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Dec 11, 2013 | Life in Progress

#Thingsitellmyselfoften Finishing hearts today! #ilovemyjob

Been thinking a lot about what my word for 2014 will be. This year’s word has been unleash. I wrote about declaring it as such here and it’s actually been a really great word for me this year – lots of unleashing myself from untrue stories I tell myself, unleashing who I am from my “brand” (and not getting the two confused), but also lots of unleashing of creative joy and ideas. It’s been a great word.

But as 2014 approaches, I’ve been thinking about the word I’ll choose to guide me through the next 12 months. This morning, as I was driving toward a really busy work day, I considered having grace as my word. Sometimes, especially when life is full, I get  ahead of myself – in my thoughts, in my interactions, in my plans – and it all gets communicated in hurried, rushed, frenetic, not-so-graceful ways. I could definitely allow more room for grace in my life.

But then, as I thought more about it, the root of the hurried/frenetic pace comes from a deeper place of perhaps not trusting that all will be well. In some ways I have excellent trust – in divine timing, in the laws of the universe, in spiritual practice, in following my bliss – but when it comes to trusting others and myself on a much more practical level, I can struggle.

I can sense the my trust in myself is stronger than ever, but it’s a muscle I need to strengthen – to lean further into the whispers and callings and trust my own voice and not betray myself in the big and small ways that we often do. And my trust in others is a big area for me that needs lots of nurturing.

Ohh yes, the more I sit here and write it out, the more I’m certain that trust will be my 2014 word. I’m trusting it is!

*** For those of you who aren’t familiar with the One Little Word concept, you’re in for a treat. I’ve been choosing words for the last many years, inspired by my friend Ali (instead of resolutions which can be self defeating) and it’s changed my life.

Today I'm wearing the most cozy layers I own. This little tiny practice of intention and self care is especially helpful lately on these days feel especially full and fast. #thewearyourjoyproject
(the #wearyourjoyproject continues to inspire me every morning!)
ps: two things:
1. The holiday giveaway continues. Winners will be announced tomorrow! We experienced some slight techy difficulties yesterday that meant lots of your comments showed up on older blog posts. No worries! We are rounding them all up and counting them. 
2. Thanks for the all the painting e-course love. I’ve been gobsmacked by the reaction and can barely contain my excitement. If want to paint your word of the year inside a beautiful mixed media canvas, this class will be the perfect place for that. My heart is full. 
3. xo

Sending much love,

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  1. Anna Scott

    I had not heard of the one word concept before and choosing a single word for the year ahead had never entered my mind. I like the idea – have a word in mind, but just not quite sure if it is the right one yet. Let it simmer…

  2. Wendy

    I smiled when I read your post! I had been mulling over my word for 2014 and wanted to print it on the front of a custom calendar I ordered. Finally it just hit me and the word felt so right….it was TRUST! I too will strive to trust myself and others next year! Yay!

  3. Elizabeth

    2013 creativity jumps out from me. Journiling and photographing everything starting. 2014 open up creativity, learning new ways to express myself. Courses, courses, jumping, jumping, learning, learning,party! party!

  4. Sandy King

    I only became aware of the concept of ' word of the year ' last year.. (may have been through the Soaring class 2013 ), but I loved it. My word last year was Action and it was perfect for me . Funny how that one word just whispered it's way into my mind and then became a shout .. I TOOK Action in 2013 for my living my life in ART…. I'm listening for the whispers of my 2014 word KRR.. Love the process.

  5. Oly Jacobsen

    I didn't know other people chose words for the next year (I'm new here) but I have done that for many years, I use it as a mantra, and it has always challenged me to take that extra step … Wonderful to find like-minded! My word for 2013 has been PEACE …. and wow!

  6. Lindy Stockton

    I've been doing for years. …2013 was focus…2014, I believe is going to be transform or transformation. …xo

  7. Ashlie

    Now I keep thinking about this and I love the power of the single word … going to condense mine somehow. Just need to find the word that really captures that for me.

  8. Anne French

    My word is Faith. I need to remember to keep my faith that everything is unfolding just as it should and it will always work out.

  9. Ashlie

    I do this on my birthday (July) and love how it provides a context for my life which seems much more powerful for me than goals or objectives. I declared this year as one of Courageous Expression – Speaking Up and Giving Voice to What Matters. Thanks, Kelly, keep rockin' it!!!

  10. kathy

    Trust is a great pick!

    Proverbs 3:5-6 gave me the strength to take a very big leap in my life!

  11. curlygirlpress

    I've been thinking so much about choosing a word for next year, which isn't something I've put into practice yet. This time I need to. P.S. LOVE this outfit – that color of rose looks great on you. Joy looks great on you. = )

  12. Shari

    It is making me squirm in my seat so it must be the perfect word. 🙂


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