self portrait tuesday- with someone

Sep 19, 2006 | Life in Progress

this is Bella. we lovingly refer to her as our “hemophiliac-dwarfed-airplane eared-thyroid deficient-dog” but truly, she’s the best dog ever. her ears are up in this photo but she often has them straight out to sides, making her look like she’s about to take flight.

my whole life i had always wanted a dog. always. so, as soon as john and i moved out west, we got Bella. she was just over 6 weeks old at the time, and very much a rescue dog, what with her hemophilia and all (which we discovered when she snagged her ear on a rose thorn and took weeks to finally clot). but this dog is our family. she’s been with us so long now – all through our dating, our engagement, the early years of marriage, all the moves, the new jobs, the traveling. we even took her on our honeymoon. she’s in all the family photos. and yes, she’s allowed on the couch and the bed – life’s too short i realized (eventually). and her favorite things are: her sock monkey – we find her all snuggled up with it almost every single day. the beach. sticks. our couch. wide open spaces. and black labs.

more portraits over here.

Sending much love,

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  1. dfh
  2. Mary Stebbins Taitt

    I loved my doggies, but no more dogs. SO glad you have one, what a loving story! Mary 😀

  3. Bohemian Girl

    too much cuteness.

    gorgeous YOU…such a natural beauty you are.

  4. Carol

    Too cute! Bella looks like she’s just about to lift off!


  5. Josephine

    How wonderful it is to know someone whose list of favorite things includes STICKS.

    That’s absolutely fabulous. She’s adorable!

  6. Anonymous

    Love the lighting in this shot. I also just noticed your oregon coast shot from last week. great work. i love your art work. will be back soon to check out more.

  7. John

    We learn so much about love through animals. It is so wonderful that you’ve given Bella a long life and great home. ps: mine are allowed on the couch and and bed snuggling as well.

  8. Jaci


    Thanks for visiting my blog a while back. And thanks for the nice comment. I finally got a chance to check yours out and wanted to say that I LOVE your art work! Just wonderful! I’m enjoying your blog and will definitely be back!

    BTW…your “baby” is adorable! Gotta love those ears!


  9. Jamie

    What a beautiful dog. The name is so apt! Her fur is just glistening. You both look so happy together.

  10. liz elayne

    Those ears…how I love those ears.

    Does she hang out under the bed in your new place?

  11. Sulea

    awww cute :o) i remember doing a talk on haemophilia when i was at school.. it kinda freaked me out a little.. hope your doggie will be alright :o)


  12. Julie H

    She is just gorgeous!!! The ears sticking up make me think of donkeys, which I love. She looks like a very good friend, what a blessing that she has you.

  13. Veronica TM

    Bella and this post are full of sweetness.

  14. Jes

    Just a sweet baby and I love that name too!

  15. Teresa

    I love those airplane ears. She is adorable! Lucky you to have such a cool dog named Bella.

  16. melba

    I love the name Bella; she is so cute!


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