whose voice is almost as dulcet) and Ray LaMontagne is also an awesome singer/songwriter. He has such an achingly beautiful voice. I hope that’s helpful!! Let me know if you like them. xoxo

  8. Deb

    Another fantastic piece of art, Ms. Kelly! You are soooooo inspiring! You will be a big hit in the art show. Waiting to hear more!


  9. Anonymous

    okay but only cause you said ANYTHING– I found this song listening to BBC radio– if you don’t know this fabulous source of all kinds of music, you should check it out–


    the show I was listening to was “travelling folk” (on radio Scotland) and they played a song called “Pretty Fair Maid” from the cd “Fiddler’s Green” and I’m obsessed with it– and I don’t even like folk music, or so I thought– anyway turns out the cd won the grammy for best folk cd so maybe you already know it–

    but really, check out the bbc– I have it running on my computer while I work– it’s the best.


  10. Anonymous

    congrats on your art show invite. totally on your way 2 stardom.

    as for muzik suggestions: definitely hapa and keali reichel for a melo groove, but then fiji and sudden rush for some movin and shakin – but never can go wrong with just some great ukulele by jake s. these are my hawaiian suggestions!

    wishin u were still here at amc. miss ur awesome attitude and hard work.

    much much much aloha

  11. Holly Stinnett

    Congrats Kelly – how very exciting for you! Okay… I have the perfect folksy group for you. They’ve only made one album and I’ve had it for years and have never tired of it – I play it all the time. The group is a female 2 person group called Dustry Trails. Let me know if you like them. πŸ™‚

  12. deirdre

    Kelly, congratulations! This is so exciting.

  13. christina

    That is so freakin’ wonderful! Go you!

  14. Lisa

    Dar Williams! I love Dar William’s music.

    Congrats on your first show. I am always surprised again when I hear that you’ve just recently started painting. You have a style that is all your own and just so beautiful to look at. I wish you all the best!

  15. krista

    I wish I could hop on said jet with Melba to see it too!

    Congratulations Kelly. Your art is wicked awesome, and everyone should get to see it!

  16. melba

    Wonderful! What an amazing show that will be. Wish I had a jet to come see it.

  17. Darlin' T

    Kelly, congratulations on your first show! That’s great.


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