unbroken wings

Sep 24, 2007 | Life in Progress

(it reads, “un-broken wings, discovered”)

isn’t it joyous when we find bits and pieces of ourselves until we feel fulfilled by our knowing of our whole selves? you know, when we really truly find ourselves, our passion, our rhythm and flow? for me, finding myself comes in spurts. one week i feel very much like myself, flying high on my sturdy and strong wings. then other weeks, my wings feel like very delicate tissue paper, vulnerable to the elements of humanity and the daily grind.

lately, i’ve been feeling my strength. i came out of a funk several weeks ago and today, many moons later, i can see its purpose. as the buddhist believe, i’m learning that our funks can be little distractions to keep us busy while something bigger and better is being born for us. i have loved and embraced this belief the moment i learned of it years ago. i can feel myself reaching and learning and growing. it feels good. the trick is to stay in these moments and visions of a life growing stronger. it’s hard work, isn’t it?

a flower for you…found today on my walk with bella. before i left for my walk, john gave me a a large mug full of hot chocolate with a pile of whip cream on top. he surprised me…said i would need it on this unusually chilly day. i love my husband.

Sending much love,

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  1. * mY fRiEnDs cALL mE Rella *

    More beautiful pieces…reflecting your beautiful spirit. You are such a bright spot in so many lives, Kelly. Your blog and your art just touch my heart every day.

    xox Rella

  2. Lisa

    I can so relate to the way you described yourself here! Only my shifts seem to go in days and not weeks. That can be quite confusing and frustrating. I appreciate your words, which help me understand myself a bit better. Your posts speak to things inside me that I have a hard time putting my finger on. When I read them, they bring clarity, comfort and inspiration to my journey.

    Also, we just returned from the Pacific Northwest. I can definitely see why you love and miss Portland so much. What an awesome place!


  3. Marissa

    I needed these words today. You are a part of me “taking flight” out of my funk as well, isn’t THAT awesome?

  4. violette

    Hi Kelly,

    Lovely post…….i think when we are in a funk it’s a way of being pregnant…..we are gestating waiting to give birth to something miraculous!

    I just read your wonderful article in CPS! How inspiring!

    Congratulations on your book! I can’t wait to read it next Sept!

    Love, Violette

  5. Kim Hambric

    I came across your site for the first time & its such a happy place. No matter how grumpy, I should be happy with my wonderful husband and incredible daughter & realize how lucky I am to be able to create art and have the time to look at others’. This is a place I will visit again & again.

  6. Paula

    I so agree and absolutely love the way you put it. When I’m in a funk I tend to just think of myself as grouchy and unfocused until that moment of ah-ha comes along. Thanks to you know I will be in a funk instead and know why!

    Just found your blog through Time With Shelby. Love it. Will be back to visit more.

  7. Kirsten Michelle

    it’s hard work, indeed!!!
    so lovely is the realization that we are not always alone on this path to self-discovery…that beautiful women, like yourself, are travelling parrell paths…offering up support and gentle reminders…
    i love this new piece 😉
    have a wonderful day, kelly!!!

  8. kelly

    oh…me too! i always seem to have a funk right after school starts, but than something big happens and i think – how silly i was. beautiful new painting

  9. Carrie

    This is amazing and so inspiring to read your words – you seem to have summed up things I could never have figured out about myself :=)


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