vacation in florida continues…

Jun 9, 2008 | Life in Progress

meet my parents: greggie and carol. aren’t they cute? they started dating when i was 14, married when i was 16 and the rest is living history. they are a great match for one another in every way and it’s been really wonderful for me to be here and watch retirement life begin to unfold for both of them. this photo was taken the evening of his retirement party – where a very large amt of friends came out to celebrate and cheer him on. i’m learning how fun it is to grow up and sort of witness your parents grow up, too. to watch their life bloom and change and expand. i especially love watching all their friends surround them in admiration and support. i hope i am so lucky one day…

as promised, here’s a sneak peak into their home. my mom, as you can see, has some serious skills when it comes to decorating a house..
the bedroom – probably my favorite room in the house. love the white beadboard and beachy feel of the colors. love how she uses actual buttons on the wall to accent things like the small painting on the right. she had greggie make the distressed shelf above the bed to hold meaningful bits.
the sunroom. love how it’s dressed in shades of white and cream. there are so many lovely details in this room that it’s hard to capture. notice the heart hanging from the cupboard – a jennifer valentine (my sister) original..
this sits on the dining room table. she made this little guy her own by dressing it up with beads and a crown of buttons. notice more buttons on the wall in the background (left). cracks me up.
i am in love with this large painting above the fireplace. it’s a local artist. i need to find out who it is.
my bff gina came down from atlanta for the weekend for some serious girlie fun. we stayed for hours at the spa where we lounged and ate after massages. we completed the day with a visit with another girlfriend, a trip to the make-up counter, then another viewing of sex+the city. good times. good times. this is us at the retirement party being silly. we’ve know one another 21 years. she has been a major witness in my life. good times and hard.
and the man of the hour: my stepdad greggie. he is the most gentle man you’ll ever meet. it’s hard to walk into a teenage girl’s life and date (then marry) her mother. he did it with such grace and delicacy – i am forever grateful. in many ways, he has been the beacon of calm in a life often filled with drama (think teenage years, the tumultuous 20s, lots of transition) and i never had to worry about disappointing him. he simply accepted me for me and gently allowed me to grow up without any intimidation or force. i’ve really appreciated and loved this about him. he’s the owner of a giant heart, quiet with peace and acceptance. i’m a lucky girl. i really am.

now, if you’re really interested, more house and florida photos over on my fickr.

Sending much love,

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  1. Ali


  2. Stephanie Lee

    Lovin’ your mama’s house!! Thanks for sharing while in the midst of blissfull connection!!


  3. Tove

    I agree with you, it’s a beautiful picture and lovely rooms:0)

    Small greeting from Norway.

  4. Heather,

    Love that painting above the fireplace too…hope you post the artist’s name! Love the buttons, buttons, in unexpected places!

  5. mati rose

    peeking out from maine! so glad you’re having fun girly. cute as pie bungalow. xoxoxo

  6. Lisa

    aaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhh. lovely post

  7. Lina

    Love sharing this wonderful trip! Looks like you are having a fabulous time, enjoy!!!

  8. Ragamuffin Gal

    My swap partner told me she really liked your art, so I googled you and found your blog. Am I so glad I did! I love this post and can tell what a precious spirit you are by the way you wrote about your parents, their home, and your connection! Thanks so much for sharing those beautiful words. And I admire your creative self too! Many Blessings! Katie

  9. michelle

    what a fun house. you can see where your creativity comes from. (in your own way though!) people always say i get my talent from my mom, i used to take it as an insult since our style’s are so different!

    since this is my first time commenting on your blog let me just tell you i think your work is beautiful! I love your sense of warmth and kindness that comes through in your work.

  10. Carolyn

    your mom’s decor skills are amazing! her house should be in a magazine… ooo, somebody said that already…. but it’s TRUE!


    sounds like a wonderful time spent with wonderful parents…and the house IS lovely and could be in a magazine.

    I hope that when my boys are older they speak so lovingly of me….

    enjoy the rest of your visit.

  12. Relyn

    Your Mom does have an amazing sense of style. She also obviously has great taste in men. Sounds like you and Greg are both blessed. He is also lucky to have such a talented, articulate, loving daughter as you.

  13. jo

    Greg sounds like an amazing person, how wonderful to have someone like that in your life!
    Your Mum has awesome style, very fresh and homey with lots of little details.
    It sounds like you are having a fantastic time. Enjoy!
    Jo in Australia

  14. Ladyv

    thanks for sharing this glimpse into your travels! seems like such a joyful visit!

    and i LOVE your mom’s home and the way she has decorated it! so lovely!


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