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January 2019

Honoring the Old + Allowing the New 

A look at personal ritual +  ways to declare one chapter complete and invite in a new one.

Feb 2019

The Art of Sistering  

What it looks like to allow ourselves to be seen and how to be the kind of sister friend we wish for ourselves.

March 2019

Listening to the Whispers + Following the Signs  

How to tap into our intuition, notice and then translate the signs that are showing up in our lives.

April 2019

Yes, And….;

Exploring the duality of life. How can we care for ourselves AND honor the responsibilities we’ve chosen.

May 2019

Boundaries + Co-dependance

How to set loving boundaries, untangle ourselves from other people’s stories, and nurture our own independence.

June 2019

Body is not a Four Letter Word

Seeing our bodies as both healer and messenger, dismantling body shame and practicing body love.

July 2019

Original Brilliance

Releasing roles that no longer serve us and unlearning our way back to the remembrance of our essence.

August 2019

Choosing Beauty + Delight

Exploring how choosing the path of delight and surrounding ourselves with beauty is a way home to ourselves.

Sept 2019

Healing Family Stories

Going deep into family of origin versus family we choose, exploring the healing of ancestral wounds.

Oct 2019

Truth Telling

How to bravely show up for hard conversations, honor your truths, ask for what you want/need, and more.

Nov 2019

Money + Abundance

How we can begin to transform our money stories into something more nourishing + abundant.