Friends! I recently shared Part 1 of the story behind my new tiny art cottage/studio that we built in our backyard, and I thought I’d share photos from the inside for this post, Part 2! It’s cozy and small, like the fort of my kid dreams.

I am happier in this space than any of the larger spaces I’ve had over the years. Dream. Come. True.

Let me show you!

PS: All sources and paint colors listed at the bottom of this post.

It’s the size of a small room at just under 8×10. I have found this to be plenty of space to create and write. I love it!

I found the little blue hutch at a local antique market and it’s perfect for holding art supplies that I don’t need all of the time. The vintage green basket underneath it holds my sketch/watercolor pads. And of course, the ever popular Ikea rolling cart is tucked beside my table and also holds more supplies and a lamp I thrifted.

The old yellow thrifted door keeps my aprons hung, while the wall space and the table top spaces on the blue hutch are places to place originals.

Remember when I DIY’d that cute lampshade? That was so long ago!

I have another Ikea rolling cart under my painting table. The table is my old table from my old studio, My Dad built it for me from reclaimed wood. LOVE!

I placed a large trash container inside a cute oversized canvas basket from Home Goods.

I use the window sill to place all my pens and pencils and such for easy reach. I love having the window directly in front of me. There’s a bird feeder just outside that remains quite busy throughout the day. I cannot tell you how much simple delight it brings me.

The fabric garland above my table is an old score from Target (in their party section). I love it!

I added a few plants in the window sill above the main window. You know, I’m a maximalist when it comes to plants. Cannot. Get. Enough.

I keep all my paints in baskets on my table so that they are super within reach. And ribbons are at the ready in the rolling cart to the left.

On the other side of the cottage, I’ve got more storage, color, and light!

The string lights make this little fort SPARKLE big time in the evenings. And the bunting is made from vintage hankies – an addition my mom made. I love love love it so much.

Remember waaaaaay back when I DIY’d that cute stool?

My trust industrial style rolling cart never fails. It’s no longer in production (sorry!), but I use it to store more supplies.

The vintage suitcase to the right holds a ton of scrap papers that are on the smaller side.

My larger paper rolls are inside a basket I purchased long ago at Home Goods.

The paint brush chandelier is back in this little studio. I made it YEARS ago and it’s been a longtime favorite. More plants. Check. More windows. Check. Yellow door. Check!

And that’s it! I’ve had so many studios throughout the years. I’ve loved all of them, but I super love it here. Who wants to come over and join me? There enough room for two of us!

In a few weeks, I’ll share photos of our backyard remodel (currently in progress) so that you can see where this sweet little art studio/cottage/fort lives in the scheme of what is our also quite small backyard!


Everything is either handmade, DIY, thrifted except for the following:

Rug: (search “floral”)
String Lights: here.
Blue rolling carts: Ikea
Industrial rolling cart: No longer made, but I’ve seen similar at Home Goods
Tea Towel on above cart: Anthro
Mirror: It’s an old Kelly Rae Roberts collection mirror – no longer in production
Focus Time Poster:
Fabric Garland over desk: Target

White wall color: White Dove by Benji Moore
Ceiling: Woodlawn Blue by Benji Moore
Yellow: Custom mix I made

Big love,

Hi, I'm Kelly Rae Roberts!

Before I picked up my first paintbrush at the age of 30, I was a medical social worker. I followed my whispers and started playing with paint and everything changed. Now I’m a full-time artist, author and Possibilitarian, who helps women explore their creativity, nourish their souls and build a thriving creative business.

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